The Reckless Attitude

I was really surprised; In a shocking and absolutely a chauvinistic move, the Kannada film producers have gone for a resolution to ban movies of any other language other than Kannada for first 8 weeks of release. A Non-Kannada movie can be screened only after 8 weeks of its release in other states. Kannada people get to see Non-Kannada movies only after 8 weeks , when entire country gets to watch them much before.

The reason being the policy makers in the state of Karnataka recently reduced entertainment tax for non Kannada from 70% to 40%. It seems this will encourage distributors to screen more other language movies and they will not screen the native Kannada language movie. Hence to resolve this, Ban every other movie from every other language so that people are forced watch Kannada movies, regardless of the quality.

Today, Bangalore being a top cosmopolitan are one among top movie distribution hubs. By this ban, the most affected will be Tamil and Telugu industries, where the distribution is much wider than Kannada production.

Instead of fighting over false language chauvinism I would rather go and explore why there is no big market for Kannada movies. Many of my friends are from the state of Karnataka, most watch Tamil, Hindi and Telugu movies; they often tell me there is no great quality production from Kannada as in these languages. They feel for it but at the same time they don’t mind cross culture. Kannada people in whom I know are really broad minded.

For an Indian movie maker, if he or she has the censor certificate and permission, they have every right to screen any movies in place or location they want. I hope Kannada film personalities are still part of Indian Union, their talent does not grow by suppressing other Indian Talents,

I agree Tamil Nadu had problem in taking Hindi, however no producer in Tamil Nadu went for a ban for Hindi movies in the state. They did not sit and brood over Hindi domination. Talent cannot be suppressed, Tamilnadu gave Ilaayaraja, A.R.Rahman, Mani Ratham, Kamalhassan, the Rajinikanth phenomenon, and many more top film personalities with genuine talent are thriving in the film south Indian film industry. Same goes with Telugu, many top producers and super stars are from there. Both the industry work together today.

Moreover when Hindi industry went international, producers and directors in Tamil and Telugu improved drastically to match the standards. Today from an international point of view, Bollywood takes the first place in India, However Tamil and Telugu are closely behind Hindi in production quality. Hindi industry is facing a tough competition from southern ranks; this is a healthy competition where industries of all the three languages thrive.

I am very sure, if Kannada producers provide the same quality, natives of Kannada will go for watching Kannada movies. It disheartens me when I see a ban on movies produced in the same country by a fellow Indian.

Kannada movies makers need to improve in their production quality rather than insulting their country men.


Duh!...We lost again.

All right, after a fortnight of cricket, To put it politely here we are for one more time as runners up. Gangully & Co walked out with a sad face after a customary speech in the awards ceremony. The team India is going to move on, crazy fans like me and Arun will crib about if for next two days in our respective Blogs. Duh!.

Why is Kaif still playing? Why Hemang Badani was never considered instead? And many more unanswered questions.

Why are we still having a soft corner for Dravid’s wicket keeping? How long this freight train load of BS is going to go on? Assume in our work environment, we are being assigned a new responsibility apart from the regular portfolio. We have 2 choices to make here, choose it, just go forward with the new responsibility or simply leave it if you feel the learning curve is too steep and taxing. What Dravid is doing is now hampering the Indian team totally. If he had accepted the responsibility to keep wickets, it is high time for him to honor it. His learning curve is around 50+ matches already, there is no way he can hide himself under the cover called learning curve. Yesterday he missed a vital run out. Any 1st division league wicket keeper would have got the run out. Dravid has to walk out of keeping if he finds it uncomfortable, period.

When it comes to argument of wicket keeping + a batsmen, come on, there is a talent from Chennai, Dinesh Karthik he is a promising wicketkeeper batsmen playing for the Tamil Nadu, he has about two centuries at an average of 41.13, in his 11-match Ranji career for Tamil Nadu, besides his performance and leadership [u19 vice captain] skills earned a place into the Indian ‘A’ team.

Parthiv Patel with a very poor or no domestic record, is very lucky to be in the squad on any grounds. First and fore most, he should be asked to play local matches before coming on the big league. Wicket keeping is not a joke, but this is how the Indian teams Think Tanks treat it today. Matches are won and lost because of the wicket-keepers; it is an on going 100% dedicated job. We cannot compromise it anymore. I hope "Team India" gets this loud and clear. Ironically main member of the selection committee for BCCI is an EX-Wicket keeper. Jimmy Amarnath's statement comes to my mind. [A Bunch of jokers]

At least for the next series I wish Dravid talks about it out openly and if he feels he needs to step down from wicket keeping, he should just do it. Get this guy Dinesh into the team. May be train Irfan Pathan to bat, when Ajit Agarkar is called as an all rounder, Duh! I am sure Pathan is also a talented all rounder in making.

During the awards ceremony the “straight drive” TV show hosts Sanjay Manjrekar and Ramezze raja were busy tuning their comments. For past few weeks, I was able to see how biased and sarcastic Sanjay’s comments were. He tried making sarcastic comments on other commentating group for ESPN, [Ravi Sastri , Harsha boggle and few more top cricketers]. He wisely called them Pundits, and ridiculed them. A personal vendetta?, because Sanjay failed to make it to the ESPN team? Or What?...

Coming to this sleepy commentating team, the “Torture” award goes to Arjuna Ranatunga, Ex- Sri Lankan captain. , Frankly! The commentary was as boring as his batting used to be, he was simply too dragging to hear. I still remember what Ian Healy told him when he asked for a By-Runner after scoring some runs. I really don’t see the reason why ARY choose to go with this non-professional commentators in first place

Arjuna was raving about the SriLankan performance. Duh! Actually If you see there is nothing big here, India simply failed their basics, , I am sure we would have won if we had our basics right., as potrayed by commentrators, Srilanka did not trash India with their big performance.
The pitch slows down! yeh! I heard it, but it is totally irriating for a cricket fan. It is boring to decide the match based on who bats first. After all Atapatu did this and took the cup..Duh!.

After the match Sanjay M and Rameez Raja were busy providing free advise to Sachin. Their golden words to Sachin were to rethink his game plan...yada yada yad..a… I felt kind of funny, Sanjay Majeraker has scored about 1900 runs while Rameez has scored about 5500 in this form of cricket. But now they are busy drafting out a career plan for a player who has scored more than double the number of runs than their aggregate. Duh!.

Hamara Bharath Mahan, Forget it! Holland cup is on the way for $99.00 bucks.