I want to Move it Move it...

Gloria the Hippo (voice of Jada Pinkett-Smith), Marty the Zebra (voice of Chris Rock),Alex the Lion (voice of Ben Stiller) and Melman the Giraffe (voice of David Schwimmer)in Dreamworks' Madagascar
Pic:Yahoo Movies.

“Madagascar” A computer animated movie about bunch of zoo animals. These animals get life from fantastic expressions and voice overs provided by popular Hollywood stars. They just come alive in front of you. The whole movie is an excellent humor filled entertainment. The way the story is expressed is clean and neat. The main character of this movie is Alex the lion, Voice by Ben Stiller. Frankly in my opinion, he is better of giving voices.

The Alex the lion is a megalomaniac, a typical city born “lion” that hates the wild and always keeps talking about him. His close pal is a Zebra (Chris Rock), who does not know if he came from black stripes on white skin or white stripes on Black skin. With his typical timing “Chris simple rocks” They have 2 other “friends”, the hypochondriac Giraffe [David Schwimmer ] called Mel man and Gloria, the pregnant Hippo girl [Jada Pinkett-Smith]. This four animal team makes you laugh all through the movie. My vote goes to Mel Man, the Giraffe; David Schwimmer is really funny with his excellent sense of timing. Every line for him relates to a medical condition. In my opinion, he is the main event in the movie. The script writers have done a very good job in framing his script.

There are many little things that happen,. You need to be really attentive with the screen play. For example when the animals lose their way to Madagascar island, Alex fights and splits with his buddy Zebra , he builds his own home paradise, which eventually burns down, thanks to Mel Man, but During that break down, just for a second Alex screams to his imaginary pal “Spalding” , reminding you the movie Castaway for a second. Quite funny, there are many places in the movie with similar hidden humor.

Another wonderful character is “The lemur” king; he is introduced with a Rave-Dance party for the song “I want to move it move it”. He talks in a Hollywood Indianish+African accent. He is a sophisticated little thug who rules the lemurs. His expressions and dialogues are framed with humor. Also don’t miss the psychopathic genius penguins, these lovable moon walking little ones are characterized as underground dons.

The over all story is about pampered animals getting lost in the wild. The story is shot and sweet, a set of psychopathic “penguins” decide to break away from New York central park zoo. The destination –“Antarctica”; The Zebra who is also bored get this idea from the penguins and decides to runaway on his own. His friends come after him to get him back to the zoo, however the end up in Madagascar island, where they meet the locals “lemurs”. I don’t want to give away a lot, just go to this movie and be dam attentive with each and every line. It’s worth the money. BTW: Kids would also love it.

Good Day.



The announcement that I wanted to make was about my next music album. “H1 BEES”, this is nearing completion. It is in the final stages of production cycle. The scheduled released date: 22nd August [2005], and of course we do have a rain date scheduled in September.

3S Enterprises a multi-media company owned by Srivatsa is co-producing this album with my Sri Inc/Studio1234 label. I don’t want to give away a lot until it is complete 100%.

The main track [in English] is titled “H1BEES”, Vocals:Kartik,Lyrics:Devesh & Kartik,Guitar:Kartik,Keyboards/Drum/Hand Sonic:Srikanth.The other track I can talk about is the fast paced typical Tamil song sung by Ramesh [NC] and Usha Krishna [DC metro].The entire album will have about 8 tracks.

God willing we should be getting it out for sale in August, I made sure with my co-producer that the retail price will be kept low; this should encourage people to buy the CD. Please wish us luck and we don’t accept pre-orders [Just kidding]

Thanks for all the wild guesses!
Good day.


The Glamorous “karaoke" Show.

Tonight the overvalued glamorous “karaoke” show or popularly known as “American Idol” will reach its grand season finale. Final 2 contestants, Bo and Carrie are all set to become the next “star”. The have come a long way and the best is their winning margins. It seems to better the presidential elections. Tonight only one of them can win. The winner gets a multimillion dollar recording contract while the runner up gets a free box of Kleenex and free coupons to hug Paula;

It seems guy [Bo] is a rocker and the gal [Carrie] is a country singer. Oh is it so? Music making has changed over period of time. I really don’t know how many votes the Johns from the Led-Zeppelin or the Beatle John Lennon or the big boss Bruce Springsteen would get in this democratic formula of choosing the best singer if they go onstage with their “traditional” attire. The evolution is such that it is not the score that counts; it is all about how they look and how best they can imitate other musicians. Do you imitate all the songs of a singer from past and do you look better or trendier than other, do you have a wardrobe from a top dress maker who often talks in French; if that is the case, you have the best chance to be next the American Idol. “Srikanth! What the hell? You are getting old”. May be true, but I am happy that I grew up listening to Deep purple or the Beatles or Led-Zeppelins or the Rolling stones, even today these bands are often referred to as “Real Musicians”.

You might ask me how the American Idol is different from our good old “Saptha Swarangal”, don’t the singers sing the same old songs. “Karthick” the most popular play back singer in Tamil today found his way to stardom via this program right, “don’t you get it”. Actually I feel Saptha Swarangal is different program. This is my opinion, it might sound biased. I feel Saptha Swarangal is more sincere and original when compared with this media hype American Idol. Why? The singers featuring in the Idol show behave as though they wrote the song, composed it, and recorded it, while our singers in Chennai really know what and where they are from; they just do not create an artificial image. Sincere performance is the key, every other aspect comes next. This is the difference.

Any way all said and done, tonight a large portion of America that loves the “Idol” show will be sitting in front of their plasma or DLP or projection or other old fashioned TV sets. Few will get emotional and supporters of the contestants will get banners that would be shown on a fast moving Fox camera.

Alight, here is the news; Gangully signs up to play for Glamorgan. He might start as early as next week. Way to go I think this should help him to regain his form. I wish him good luck and I hope he keeps his nerve under control. The only goal he should have now is to get back his lost form. Can he? Let us hope of the best. Btw: As usual BCCI say it does not know about this deal what ever! Who Cares!
Sachin underwent an operation for his tennis elbow in London; about 13-15 weeks out of action. Hope he recovers to settle account with the new coach.

Finally, I will keep you guessing for next 24hrs; I am all set to make an announcement tomorrow;

Good day.


Tuesday Ramblings

After being rejected, Jimmy Amarnath has vented out his frustration to the media. When ever you go for job interview, it can go either way. I think he should let it go. He should wait and watch the performance of new coach, if he fails, he can nose cry to media. Until then Jimmy please remember “Silence is golden”.

Yesterday I read various website posts supporting the blunt statement made by the new coach select. Many [Including Raj in the feed back section] have mentioned that this will eventually help Sachin 1. Sachin appreciates Chappell’s point of view and thanks him for empathizing. This would create a good wave length and hence he would continue to play well under the coach. Or 2. Just to prove Chappel and the media wrong he would start to blast like before. From Chappell’s point of view it might be favorable strategy that can put him in win-win situation. However the method he picked to execute this strategy was totally poor. I would not get this message to Sachin via the media;[who knows he did speak to Sachin and got his consent, just a speculation]. But all said and done, I would do it within my office walls and doors. A one on one chat with Sachin would do the trick [if at all there is one]. I really don’t know why Chappell went to the media; this is an internal matter concerning a senior employee, who is also an ICON in the country. The right method is to deal this in private with Sachin. In my opinion, Chappell even before his first pay check, tries here to go over board to prove is authority. Using this opponent can right royally sledge Sachin now
“Mate! How ever you play, your coach will not be impressed...why waste (y)our time.”. I am sure Sachin's bat will put an end this speculation.

Tamil Oviam , a web site run by my good friend Ganesh Chandra [GC], recently when I was browsing through Tamil Blogs I happen to read his interview.[Here is the Link ]. From a software background building and maintaining a website may look kind of easy, however getting the recurring material and keeping the web site up to date is very hard. Tamil Oviam apart from giving you latest news snippets uses popular global coding standards like UNICODE, XML, RSS, XSLT via their home build Content Management System in “Sanga” Tamil. Tamil Oviam also sells Tamil E-BOOK that can be purchased in their website using your Credit Card, yes "E-Commerce Transactions". Thanks to the System Analyst Role played by GC.
All said and done, the two keywords that drives hobbyist are “Devotion and Enthusiasm”. Frankly with a day job that feeds you any other additional task feels very hard; often caught in between dilemma 2 entities; I know this feeling quite well. The Will power to keep things running is something GC should be proud about. I have known these guys for long now and I very happy to see them move forward, I wish GC and his team all the best for the future growth.

Sunday I saw the Dinakaran award show on SUNTV. Thank god, they had very minimal Record dances. Agency reports says the opening Dance by Swarnamalia and co was to test the maximum load the stage could handle. My man, Silambarasan, got the award for best script - Manmadan. Way to go guy. Vijay the best actor; came on stage without any kind of expression. He could have at least smiled for jokes from Sriman. Is smiling in public a costly deal for the Tamil star?, Kamal presented Nagesh with an achievement award. Nagesh gave a very frank speech for being ignored for Padma Shree awards. Valiee was also given the Achievement award by KB, Valiee is an amazing writer who can deal generations. He made a wonderful statement in his speech, “Talent without patronage is a waste”. 100% true. Unless you have someone to push I don’t see raw talent getting noted. Vallee thanked all the composers, directors for their patronage. Since Corrs could not show up from London, Yuvan Shanker got the award for best music in 7G Colony
[Ps1: The pathetic part was Sriman called him “Isai Puyal”, The irony the title is also copied.] , [PS2:Yuvan Fans to Sriks : S.T.F.U]


Various Ramblings

Starting on a wrong foot, suppose I join a company and comment about one of its presidents, Just say he is too old and we will not see the best of him again, how would every one react?. This is what Greg Chappell did yesterday commenting about Tendulkar. Even before his first day in office I don’t know why there was need for an incoming coach to comment on an ICON of Indian cricket. Sunil Gavasker last week commented on out going John Wright; according to him Wright was abused by few Indian players which triggered him not to renew his contract. John Wright has not complained officially to BCCI, but this message is from another Indian Icon, Sunil Gavasker. Hence we need to assume “there was some smoke”. I think having gone this far, Sunil Gavasker should list down the players who are accused of “abusing” the coach.
Weekend happened to watch a H.O.L.Y - C.R.A.P, I cannot write down the name of the movie, it is very inappropriate to mention I saw …… during the weekend. You would laugh at me or I may look cheap. I am really surprised that there are producers out there who could spend money on such celluloid C.R.A.P. There was no story, no logic, No Music, no idea or no creativity- bottom line- it had nothing that was associated with tasteful film making. They director set out to make the movie just for the reason has got the call sheet from the big hero and the ace comedian. Man, I could not stand even for 45 minutes. Keeping guessing the movie; to compensate this HC, I went and got the DVD of “Shark Tales” that features the voices of Will Smith and Robert Di Nero. Very good entertainment and the script for this movie is well written and deserves a special write up.
Star wars made more money and broke records. The main event of this part is, ANAKIN SKYWALKER [Luke Skywalker’s pithAJi, to know more about this Galactic Family tree click here, ] becomes the DARTH VADER. He gets to pick his masks and its associated asthma breathing. The most stupid star wars character - “AR JAR BINKS” the camel looking boring thing that suffers from no-humor but yet made to look funny syndrome. The irony is “The trilogy started of with Episode 4 called A New hope”., A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away when I was really a kid, I saw this movie when we visited New Delhi in 1977-78 summer holidays. This was followed by 2 more, episode 5 and 6. Seeing the money inflow, Lucas then reverted back to Episode 1, 2 and now the 3rd and the final called “revenge of the Sith”. However,I am sure Lucas is planning for Episode 7. But before the Major 7th he would get out Minor 10th through 13. I should go to this movie this week at least. Review says the movie is filled with action.
Just like star wars I have a script for Tamil trilogy; “Muthalvan” Episode 1 called “The Politician Menace, How Raghuvaran grew up by seeing his dad, an evil politician. Little Raghuvaran gets to know the tricks in the trade. Then Episode 2, about Arjun, who drinks whole milk to develop strong muscles. Episode 3 - Attack of the MLAs where the Young Raghu joins the dark side. Episode 3a, Pazi vangum Politicians, this is not actually shot; we take lots of left over scene from Indian, Kadalan, Boys and cook a movie. Shankar Sir”, if you read this just one email will do, I can finish the script and over night it via FedEx.

Anyway, waiting for Anniyan, Trailer was very impressive. I am a big fan of Shankar and Vikram, hence I am expecting a good treat.

Good day


Ra Ra “chintaku” Greg Chappell Ra Ra

Ra Ra “chintaku” Greg Chappell Ra Ra, he is the next Indian Coach and will be so till the next world cup in 2007. His speculated salary was about 500k per year. The Australian gets to hit the jack pot at 56. The new in coming coach (s)elect has promised to dedicate his expertise to the better of Indian cricket for next couple of years. .

[No! he is not
running for election]

Greg Chappell lost some carrier mileage by playing for the Kerry packer world series; he was banned from playing for Australia during this period. What ever, he as good records as captain, his team was able to beat the mighty West Indian team under Clive Lloyd [75-76]. He has also provided consulting for the MRF pace foundation in Chennai. He retried from international cricket in 1983 – 84.after a scoring devastating 182 in Sydney against Pakistan. He does have very good cricketing record and deserves this job. Let us hope the best for the team. Welcome Mr. Chappell. Ps: I hope other candidates who appeared for the interview got their expenses statement cleared by BCCI

Donald Trump balanced the equation yesterday. For last 2 seasons it was all male pick, this time he chooses a lady as his next apprentice. Kendra, the center of attraction of the board room will be heading a billion dollar home construction in Palm Beach Florida. Teaming with Best Buy she organized a video game boxing challenge. Do you know her new salary? She would be making about 5 times more than a H1 Desi or to put it positively she would make about half of what Greg Chappell would be making in a year. The next season of the apprentice will feature Martha Stewart.

CSI, the top rated crime television serial in the country that airs on CBS; I watched it for few weeks, the good part was the teleplay or the screen play, it was simply excellent. The speed at which the story is told was quite interesting, audience will never be bored; However most of the perfect prediction made by the forensic detectives can be stringed together on a 10 feet organic banana fiber and a 1 basket full of freshly plucked “Crossandra infundibuliformis” [அதாங்க! நம்ப ஊர் கனக்காம்பரம்]. I feel Law and order more logical and believable than CSI.

Summer is supposed to begin officially this weekend. The weather here in DC has been quite horrible. The temperature here never went above 75f. at nights it slipped down to lower 50f. Almost a fall weather dull feeling. Coffee is the only thing that keeps me running. Have a good weekend folks.


The Next generation Cricket bats - Indians Seek ICC permission

NEWS : ICC lets Ricky Ponting to continue with Graphite bat.

Photo: Viru's tests fires the new G-Force 20, a new cricket bat designed by Gucci for Indian Batsmen.


Tamil Movies in Trouble - oh not Again

Politicians trying to restrict Tamil movies, issue is out once again. Very recently they tried to enforce Tamil titles for Tamil movies, etc, most of their demands sounded ridiculous. Now the demand is “celluloid cannot show a person smoking or drinking, if shown it should carry a warning message”. I feel political parties should not tinker with freedom of expression. Some elites might come to defend and tell there is some meaning in the politicians demand.

Oh Ya!, but did people elect them to work for better movie titles or to censor movies? If the health minister is worried about evil of smoking, try to run it through a legislature where you take action on the manufacturers of such products. Just by Banning clips that show actual smoking will not reduce smoking. Females watch movie right? But most don’t smoke why? Why weren’t they spoilt? I really don’t know why our press gives coverage to such silly issues.

Recently US congress took the baseball dope issue in their agenda. Press here termed it as total waste of time. People here feel when there are so many other problems to fix congress should not waste its time and money on an issue that is not concerning them. Let us list down few problems we are facing in Tamil Nadu? As per Sun TV, everything and any thing concerning the ruling government is a problem in Tamil Nadu. Seriously, like festivals year after year we have the water crisis, professional College Entrance exam fiasco, power shortage, Industrial and automobile pollution, mind blowing traffic, and many more. A genuine politician will take up these as priority and help people to resolve issue, but today we see a bunch that waste their time by taking up issue that is not worth a penny. These kind of political stunts are mere escapism to avoid work.Tamilans weakness – “the Tamil language” is misused for such stunts.

Last week on SunTV I had a chance to sit in front the kids program. I like this program just for the kids, they are so natural; but the show host Mrs. Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy, Beware if you want your kids to feature in this program better train in “Sanga Tamil” ; if the kid is caught red handed using common English terms, you would be prosecuted right away. There was child from US; do you know the first question the poor little girl got? What do you call you mom? Amma or mommy, poor 4 year old did not know the sarcasm in that question. Thanks god she answered “அம்மா” after few seconds. What is the problem if the little one calls Mom or அம்மா ? Will the relationship change if called in English or Hindi, or Gujarati or Tulu? Or by calling your native call “Amma” will expand your language love by 10 inches?, I agree mother tongue is important, teaching kids their mother tongue is one important activity which I do, but I don’t agree a 3rd person questioning a poor little kid on TV to display her so called narrow language love. The next one was the best, there was girl dressed as nurse, so what is Tamil for nurse, the poor kid was forced to pronounce with hardship “sevili thayAr”, Does this lady have the guts to ask Radhika, just watch the latest “ungal choice advertisement” that suffers from the “Illness” or 9 out of 10 Tamil announcers who cannot pronounce properly, why don’t they correct them instead of troubling these tiny toddlers? Tamil will not grow if we Tamilans are narrow with other languages. We have umpteen statements like “oorAr piLLaiyai otty vaLarthal than piLLai thame vaLarum” but we never follow this and appreciate other languages. Aaaaa Ya! Am I am inviting trouble from Tamil life savers? Just in case let me apply for a bail -- “வாழ்க தமிழ்”.

Anyways, Randaka Randaka Randaka, Randaka Yes I have been hearing this song for about 24 hrs on my "வண் கூடு" [athan than sir - Ipod] This song is by far the best song in the album that has very good vocals with a bouncy feel and genuine music. Just like in the IPOD commercial you would dance crazy for this song. I hope Shanker works out a kick ass video for this track.

I watched the America’s most clumsiest and crummiest show on TV, can you guess it?, Britney’s reality TV shame, Let me write a separate Blog reviewing this joke that airs on the WB network.


Various Ramblings

What would YOU call a hardware that has Three symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz each and Two hardware threads per core with six hardware threads total VMX-128 vector unit per core; three total 128 VMX-128 registers per hardware thread 1 MB L2 cache, not a main frame from IBM, it is the new XBOX2 from Microsoft, it was dedicated to the world of gamers on a MTV 30 minute infomercial last week. The new XBOX2 offers online voice chat between 2 gamers!, and more features which a non-gamer would care the least. The Xbox3 is on pipe line, this might have 2 editions I suppose, One called the Home edition, where you get MS-Outlook, Ms Word, Ms-Excel, users can check email and browse the net while playing games, the second version the professional developer Edition would have the Visual Studio plug in, where a .NET programmer can code games in C# or test games of others users online. [Yes! I made it up]

ICC has told recently that Ganguly has got a middle level ban, I don’t care about the levels, why others captains are let go from this middle level, I am sure it is impossible to get an sane explanation from ICC in near future.

Desmond Haynes joined the coach race last week. Patil pulled out the race due to a match fixing scale in Kenya. It seems ICC Anti Corruption group did not prefer him. Tom Moody is speculated to be the next Indian coach. I remember Moody, leading the under 21 team to India in the 80s. Now he might be next coach to teach our players how to play the game. BCCI has also told that there is no problem with the Coach “Fee” Chappell’s remuneration is speculated around $400k to $500k per year [almost 2 Crores a year]. This is amazing, and here is an organization that nose cries when the government asks to pay tax that would help the general public but they don’t mind paying a foreign coach what ever he demands. Kind of ridiculous, why should BCCI get a tax exempt? As an individual I work for my family and not for profits and I spend the money for the wellbeing of my family. While BCCI works for the Cricket and uses is profits for the betterment of Cricket, What’s the difference? Cricket is a professional sport and people are not half boiled fools to believe BCCI to be a non-profit organization. It is time to Tax BCCI. May be our own Pa. Chidambaram can do it;

On Politics, I see this morning that AIADMK won the by elections. For last 3 days Sun TV was trying very hard to smear in their newscast, they interviewed various locals who complained on election rigging and money donations, they showed autos and cars being seized Etc, however most seemed as well cooked episodes. Any way, do I really care about local politics? Not really

I finally got to hear a legitimate version of Anniyan songs. Though nothing much has changed in my initial opinion the Recording seemed clean and perfect. Kadal Yanai Remo track, as I mentioned before the vocals team rocks throughout the song. I feel Nakul [Boys Fame] in particular; he screams his heart out and fills the song with energy. He might be singing more songs in future. Hopefully the video saves this song and takes it to some heights.

The final episode of star wars will be out this week in US, it seems it takes political shots at current government in Washington. Duh who does not these days. If you have lost track of the episode numbers, this is episode three called Revenge of the Sith [will also be dubbed in Tamil titled – “Pazi Vangum Sithan” don’t confuse this for Pithamagan Episode -1 ] . This should be the grand Finale that should end this loooooooooooong story. Hopefully they give the most kept secret in this final episode at least, “What is the relationship between R2D3 and C3Po? Is it something similar to “Sponge Bob and Patrick”?. For the amount of money this movie makes who knows if Lucas needs quick funds he might churn out an Episode 1A - Mudi strikes again [This cannot be dubbed in Tamil for obvious reasons]. mudi is a hairy clan, [When there can be a Jedi, mudi is also possible], Wader’s 5th wife's 3rd kid becomes a mudi and takes revenge on Wader.

May the force be with you.

Good day.




A Non-performance piece

If you walk past the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Downtown DC, you would find a woman silently standing on a platform in front of. She looks as though she was making some statement. Next to her platform is a row of glass jars, few are empty, few were filled with liquids, yes it was “urine”, she has been using as a bathroom since 6 o'clock yesterday morning. Her name, Melissa Ichiuji's , who ever passes through her pose, did not have a clue on what she was up to, might be a protest on something? Her dressing looks very much exposed. Who is she? She is just a performance artist in the final 36 hours of "Stripped," What her performance piece? (or "non-performance" piece [ as she calls it]). Washington post reports, “It is the last leg of a month-long journey toward little and less, and, in these final hours, public privation”.

Post further reports, the so called piece began in January when Ichiuji -- a married third-year Corcoran student in her late thirties from Front Royal, Va. -- started giving up things: coffee, television, soda and medication, followed in February by fast food and alcohol. As the seasons changed, she gave up cosmetics and chocolate, meat and magazines. Since the beginning of May, she's had: no newspapers, no music, no mirrors, no cell phone, no e-mail, no driving, no sex, no books, no family or friends or running water. No appliances, no speech, no clocks, no shoes, no food, no shelter. The idea is to let go of things that matter to the woman as a meditation on what matters most to the artist and, by extension, the audience.

Ichiuji's performance is scheduled to end this evening at 6, when presumably she will drive off with her husband. Perhaps later she'll talk about what she found when she went without, and went deep, and went in search of the there that's there when everything else is gone. Or, perhaps, as with any piece of art, it's for viewers to say what they took away. To Read more on this Click here

pic:The Washington Post


I Spoke to Jimmy Amaranth, a Rewind

While the race for the Indian team coach continues, there was a surprise last minute entry, Mohinder Amarnath. Let me recollect my school days, when I was in my higher secondary in M.C.C.H.S, our school use to organize the famous Vinoo Mankad Cricket cup for city schools. Being in the school cricket team it is always fun to play in such tournaments, especially to bunk classes, in fact I use to go for umpiring during non- playing days.

At that time England were touring India, Indians after this series were scheduled for the Champions of Champion league in Australia [Benson and Hedges mini world cup] under Sunil Gavasker.

Vinoo Mankad tournament was sponsored by Thumbs up; Thumps up used to get famous cricketers to talk to budding players. Being the host, our school team had the privilege to meet test cricketers, our team got training from few of the English Cricketers also; I think it was Foster and Edmonds.

But the best part was, the super senior team happened to have a session with Jimmy Amarnath. During the session, He fixed flaws in the batting and bowling technique of various players and gave measures to improve them. He used excellent language and methods to tell the cricketers about their ability and way to improve them. He gave lots of tips on bowling to a predetermined field; using variations to force the batsmen rethink his game plan, few I remember even today.

Later in the Q&A session, this is still green in my head, I asked him about the prospects of the Indian team in Australia [Benson and Hedges mini world cup]. There were doubts in the minds of many, thanks to the demoralizing West Indies series. Jimmy’s scores looked like a pin code. I had the guts to ask him directly about his poor form and so called pin code scores.

Jimmy answering to my question, smiled at everyone and told yes “my form is kind of worrying” however I should play well in Chennai, and he also assured that Indians would win the Cup in Australia. It seems the team had made attempts to fix various flaws and they are ready to take the world again.

I did not buy it at all, most of us thought it was a usual remark by a player just to boost confidence; however I wished him luck in Chennai and told that “I will be looking forward for a big knock filled with his famous hook shots”, Jimmy asked us to pray for him. I think few did pray, Jimmy scored 78 and 95 in Chennai and was out hooking in the second innings. Though India lost the test to England Jimmy scored as promised and but the best part was, as predicted by Jimmy Amarnath, Indians won the “champions of champion’s trophy”, Srikanth top scored with about 238 runs while Ravi Sastri was given an Audi. Jimmy Amarnath played 2 innings, and his bowling E/R was about 3.00 World started to accept Indians, the world cup achievement was not a fluke.

Jimmy amaranth, I think would be a very good coach. He clearly knows what he is capable; however he is the copy right owner of the famous statement “Bunch of Jokers” hence he might have to face the music now.


Oh! Botanical romance.

If you want to check my voice, Please! Do it today, yes it is at its best, you are welcome to call me and please don’t blame me if you hear a tin sound mixed with an air blow timbre, yes that’s me. Thanks to the yellow little things that were flying around in my area. Male Plants shamelessly produce a powdery yellow substance to attract their female “country woods”, they use wind and insects to carry this material to the female settlement; if you happen to reside some where in this line of love fire, your nose takes the first punch.

As if it was my fault to come in between their Botanical romantic life I was victimized, like many innocent people walking with temporary hand kerchiefs a.k.a Kleenex, I was forced to carry a box of them now. Dam these yellow beings, technically called pollens. The attack was so powerful, my Allergies brew up a deep sounding dry cough, over the period of time this cough turned into a full size COW, finally my voice ended up sounding like R2D2 and C3PO talking during St. Patrick’s Day parade.

However if you see the positive side in this, my voice almost sounded like an Analog synthesizer. This temporary talent [or ailment] of mine produced some unique sounds, Hence not wasting this pollen given talent, I sampled my voice by uttering today’s most fashionable words like “Devuda Devuda” ,”Repeatu” , “ipoodu choodu”, Yesterday’s fashionable words like “No No No No”, “Kadavul pathi mirugam pathi” etc. and created new sound patch on my Yamaha motif ES. Later in the evening, I swallowed various kinds of Sudafed [Sinus, Flu, Cold, Cough, and Congestion] that had list of side effects which sounded worse than my dry cough, a nirvana state of totally drowsiness was also promised, adding to this agony Sun TV aired”alavandan” , now there was a big competition in my body between 2 major forces both of them trying diligently to push me into a deep sleep, but finally Alavandan won without much of the side effects.

Good day folks. Stay away from Botanical romance.


Has the Toughest job in the world
but never agrees so

What is the toughest job in the world? Being the CEO of a XYZ multinational? Or being the president of US? [Duh!], a Lotus notes programmer Or an Oracle Administrator? Or being Tendulkar or Lara? Keep guessing; you know the answer. If not, here is a clue; the person who has the toughest job in the world and never agrees so, will be honored this weekend. Yes! Mothers!

In today’s world, we see various kinds of mothers, not the one in the movie “Nanda” The bizarre Kind or to put it politely, it is a Bala’s movie what else you can expect? Coming back to the topic, Home maker Mom, without the fancy blue tooth devices or gadgets she is on call 24 x 7 x 365 [or 366 if the year is divisible by 4].

Moms only worry would be her kids and their betterment. She never cares about anything other than her kids. All roads lead to Rome. What ever she does, she would come back to make sure that her kids are ok. Just to put it in a dramatic Tamil movies way “the bond the placenta creates is much stronger than the “ring” or the “holy rope” [Seri Seri, I meant ThriuMangalyam”]

The mothers who undergo the most ordeals are the working ones, due to their financial and other life situations they are forced to go to work, they are forced to drop their kids in an unknown environment trusting someone. When it comes to child care, 10 out of 10 times a mother would never trusts even her own parents or her husband. Be it adoring, pampering, scolding, feeding she will want to do it on her own. The mothers at work, apart from their work pressure, they face unknown disturbances by just thinking about her baby every second. Working moms definitely undergo lot of additional stress due to this factor;

In NBC Today show this morning they showed a video clip of a mom’s typical day, starts from waking the kids, breakfast table, sending them to schools until they are back in the bed tired for the day. A 12 hour task without any break, a mom cannot take a vacation or even a day off from her routine; in spite of this tiring schedule her patience and the love for her kids never reduces, rather multiplies. She cannot watch her kids struggle to do things on their own.

But at the end of the show, for doing this tireless job a dollar value was tagged for being a mother. The face value they gave was $130,000 a year, yes there is group who have researched it, meaning $130,000 can yield a mother for you, I felt it was an absurd research, I think the researches have not heard about “NO QUID PRO QUO”; I was wondering can anyone really estimate the mothers love towards her kids? There is no “financial body“in the world that could pay for this natural love and affection. There is no limit talking about mothers, I thank my mother for providing me this invaluable life.

A very happy mother’s day for all the mothers out there; seriously without you folks the world would not be spinning and going around the sun.

Have a great weekend folks


Entertainment in installments,
Best Subject for mockery

For past week there has been lots of discussion going on Entertainment, people preference, etc. So it’s my turn to talk about Entertainment, this time I choose Entertainment in installments, what do I mean by this? Checking the thesaurus you might get a popular matching word – SOAP; NO!, not the XML based data protocol from Microsoft, I am going to talk about the serial killer that visits homes ever day - Drum roll - “Tamil serials”

Recently I spoke to my school day buddy, I was happy to see his business flourish, he owns a big single family home in a posh locality and drives Honda City, and he says “thanks to the television serials”, if you think he is producer or an actor, you are wrong, he is one of the main supplier of Glycerin to the movie/TV industry. Don’t believe me, you are dam correct I made up the story, but the fact in it still remains true, the Glycerin is one most important “must have” prerequisite for any television producer. Often in party’s lady folks are seen busy discussing about their favorite TV “entertainment in installments” AKA soaps. Men usually bump in to spill their esteemed comments before they walk away from the scene. Most men swear that they don’t watch it and treat it like crap. Yes I have also done this quite well.

For most in my neck of the woods, Metti Oli ranks first, followed by may be Anandam. Experts tell me the amount glycerin sales have tripled for past 4 years, this time I did not make it up, this is due to 24/7 weeping heroine in Kolangal. Hope the divine elephant rescues the script soon. Hope you remember the director of this television serial, last year he made fun of a so called American return Tamilan, this character talks Tamil in a very bizarre manner. But if you carefully watch this director talk, he would miss pronounce most Tamil letters and will not hesitate to substitute with few hand made letters at his own comfort. His Tamil sucks quite royally. It is pity that there is no single soul to put it up straight to him. Alright, we hear”Srikanth that’s enough” stop yapping and “for once why don’t you talk about the serials in a positive way”. Ok here it is.

Each episode is carefully planned and laid out by its producers in order to fetch more money. They make sure they break even in the cost, and keeps the story [if any] running. It is a business and they earn by selling the advertisement slots. There are about 10 serials a day ranging from pathetically made the magical my dear Mamiyar oops Bootham to urban life Selvi. Though some of them are “grinded batter”, we need to appreciate the technical efforts that went into these productions. For example Music, though loud in most places music production is sincere, like wise the camera work, editing and few more technical aspects are very sincere. What are the benefits of TV serials? [I promise this question was not asked in this years SSLC exam] Answer: pure entertainment, push advertisements, making money, kill time, increase creativity? You are welcome to guess the answer.

In my opinion, apart from the primary motive of making money, there are good points coming out of them “The quality of production”. I consider these serials to be like county cricket, first the actors, they get to practice over and over again which will eventually raise the quality of acting. Stage dramas helped stalwarts like Nadigar thilagam/Major, using it they established a standard in acting, like wise, these serials over a period of time will create a good community of artists. It will take time but we will be there soon. People will be trained to do every roll. This will serve as an acting school for many.

On the technical side, in some of the episodes I do spot tight camera work with good lighting. We can clearly say that the Director of Photography [DP] and his crew have worked hard, however the quality of the script is so boring, most their effort goes unnoticed or simply it is drowned in the tears of the crying heroine. Coming back to Music, the title songs are really clean in most serials. Especially in the morning shows. The success here is repeating the same thing about 5 times a week, anything that is repeated is bound to be remembered. More than the title song, the music director who scores the backgrounds works really hard; I do hear many good sequences that are worth a mention. But just like the camera work, this also goes unnoticed why? Once again Thanks to the passed out stale script. The directors need to run the story for 5 years, he/she over kills anything in the teleplay. For example for a normal person to walk down the stairs it takes about 30 seconds but in a serial the director makes sure they waste about 2 minutes of music before the character actually walks down.

In my opinion I feel there is no point for a title song with group dance every day. There is a difference between cinema and TV, What? You might ask, if you want to do a song like in a movie, the efforts are totally different. TV group dances due their budget constraints end up as Saturday night live comic. The “ammii ammii “dance [metti oli] in particular, in first place the story seems to be very serious and over the period it has changed so much that there is no meaning for the title song and its ridiculous dance. Take “Sukanya” she is portrayed as a mid aged lady in “anandam” but she is seen dancing in full swing in title, does that match the script?, just for having a dance some where in the title, directors force themselves to have one , and that too showing this daily is a punishment [for the TV].

In a 30 minute program clock, the first 30 seconds – laundry list of all the sponsors, read by someone who would eventually end up in asthma. Next 5-7 minutes - the same Title song with a group dance. [Some serials show previous day’s clip for and waste about extra 2 minutes] ; Scene One – 5 – minutes ; Commercials for 3 minute ; Scene two – 5 minutes ; Commercials for 3 minute ; Scene 3 – 3 minutes; Scene 3a- a dramatic still pose for 30 seconds. Finally - 50 seconds to the read the laundry of sponsor once again. Directors! Don’t you have any creativity?

To conclude, there are areas that these television serials help improve. But there is one major area that is going to degrade everything over period of time. The script writers/the directors/ the creative heads [Yes we have lots of new designations] will lose their ability to think genuine screen [Tele] play. Often they are forced to slow down the story at snail pace. Thanks to the stupid life span of the serials, “Entertainment in Installments”. Everyone is forced to see things at slower pace. Just to keep the show running even a well planned show gets compromised. The directors adopt stupid and silly methods just to complete the dam assignment, result - our Television serials are the best subject for mockery. Do we blame the audience here? Actually we can’t, TV is a forced medium that reaches people hence they don’t have any other choice other than to watch, even if it is a crap. Most watch it, many like it, love it, enjoy it,some hate it, preferences are different, I cannot question them, however I have the right to feel that it is the responsibility of the directors/the script writer/creative heads to use this medium properly. The crude truth in my opinion - "As of today the enormous medium of Tamil satellite television is right royally screwed up".


My Bloglogue May 3rd 2005

Have you watched Alton Brown in action? No, he is not a wrestler or a race car driver. May be a NBA player? No, Then instead of wasting our coffee time who the hell is he? He is the master mind and the lead Chef in the popular TV program called “Good Eats”, which airs on the Food network. Oh! Yet another TV cook, if you think so you are thoroughly mistaken, he is not the stereotyped Chef you often bump on various cooking shows. He is little more mmm… what to say? “Goofier”, or may be “witty” or simply “interesting”

Every “Good Eats” episode has a well written script filled with Humor. Yes, he is funnier than “Kamehswarn” and wittier than his rich quintuplet Madan. Alton Brown has many unorthodox methods to cook in his kitchen. You will be surprised by his perfection. Most of his shows are ingredient based. Meaning, He takes an ingredient and explains about its origin which is then followed tons of receipts and preparation methods. He provides lots of historical anecdotes on the recipe.

The 30 minute program is interesting and funny because Alton Brown apart from being a chef, he is also a movie maker. He has hands on experience on developing screen plays. The best episode I have seen in this series was about “Butter”, someone in the food world sues Butter for its bad quality, the litigation “Butter pollutes the human system with fat”; “Butter” is taken to the court in front of the judge. In a Court room set, M. Brown is the lawyer for “Butter”, he establishes lots of scientific facts on Butter and its related recipes using various “exhibits”, finally bails out Butter from the case. The script for this episode is simply fantastic, for 30 minutes you would be glued down to watch the program. This program attracts little kids more than the adults and my daughter will not mind to skip Lezzy McGuire but she would never miss “Good Eats”. He often cooks Meat, we are vegans regardless of what he cooks I really don’t mind watching his show. The way the program is presented is totally outstanding. When you get free time surf to the food network, Good Eats usually airs on the 7.00pm EST or 10.00pm EST.

My friend Arun had recently written an article about quality of movies and branded Chandramuki a mere waste of time. I do respect his opinion and have no problems with it, yes may be for him and many more like him, Even my better half did not like the movie. But the fact we all miss is CM is making money, How? Easy - just call people dumb? If you assume this and call it a poor taste or something I am sorry you are mistaken.

I don’t consider my self as inferior to clap for Rajinee, or superior if I like only the Malayalam version of Chandramuki. It does not establish a fact.
100% enjoying Chandramuki, I would also enjoy a movie like Mumbai Express [I did enjoy this movie, my review proves.] or Matrix or Million dollar baby. I am entitled to like Rajini or Kamal or any other hero in a so called tight script from Hollywood; Basically Taste is ones own choice and this does not denote anything about them. It is very hard to make entertainment decisions for others. The producers of CM knew the market quite well; they catered for it and made money Period. The same reason the movie Vasul Raja MBBS was made - just to make money. Kamal himself told this, however Kamal goes one step ahead to use this earned money to spend on his other favorite projects. Good for him but, at the same time ridiculing persons who stops with making money is kind of silly, before making CM no one told they are here for “art service”. The crude truth is, Rajini has more fans, they seem to get a pleasure watching his actions - is that a crime? What’s your problem? Like there are fans who liked “Alavandan” there are fans who liked BABA. Choice is yours, Take or leave it.

Anyway, I don’t intended to argue over this, waste of time. Few feed backs was very interesting – "don’t pay for such movies". Very good idea, don’t pay and watch if you feel the material is mediocre.Over a period of time a majority would filter out movies based on their preferences and this will called as "good movies". Agreed..but mmm..as a musician I have this in my mind, does this rule apply to "good music"?, will people start to pay for good music instead of downloading it for free over the internet. But now What the hell is good music? I will have to find it, will I be able to?


May Day

Kamal’s interview on Mayday; usual remarkes were offered, and a story of a priest and the dog was also mentioned. They also made sure they showed a song from Mumbai Express. In the morning show, Talk with the director Surya was interesting; hope the movie he makes is as interesting as his lectures.

That same evening, they showed a ridiculous movie, I could manage only for 30 minutes. Movie - TamiZan. The movie opens on a big bang inauguration; yes every philately expert will get goose bumps, a postal stamp is released for Vijay. Post master dedicates it to the nation; even the post clerk is not ready to punch a cancellation directly on the stamp. Ok ok, before they could show a stamp exhibition filled with Vijay posters, I agreed that Vijay had done something noble in the movie, what is it? Vijay in a temple [Yes a Hindu temple], finds a Shakeela there, he gets into the jam-packed “sanathi” where he drops “kunguman” right on her hip. Shakeels in return offers a horny expression. That’s it, time to turn off the TV; I never switched it on till this morning, fearing the MOVIE would show up again. A craptacularly caught crap, not even worth for its scrap. I wasted 3o minutes.

Thanks to Lazy Geek, the hall of fame Blogger from Chennai. He had quoted about my review in his recent Blog. I see many people visiting my site to read the review. I am very happy that many are reading my review, also worried that I might invite trouble for my compositions. :)

I bought a new DVD, “Unfortunate Events” I am big fan of Jim Cary, he is a one such actor who could offer about 10,000 expression for a given dialogue. His roll in this movie was stunning and quite clearly deserves an award. I am yet to watch this movie, I ve just seen few clips. I should find time to watch it this evening.