Our Golu pics.

My wife and my daughter were busy for past few days setting up the Golu, this is our 3rd Golu in DC. In a busy work schedule, Dasara festival is an important social event, through which we get to invite and meet people from our Indian community. Last but not the least, every evening gobbling the protein filled Sundal adds a special flavor to this festival.



I have always speculated in my Blog about Dravid's captaincy, our Coach and the lack of a proper game plan. Ravi Sastri has echoed similar opinions. I am not surprised here at all. Sastri in an interview has told that Chappel is controlling the show while Dravid has absolutely no power or control in the management. If this is true, our great Indian team has reached new low level. Congratulations . We can now feel why Chemistry failed to work for Gangu and Greg Chappel.

Indian team's batting management was totally below par in the recent tri series. Even at the school level, when tail enders play with a well set in-form batsman, the standing order is that - in-form player maintains the majority of the strike. If the in-form player does not follow this golden rule, it is the responsibility of the captain to send the message across.

Other day, for some reason the tail enders were not protected. Unwanted singles were taken and Tail enders were exposed to high voltage. No message was sent to Dinesh Mongia or the tail enders. Very poor batting management by Dravid. Brett Lee just needed few minutes to wipe the Indian @#$@#$ out. What was the coach and the captain doing? These are basics of cricket. As if this was not enough, Agarkar played the most irresponsible stroke known to man kind and our predecessor - the monkey kind. Is Agarkar really playing for India?

Coming to Dhoni, he was caught of a no ball, fine! - mistake of the umpire, still Dhoni played a very poor stroke. I dont blame him here, because his batting position changes like Nasdaq quotes. I think our Coach Gregy boy uses a "lot" mechanism to pick the batting order. Do you know that Dhoni has scored more runs at number 3 position. Who in the hell changes the batting order at random? , There is no reason for Dravid to open the innings, The batting order should be Sehwag, Sachin and Dhoni, followed by Dravid, Raina and the rest. Once again, Dravid and the million dollar coach should account for their pathetic display. Since our great worthless coach is not an Indian, he really does not care about Indian public sentiments. Call me crude, I felt he was happy to see Australia win.

Pointing was seen animated and of course! misbehaving with the umpire when during Sachin recall drama. Umpire was well within his rights to recall. What Ponting did was a clear Dissent. However ICC , has cleared Ponting from Dissent. Match referee none other than Chris the Broad Minded B..D cleared him. The fact stands good - ICC is partial to some countries. Thats all for Cricket for now.

Watched a great Tamil movie called "Thimiru" , honestly why do they make such films and waste money?. Throwing money into a river is considered a better usage. There is a great song in this movie - I want all the Tamil pundits to listen to it - Jil endru oru kathal is definitely Sentamz when compared to it, the first 4 lines in the pallavi comes with 20 million mistakes , while the singer uses freely keyless entries and exists through out the track. Gowdamani style sonna IOOODA SAMI.

ps: Golu is is full swing, I will upload some pictures tomorrow.


The Saving Private "Rain"

I happened to catch India Australia one day in KL. Mr. Rain saved India. Last time India and Australia met was in Netherlands, the match was right royally washed out. BCCI trying to sell cricket - it reminds me the lines "kotum mazai kAlam uppu vika ponen". I like to meet the idiots who meticulously schedule cricket matches during rain.It is high to have a weather department in ICC.

Indian bowling seems to have improved when compared to the last game. Previous game, I will not call the bowling as "Pathetic" why? because that word would be a compliment then. I have no words to describe the bowling effort in previous game. Just like the bowlers themselves, I am yet figure out the Indian bowling schema our million dollar coach has devised. Best plan would be start from over number 15. Mr. Big Ricky Mouth Ponting AKA preacher who preaches to the world about on field behavior, misbehaved with the umpire and was sternly warned by his management. He was fined some match fee, I need to say this, if it had been an Indian player such incidents get him match suspensions.

Coming back to this game, bowling seems to have improved a little. Harbajan bowled quite well to keep the Aussies down. Sachin started of little shaky, Mcgrath hit him on the helmet once, Sachin lifted him over Long on , wonderful match was on cards, however Mr. Varuna played the Grinch and destroyed concentration, under such drastically changing conditions even players like Dravid had to do something out of fashion, with an asking rate of around 7 runs per over Dravid had to charge and played a loose shot on the off and was caught in covers, this is where the popular Indian fashion parade began. Queenslander Johnson pinned Indians with some fantastic bowling. Kapil mentioned that Australia needed only about 5 to 7 more overs to wipe India out. By the way Irfan and Yuvarj made a short trip to the center, their game count increased by 1. Local says KL is known for night time rains. and it is always bright during the day time. Why not play during day time?

Filtered idiots who created such a D/N schedule has to take some responsibility here.

Good weekend.



The hyped American tennis star was beaten by the Real Pong. Fedderrerrrrrr, often I wonder if Federer is really from our planet. people - it is like this, if he wins it is no longer a news . We will have wait for him to loose, which might be a bigger news than his winning spree. He is simply amazing to watch.The coverage also attracted me more this year to follow tennis. Finals was on CBS HD/DD5.1,. Tennis is one sport which will exploit Dolby 5.1 sound, the sounds spectrum was panned perfectly. Sound was really directional on all 5.1 speakers.

NFL season started, that means cold weather is round is the corner. Steelers won their first game without Big Ben. Red skins are playing today against Vikings. Red skins look pathetic than ever this year, with Clinton Portis injured...It can be the brutal Pong Vs the skins.
God : Srikanth who would you like to be born as in your next birth?
Srikanth: Brett Favre!
God : What? - Why?
Srikanth: In spite of pathetic performance for last 3 weeks and whole of last season, ESPN and other football experts keep raving about his greatness.
God: is it ? Let me be born as him first, your wish is as of now is on hold.
News:Brett Favre was shutdown yesterday and all the 4 quaters he played for the Bears.

Sun TV movie of the day "Mayi", I have no strength to comment about this movie.I always note this in Tamil movies, first 45 minutes in spent on introducing the main characters and their greatness via other side characters in the movie. I think from next time just a close caption will do the needful. movies can be cut short by 45 minutes.

Music Director - S.A.Rajkumar. When it comes to S.A.Rajkumar and his music "process", He is a "single threaded application". He runs the whole show with Single Thread [STA]. He manages to reuse same thread every where without wasting O/S resources, this is amazing - I think Microsoft has to take a note of his unique transaction ability.

What do think of the apple MAC ad? in my opinion, if was good the first time, but over and over again it makes you think more about PC than the MAC,. latest claim is it seems MAC has a magnetic electric cable that will not come out even when people trip over it.

Dear MAC dude, even in a home setup , no one will use the PC wiring system for high jump practice purpose. and say, if my MAC cable is lost, I have to take another mortgage to get a new cable, while for a PC I can get it radio shack, in fact IKEA has buy one and get next ten free.

This advertisement helps PC more than MAC, because it makes people to think about it. I would like their advertisement to talk positives of Mac [If any] rather than childish comparisons. PC is house hold name, - quality and stability is not the reason for this, real reason is, Dell sells a PC for 299 while Mac is still a BMW of home computing.

Good day.