All set to go! [#281]

Injury hit English will face off a tough and pumped up Indian squad. England has not won a series yet in India for past 2 decades now. Indian team has many new faces, Yuvraj out injured hence Raina might get a test birth. And well! I feel he deserves it.

Bottom line, India has a formidable batting line up; I would be real challenge to deal Harbajan Singh and Anil Kumble at home. With Dravid hinting to have a young guns picket, I feel we have enough fire power to win the game, my only concern area is our pace attack, this is very unpredictable until the first over; hey! On the other hand, if Baji or Piyush or Kumble could do the trick, pacers task would be limited to cast the new ball “old”. Having said this, I don’t want prefer to underestimate the English team, underdogs usually rise to the occasion. So Dravid is still on the pressure stand. Except in Pakistan, England has been playing good cricket for past 12 months. If the current second fiddle English team could beat India, I would consider their effort to be bigger than their recent hyped ashes victory. Players to watch out: Leg-spinner Piyush Chawla and Middle order Batsmen Suresh Raina. Mostly Wasim Jaffer would open with Viru.

Dish Network’s program guide displays India England Tie! Hence we do have a live coverage via Dish Network. The cost is still a mystery. Anything more than $100-$125, I would think twice before ordering it. Usually the first day's play is offered free, so make sure you tune in tonight [457/461], who knows we might get a see a Viru bashing for free;

Good day!


Fragile! [#280]

The Touring English team eats too much and few players suffered the usual Delhi Belly – [also called as “The Manchester மசக்கை”], I am surprised with these injuries and sickness.

It all started with Giles, since he could not recover from his back surgery, he withdrew from the tour. The soon Shaun Udal, Simon Jones, Monty Panesar and Ian Blackwell go down with a stomach bug [Manchestar மசக்கை] on the eve of second practice game; Paul Collingwood's back injury rules him out altogether. This was followed by another bizarre incident, Vaughan the English captain withdraws from the warm-up match, while the charismatic Kevin Pietersen retires hurt with a back problem.

Then Vice-captain Marcus Trescothick announced that he is leaving the tour for undisclosed personal reasons. Next day, This bizarre situation reached its peak when English star performer Jones twists his knee [Again!] , now he would fly back home with Captain “Vaughan” for treatment. This is getting really fishy; Coincidence or what? Now the anchor man - Flintoff is caught in the raw deal, leading a weaker side, and yes be branded as underdogs. This also increases pressure for Rahul & Co. Hope the English get their full strength from the next test.

No Broadcaster in the US has announced about the coverage. I think Nimbus Communication is very professional in dealing these telecast issues. Rather than court solving it, Nimbus people acted pretty quickly and sealed deals with Sky [UK coverage], with DD for the terrestrial rights and gave Sahara One the Cable/Satellite Rights. I have never seen this happen before; usually broadcasters would fight with DD and go to the court. Nimbus is really professional or the new BCCI committee is working?

I wish Nimbus offers cricket for a lower cost in the US also, by now many have opted to see the games using various live web streaming where matches are offered for a flat fee that is less than $20. You just need a broad band connection and a free media player. Seriously, I am willing to pay up to $5 per test matches and $10 per one day games to watch it on TV, if anything more my economics will be hurt. Remember, we have lot more cricket this year and next year.

I just heard this over the wire, during the drinks break - along with Gatorade, BCCI has plans to provide the English team with few ounces of Maalox, Gelusil-MPS, Ibuprofen or few natural therapy like herbal Oil massage etc.

Good day.


a Flawed System [#279]

Few years ago, out of the blues Metro authorities found that parking lot attendants were pocketing dollars and failed to account for the actual amount collected. Yes, in Shady groove alone about 1000 cars a Day, 25x4 = $100 a day. A huge racket was busted. However instead of punishing the actual thieves, and putting a financial audit on these collections, Metro decided to penalize the commuters instead.
 Metro picked up an auspicious day and announced a new system, they would not accept cash in their parking lot; commuters who park in the stations should have to this miserable smart card with balance. Though is called as Smart Card, it will not warn you if the balance is low. You will be in for surprises if you don’t keep track of the balance. In short, the card does nothing for you, it cost $5.00. As usual every news media outlet screamed about this but nothing much was done.

I felt this pain few weeks ago. I came back from work at around 10.15pm; I do have this Smart Card. I walked about a mile towards the parking lot in the bitter cold, took my car out, and alas wait the gate wouldn’t open! – The red LED on the brainless scanner blinked, there was a person sitting in the booth coolly told go back into the station to charge my card. There were 2 commuters behind me, little bit angry as I was standing there like jack ass. Yes! The dreadful no balance has struck me at 10.26pm, In order to get back out of the parking lot, I had to back up, park the car, and go back into the station - refill this damn card. Really Agonizing! And it was not only me there were 2 others who were busy cursing the system. They also backed up and joined me in the refill ceremony.

Why cant Metro install few recharging machines near parking lots or why not formulate a scanning device with recharging capabilities? When I find no balance at the nook corner of the station, I could recharge it then and there, instead of going around the station for n number of minutes?

Hey! wait a minute, be happy with what you have dude, thank god metro’s credit card validation system in the station was not broke, else you could have ended up spending the night in the station.

They do offer a credit card that can tied to this card now. I know there are many out there like me using this dumb little electro-synthetic called Smart Card issued by Dc metro. I like to meet the "smart people" who gave such a fantastic name to a dumb system. They call it pure genius, duh! The most important city in the world has the most pitiable metro car parking system in the world

ps: A followup, U.S. Approves Visa for Indian Scientist , The Washington Post reports.


Dumped! [#278]

Gangully Dumped! I feel it was a well planned coup by Greg Chappel and Co. When Kaif, whos performance was pathetic can be selected, I don’t see any reason why Gangully cannot play.

Recently in an interview Mr. More mentioned - it is not easy to replace somebody with a track record like Anil Kumble, so! What happened to the track record of one Mr. Gangully? I am no Gangully Flag Bearer; still I feel BCCI has dumped a player without considering his past experience and contribution. He was never given enough time to reinvent himself. I don’t know what justification Dravid, or Chappel or More would offer for picking Kaif in the squad. One good thing, Agarkar has been left out Whew! I can be happy for it until he “over-oils” someone and gets back into the team. Zaheer Khan was also shown the door, it was about time.

Congratulations to Sreesanth, Raina, they found their way into the Test Squad. This will do a lot to their talent. Munuf Patel needs to be considered, I feel he would be a better choice than R.P.Singh. Hope lady luck similes once again for Singh.

Inzi has been doing a whole range of Soap operas and bottled nose crying; Poor Inzi! That’s all we can say. If Pakistan needs to win - Inzi needs to bat up the order and face the music. Bob Wollmer’s ridiculous idea of hiding him from swing and seam should be thrown to the dustbin.

Finally more "Dumped" news!

US consulate in Chennai has rejected Visas to 2 Indian Scientists. First it was Mr. Goverdhan Mehta, former Director of the Indian Institute of Sciences, Banglore. Washington posts reports that he was dumped for not filling some questioners. [read it here], The incident has also caused embarrassment at the highest reaches of the American scientific establishment, which has worked to get the State Department to issue a visa to Goverdhan Mehta, who said the U.S. consulate in the south Indian city of Chennai told him that his expertise in chemistry was deemed a threat. - - The Washington Post.

Next one in the order was scientist P C Kesavan, New India Press Reports, that scientist P C Kesavan, holder of the Department of Atomic Energy’s Homi Bhabha Chair on Nuclear Science and Rural Society at the M S Swaminathan Research Foundation has been denied a Visa.

Indian community in the US is generally trouble free, their on and off shore contribution to this US economy is very clean and vital. I really feel bad when we are treated in this way every time for a Visa. Can some one from the State Department provide a sane answer for such treatments? Hope President of India [a nuclear scientist] addresses this issue next month to the visiting US president [who finds it hard to pronounce the word nuclear].

Good day!.


Todays Blog - [#277]

As you can see my Blog now has a fresh layout, hope you like my new “hand writing”.

American idol seems to gain momentum; My vote: Contestant number 10. Once again, Simon reviewed with perfection. Many traded insults with him, and contestants settled their accounts, they were quite bold to take him on. Frankly if not for Simon this show would not have produced high quality vocalists. Other two judges have emotional left and right ventricles, they give up too quickly. “Trying to be nice” attitude often hinders a technical selection process, and makes it more subjective.

Talking of Subjective sport, Winter Olympics - does any one care? NBC has spent more than 300 million, in this information age, I really don’t know how they manage this delayed coverage mela. International Sporting actions must be seen live, recording it and playing it on prime time with added “sentimental” speeches will not work. NBC will be taking over Sunday night football; damn I hope they don’t emotionalize it, meaning, NBC producers assume every thing they produce must be like Date-Line. Their thinking process is completely DateLine’ized. Even this time Olympic coverage had lots of “emotional stories”, Oh! And Yas!” these kind of alternative Date Line versions sinks the sporting speed and thrill right royally; I stopped watching Olympics - NBC is one main reason.

Been listening to Rang De Basanthi for about a week now, I would rank “Roobaroo” as the best song in the album; (a) this song has a unique format. (b)The chorus lines are sung by Rahman (c) Kind of Simon and Garfunkel feel (d) Song recording - the whole instrument track has Phaser effect. (e) Nice and fresh backing vocals ideas.
-- My One line review - Rahman is simply amazing.

Good day.


Victorious team India back home, next task would be to trash our former rulers. Just waiting for the series to kick off, if dish network is going to loot me, I have no other choice other than to opt for web streaming. When someone on the web offers the same for $16.00, I would be forced to consider this offer; remember the so called legal version costs about 10 times. Hope Dish Network keeps my threshold intact.

Over the weekend it was movies Time! Just to relax a little bit from my busy recording schedule.

First to go was the Tamil version of the Sixth Sense. – ஆறு [Aru]. Learnt a bunch of new Tamil words and felt the power of our Tamil cultural dimension – Eg: “sketch podu” Way to go Hari, I was just wondering is there something else you can think other than violence, rowdies, goondas? Suriya is simply good, I have not seen anyone talking better in pure Madras lingo as he does, Aishwarya [not the Roy’s kid] does her little part well in being a political stage speaker with fantastic flow of cursing language in good old Madras Tamil. Having given a “A/R” certificate, why the hell mute swearwords? About 99.999999% could lip read her I don’t know why cursing is illegal in Tamil movies when they take great pains to show a person being kicked and finally stabbed using best cameras in the world, I feel cursing is really safe. Oh there was Trisha! Too she was busy selling cell phones. I have to agree the screen play was fantastic and fast, if not for screen play "வை" would be an automatic add to the title; Music Sri Devi Prasad, I never enjoyed the back ground score or to put it using the Simon’s way, this movie was way too big for his talent.

This was followed by another great movie, one liner cost saving review “தொட்டி சுட்டதடா கை விட்டதடா - budhdhi kettadhada nenjai thottadhada”. You are welcome to guess the movie. Background music Harris – Just split his name to get my music review. The villain guy was totally dumb and did not deserve so much speed and action. Just the hero could have “sketched him” or director could have used a sketch as the villain - Disney’s Goofy would be my choice. Just don’t book a villain just because he is 7 feet tall, get some one who knows to act. Oh! I forgot, Silambarasan dude was the power bar in the screen play.

After these 2 nonsensical movies, thinking I would compensate the loss with a Hindi movie, I watched Bluff master, seriously வாத்தியார் புள்ள மக்கு is proved here.Junior B was right royally pathetic, he was more a Senior B [B for biting or choose some other convenient words] the story was about Con artists, who have ??? .. damn! Just forget it. Totally silly, the acting made it worse. Not my cup of Oval.

Finally a relief came via, Kanda nal Muthal, a Tamil movie out of the odds. A Tamil movie without crude heroism, crazy racy plot, fruit punch dialogues and anti-gravity stunts. I simply liked this movie for its simplicity and originality. Excellent work by the director – Priya, While commendable performance by Prasanna and Lila [though she looked little older than Prasanna :)]. So good Tamil movies are still being made!, it seems this movie failed in the box office. What the heck I don’t know, still I would want the producer to make such movies, “Chellam Chellam” you should come up such movies! da!.

Finally, Vijay, Suriya, Ajith, and every other Tom, VP and Harry Indian movie makers out there, just stop using Cell phones to convey import plots in a movie. This is ridiculous, and boring; There are better methods. Using cell phones is worse than Nambi and MGR/Sivaji rendezvous in a disco light filled State of the art NDD[ Nambi's Digital Den]. Thangalada Sami. :)

Good day,


I wish Woolmer had passed this message to his team and used it against India, or who knows his obedient Bowlers did not use the methods he prescribed. What ever, Yuvi has scored runs while Tendul also did the same. Woolmer game plans for Pakistan is almost identical to old South African team, I use to call it Blade batting - too dry cricket or IT industry “primary object would be - some how save your ass”. Ex-Pakistani Cricketers have sharpened their axes and are ready to throw at Inzi. This includes Amir Suhal who lost to Zimbabwe couple of years ago. I feel Bob Woolmer will take more pounding than Inzi.

Pakistan fell to Rahul's captaincy - Javagal Srinath (PTI) February 17, 2006
At times, captaincy is just not all about picking the right eleven or doing the right moves on the field. It is also important of captains winning the right toss at the right time. To translate the strategies discussed in the team meeting into realities on the field, winning the toss sometimes become a highly crucial factor....I have always viewed that a captain should have the extra luck to win the toss. I don’t care what methods he uses [ofcourse:anything other than fixing]; perform Yaga or go get a boon from Siva or Vishnu or use any white or Red or black magic I really don’t care; somehow Dravid has to keep winning the toss, period. This becomes a must in a crucial game. Dravid’s captaincy has certainly taken a big turn in this last one day game.

Finally something not to do with Cricket , yes once in a while :)

Classic Tamil plays, short skits, comedy dramas, speeches are offered by Kalakendra.com on DVD/VCDs/CDs. This includes classics from Cho Ramaswamy, and funny drams from Mouli, Crazy Mohan and Y.G.Mahendra. They also have wide collection of educational Bharathanatyam DVD/VCDs. Most Dramas are also available on audio CD.

This was shipped directly from Chennai, The quality and packaging was very professional. No Shady deals, usually [to save money] the DVD/VCD media used will be of poor quality. I have to say this because last time I ordered [from another store] was not up to my expectations. Most DVDs were burnt from VCDs and some were in PAL system, DVRs used were very cheap.
But this one manufactured by Swathi Soft Solutions was best in quality, no cheap DVRs and poor screen printing. The DVD media quality was very good and so was the printing on the DVD, worth the money. I wish they had split the plays as chapters. It is worth to have such a collection and also a breakaway from modern craptaculor punctuated Tamil movies. You can order it here..

Ps: My order included Thuglak 36 anniversary speech by Cho. It was $2.70,
Additional Ps: dont even try, I will be not lend this to anyone :)


Winnings a series in/against Pakistan is some effort. Indian team going great guns!, in my earlier Blog I had mentioned about Dravid's Captaincy ,70% of today’s victory was achieved due to his Captaincy. He was very tactful and did not give up attacking. His fielding placements were near perfect. He had a game plan for every batsman. Karam Akaml’s wicket is an example. Raina was placed just in time for the catch, Raina also took a great catch with ease and perfection. Dravid also compensated for the drop catch in the earlier game; he took a fantastic slip catch. Congratulations to Dravid! A quick learning team lead - won an off shore series.

One player who deserves a permanent place in the team would be Suresh Raina, He is a class fielder on par with Kaif and Yuvraj. I would say his batting technique and temperament is much superior than many in the Indian team. In spite of few quick wickets, a minor hiccup Raina played with real comfort and temperament, and took India home!

Kaif, why are we persisting with him? His batting stance and his batting technique is flawed, often his ass is saved by his excellent fielding ability and on field flamboyance. However it is too costly to have a player just for fielding. Today he had a great opportunity to score some runs however played a pitiful stroke, thanks to his flawed batting grip. He tried to cut a ball that was pitched wide outside the off stump, but edged it to Inzi standing in slips; the distance between his right and left hand in grip seems to be the issue, it is very wide [long handle]; generally it is very hard to play a square cut using such grips. Even if he had timed well, it would take the aerial route to gully instead. When Coach talks about Gangully’s weakness etc, I am surprised why there is no cure to Kaif’s poor technique? It is time to drop him. We have better players in the reserves. More and Co have to open their mind.

Agarkar I would always guess his first over , very predictable. 70:30 first ball from him would be an over pitched lossener, that would go to the boundary; Agarkar has been given enough chances and he is very predictable and inconsistant, I think it is time to retire him. He does pick wickets by giving a truck load of runs.

R.P.Singh, one good thing about him is, he is totally unpredictable. Meaning he changes his line and length pretty well and makes the batsmen think. He picks wickets at ease, like Mudassar Nazar [Man with the golden Arm] . But today R.P Singh bowled 20,000 wides; For such in disciplined performance I request Dravid to make him run around the ground for 40,000 times atleast. Good part is he won the man of match, he got few vital wickets. He bowled well according to the game plan, bowling a short ball on the leg surprised few Pakistani batsmen. This line was totally new and we did not see this in the earlier games.

Sachin was out for Duck, Gautham Gambeer should have had some fatty food last evening; he played an incorrigible “fatty” stroke that donated his wicket, mostly his place too. Dravid played a winning knock and was given LBW, a very close call that could have gone his way.

Over all Indian team performance seems to improve day by day. I am very happy and pumped for the India England games; I am also waiting for Moin Khan’s prognosis and his esteemed advices to players who have scored 10 times more than him.

When the game started, I was shocked to see this guy in the middle, Who? Steve Bucknor. However his behavior seemed normal, might be his medications are working finally or may be changed his doctor. What ever!, Once again! Dravid & Co! This is the Way to Go!


Guitar Prasanna has made it as a finalist in two different categories of the International Songwriting Competition, one of the most well known songwriting competitions in the world. ISC 2005 apparently had 15,000 total entries from all over the world and they picked 10 to 15 entries from them in each category for the final round. His composition Snakebanger's Ball (from Electric Ganesha Land) made it in the 'Instrumental' category and Ragabop (from Be the Change) in the 'Jazz category'. The results will be announced in March 2006. We can also be the judges under people choice vote, (voting open till Feb 28). Please click here to vote for Prasanna.

Congratulations Prasanna! You are an inspiration to little league musicians like me.


Another Win! A great one, in spite of pathetic fielding in the first hour, India trashed its arch rivals. Sreesanth should have realized why the position behind the bat was named Slips, Indian kept dropping some vital catches and denied any wicket to him. The slip area was as slippery as DC and NYC sidewalks today. “வாங்கி வாங்கி விட்டாங்கோ” more or less winter Olympics.[சறுறுறுறுறுறுறுக்கல் வழுழுழுழுழுக்கல் ]

R.P Singh’s opening over kind of ensured 700 runs, however he came back good and with some luck stolen from Sreesanth, he got few vital wickets.

As good as its gets– Irfan Pathan - His bowling works now. He claimed the wicket of Salam Butt again in the opening over. His batting however did not come good, ball was swinging than the usual and he got out to an unplayable ball.

Worrying factor - Dravid Captaincy seems to be a little bit out of essence, based on his field placements even I was able to guess the bowlers line [at 2.30am] , line was too predictable;

Our National Waste Ajith Agarkar , his first over is usually reserved for Lord Vinayaka [Usually he breaks about 6-7 coconuts in the first over] For once right from ball number one he bowled a tight line, but he went in with an injury. Agarkar was replaced by Super-Sub rather [Super-கப்பு] Gab Zaheer Khan, his four overs of sweet drops added about 20,000 runs right away. I have seen 1/2 கோழிs [kozis], however never seen 1/4 கோழி [kozi]. Zaheer did the needful. He went on to land few on his foot and got injured, while he came close to drop it right on umpire's foot atleast twice. Chris Broad might fine him for Obstructing the umpire., Zaheer needs to be consistent either being "pathetic" or "being good".

Batting was very hard for the Indians in the first hour; new Ball was moving and troubling the batsmen. As expected Gautam not so Ghambeer did not do much, His foot work was more or less a guessing game, he was totally uncomfortable. Seriously I miss Gangully

Sachin on the other end, a genius under such conditions, played very well to see the new ball off. He played a very good knock; a cover drive - best shot till now in entire series. This is the Sachin of 90s I know, it was so authentic and no one moved. During the previous ODI, Dean Jones mentioned Sachin has started watching his own batting from older games to learn what he is missing in recent times. Today knock was rock solid and should shut his blind critics for some time; their usual stupid “he has never won for India” will be checked for some time. I wish he had scored his 100;

Why Kaif? I really doubt his technique and I think he should go out.

Yuvraj is in an awesome form, took over from where he left on Saturday; played a fantastic innings that made Sachin’s score and opening stand a meaningful one.

Dhoni – one word “கூபாம்கபிம்”. Period. He was never in trouble even for single ball just whacked every bowler who dared to bowl. Rana was the principle donor. Dhoni made sure India was home, from an asking rate 6.x he got it down to 3.x, the real power play, Kadafi stadium became a temporary slaughter house.

Finally, Rameeze Raja was nose crying all through and he could take a Pakistani Loss, the best nose cry call came when Afridi got out; Holding is a sitting irritation, he was complaining too much on Indians every now and then. While Waqar was more balanced than the two, but India “losted” the test, the Sachin, The Dravid were his sound bites. Dean Jones after Pakistan innings mentioned that regardless of pitch condition that game is tilted towards India and they would win this game with overs to spare. Hearing this Rameeze Raja turned into "The Incredible Hulk" and was seen kicking people around the stadium. He was cooled down by Gautam not so Ghambeer's wicket.

2 games during the weekend was worth, I saw the third one too "கூபாம்கபிம்
At down under"


All set for the next one game,

• I wish we bounce back, at least the bowlers. A bowler who took 14 wickets is currently sitting at home for some unknown reason. While someone like Agarkar is still playing, trying to establish his so called all rounder image.

• “Calls to Drop Sachin” have been shut down temporarily, Thanks to his century.

• I feel Indians would be pumped up after Inzi’s nonsensical childish outpour in public.

• Moin’s and Inzi’s stupid hypothesis on sporting spirit, crookish behavior etc received tons of prima facie counter evidences to prove where Pakistan stands when it comes to sportsmanship. Sachin Run out in Eden Gardens and Gangully’s Catch in Chennai topped the list.

• For Inzi - Playing for 16 years/ 100 or more tests, I do not know how he was able to in public that “I really don’t know the rules” Ignorance is no defense; Inzi & co should get it clearly.

• Moin Khan - it is about Time to upgrade your memory chip – from PC000000.001 TO at least PC-133SDRAM. You seem to have a very poor and pathetic Gajini memory when writing, or may be your Ghost writer is Rip Van Winkle’s great grand son who woke up just this year. You mentioned Sachin and Dravid were afraid to face Sohib’s bowling, well dude, the world knows how you played the last over of day in the previous serious.

• Dravid magnanimity - here is another proof – the decision was well within rules and it was not appropriate for Inzi to fuss about it, Indians can complain to the ICC for such blunt remarks from a responsible captain, however Dravid has mentioned that it would spoil the good spirit in the series;Indian team will take a higher road and drop the case right there. Way to go guys.

• Sunil Gavasker has told categorically stated that ICC would be watching every bowler. Just one time clearance is not a permanent license Gavasker further told it is an on going process and bowlers would be always under the lense. This should put an end to Shoib’s great desire to sue people when someone comments on his action. Looks like he is missing the 2nd one day too, Kind of makes me think - is he avoiding the game just for not to be caught?

• Let us see What Viru does this time. ony only plea is Bowlers have to bowl a tight line.

• Damn! Heavy snow predicted in DC over the weekend. still Have a great weekend :)


It appears that the Indian team was desperate to win the game by hook or by crook, no matter even it came at the expense of the norms of this sport known as the gentleman's game. I don’t blame Suresh Raina for throwing and then appealing. He is new to the game and his enthusiasm is understandable. But the backup by skipper Rahul Dravid is deplorable. - Moin Khan

Wow! Empty vessles does make more noise. Where did this the so called norms vanish when Shoib Akthar threw a beamer at VVS and adding to the great sportsmanship he walked away without offering an apology. Where was Moin when this happened? till date he never mentioned about this conduct; may be due to his medical condition - temporary amnesia [aka Ganjini Syndrome]? Oh Yah! I know, he was busy drawing a career graph for one Mr. Tendulkar. During Shoib’s Beamer mela What did their captain do?, did he come and apologize to VVS?

Moin Khan Get this message clear, what Inzi did was ridicules and in fact Stupid. He goes and proves this stupidity in the presentation ceremony, “he does not know the rules”. And then makes it is big deal during the press meet. Remember Till date he has not apologized for what Shoib did when he was hit for 3 boundaries Shame! On him; Let me tell you the way he blocked ball did look intentional, the rule book clearly states that such acts are out and get this, Dravid did not decide it, it was the umpires who decided it was out. First get this, Inzi has to know the rules and play the game. And Dravid did the right thing in a tight game assume if Dravid or Sachin did the same I am sure entire Pakistan would have appealed.

Indian media is giving Moin too much free space to publish his moronic opinions. When it comes to sportsmanship we Indians are million light years ahead - so just shut the @#@# up Moin;


I wish I could ask them directly

ICC vs. the Indian Coach
The International Cricket Council has warned India coach Greg Chappell to refrain from making any comment on the bowling action of Pakistani pace man Shoaib Akhtar or face disciplinary action.-
Will ICC take on the unruly Australian crowd for what they did to Murali?

Kiran More [Interview in Rediff.com] - Q: Are you happy with the bowling we have? Yes. Why not? Our medium-pacers and spinners both have bowled very well in recent years!I see, then where is the pace bowler who bowled well in recent years? We call him Balaji?

More adds further - Even in the third and final Test against Pakistan, our new ball bowlers bowled exceptionally well in the first innings and had the hosts in all sorts of trouble when they lost their six frontline batsmen with only 39 runs on the scoreboard –
Kiran Dude! 10 wickets that makes an innings not 6 Or who knows some buffoon from your panel told them 6 wickets is enough to retain the place in the side.

What do you have to say about Sourav Ganguly, his inclusion and omission from the team and all the controversies surrounding him? - No comment, please! -- Dude Aren’t you paid to handle such comments? Oh! Damn it is an honorary job right. Gangully is truly an outstanding cricketer says Kiran More. Why did the hell you dropped him then?

The network builders are spending a fortune constructing and maintaining the networks that Google intends to ride on with nothing but cheap servers," Thorne told a conference marking the 10th anniversary of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. "It is enjoying a free lunch that should, by any rational account, be the lunch of the facilities providers" - John Thorne, a Verizon senior vice president and deputy general counsel

I was reading about this on the Post this morning

Network companies want to charge Google or Yahoo for the free Ride, He claims that companies like Google or Yahoo are riding free on their network infrastructure and they have been benefiting from these network infrastructure and servers without paying for them while the owners of such network services are spending heavy to maintain them; Their claim is Google, Yahoo and other such Internet services should have to pay fees for preferred access to consumers over such lines.

Here is my view, Assume you build a huge courier service company that uses every busy road in the city, you serve millions of customers every day, your trucks and vans ply all over the city making uses of the local roads. Now can the local Government or municipality or some private body who has leased the road maintenance wants to collect money from the owners of the courier service in order to share the cost in maintaining the road ways, the same roads ways using which the courier company earns millions. Verizon wants to collect some kind of toll for every network passage?

Google is making millions hence they can afford the toll, however what is the deal when it comes to smaller search engines? A big can of worms when opened.

Good day


Duck hunted the Indians - Officially we lost game on the computer.

Sachin should retire, Sachin should be dropped these were the major point of discussion around various groups and Blogs. But today Sachin played! A fantastic knock, and made his bat do the talking; proved his worth, Sachin strike rate was in 90s in when he was ruled out, it was a GBW rather. The ball hit his glove and then the pad. Run rate was almost 7.00 when he walked out. But our great Middle order crumbled and did not capitalize the over rate [7 runs per over].., Why Kaif? His batting stands looks pathetic, with such weak stance he did not seem to have any power to hit the ball, in fact Zaheer could take his slot and slog better than him.

Coming to the bowling attack? What? - I meant Indian bowlers were Attacked and Muggged.I think I have seen the worst bowling ever attack from an Indian team. First Prince of “donkey drops” Ajith Agarkar, averages above 50 runs - in bowling per innings, he manages to claim few tail wickets and some how nails his place in the team. KiranJi, kindly tell the world – on What basis you picked Agarkar and dropped Gangully – If you say on performance? I assume this to be some other performance – simply not cricket. I am also considering suing Waqer Younis, time and time again he was saying Agarkar can bat. Lets be clear about this - his bat does not even wash cloths; and his stinking bad-line and bad-length – gave Pakistan very many number of hatrick boundaries at regular intervals.

In the previous tour Indians had one Mr. Balaji who bowled quite well, however like proxy server IP, his whereabouts are unknown. V.B.Chandrasekar - only guy from Tamil Nadu in the Buffoon club of India [Previously known as Selectors club], - this dude did not find place in the Indian team now a selector, what next?

The funniest incident in the game was Inzi’s decision Inzi drove the ball to mid off and took off for a run, non-striker sent him back, the fielder [Raina] threw the ball which would have hit the stumps and Inzi was little short of the crease. However InZuBhai blocked the ball with the bat as though he was playing Shane Warne! Indians appealed, and he was given out – Obstructing the field. He was very upset and animated, he had to go out.

With great opening stands from Sachin, Pathan, and Dhoni we had fantastic recovery from the blown out test series. When Sachin was given out the run [LBW for a Glove and Pad] the run rate was 6.9 – 7.00, following batsmen like Kaif, failed to capitalize on this scoring rate, and our Bowlers! that’s all the quality we have in 1 Billion.? I would change the selectors also in this process and Dear Mr. Roll the Ball Coach - Get ready to face the music, this time you don’t have Gangully to Bank on. Gangully! This man must be laughing; he does deserve a place in the team. I wish not be Dravid now.

Steelers won! They did not play as expected, however I feel they won the super bowl few weeks ago. Beating Colts and Denver on road is almost a super bowl victory. Sea hawks missed some easy chances, could have won it, if and buts etc! Bottom line today Steelers are the NFL champions. Some network called them as world champions and made fool of world. World champs are award only for a world level competition not to national level champions. Applying that same rule Utter Pradesh would be the current World Ranji Champions. The ABC coverage - Dolby Digital sound mixes was very poor and the over all coverage was not that good, direction was very average. And the much hyped commercials, total waste of money and lack of idea, may be it is time to outsource this to India 


We are all set for an eXtra Large weekend of sports activities on TV. First it would the super bowl followed by the one day game between mentally & physically wounded India team vs. The pumped up Pakistan team.

I have no prediction for the Super Bowl XL, I just like to see Steelers win. Often in the past the team I assumed to be the favorites tend to lose badly, I guess this is due to the one week rest time they get after they reach the super bowl. This can reduce their game flow due to heavy eating and other things going around the celebrations. Just a wild speculation;

Indians cricket on the other hand have been the talk of the town everywhere, Sachin Tendulkar took most of the Whacking; I watched his game again yesterday [recording], you know what! He was never beaten even once in both the innings. He did look solid and as good as before, yes I am sounding biased but this the truth which most seemed to have missed. Anyway we need to look forward and take care of 5 one day games.

One day games are different all together, we might see a mentally fit and changed Indian line up. I feel Dravid due his over load seem to lose his concentration, he should gain back his focus and forget his captain role when he bats. I have never seen him tentative when facing Shoib Akthar. Bowlers have to bowl well, they cannot drop their shoulders down, Irfan’s speed is a concern. His speed seems to be reducing day by day, he was in the range of say - a Car then got down to a 100 cc bike now it is close to a TVS-50, he needs to be checked before he reaches the Luna /Mofa Level, [Wow! the good old Luna or Mofa - great mopeds just needs a ink filler full of gas to function. It used run 2 extra miles just by smelling petrol fumes.] Irfan's shoulder needs tinkering as they are getting weak. Viru has to fire, we should not write off his failures every time by saying “that’s how he plays”, he has come out this and stop using this weakness as handicap options for every game.

And finally, I am sure even Sachin haters would agree - Sachin loves and respects the game of cricket than most in India, as fans we need to trust his capacity. The day he feels he does not do justice to this game I am sure he will step down.

Critics’ trash talking on Sachin, or Gangully or Dravid –a perpetual habit after every game. We cannot stop it. Just think for a second - who is a critic? Someone who claims to know the direction but cannot or will not drive; only when driving we know the hardship. Let us roll and shout "Go India" and ofcourse "Go Steelers"

Have a great weekend.

Ps: If you are still interested Gangully is back home and should be watching the game on DD sports, yes they seem to have won a deal by paying a nose bleeding amount to ten sports.


We lost, in fact lost badly with record margins and totals. Morning session was totally pathetic; I have never seen such a shoddy bowling display from any India team of the past.

Dravid and Sehwag couldn’t face the new ball music. The only thing they had to do was go wicket less in the first hour. But they simply crumbled to the new ball, just as they did in the first innings. However all this will be forgotten or will be a tax deduction citing their previous achievements, why? We have Sachin to blame, and he will take all the blame - it is common practice in India. He is on really bad run agreed, but who was not in this tour?, Yeh! I know our make shift openers and others scoring more than 1500 runs on dead wickets!

Dravid would have come to sense with Gangully’s portfolio. Dravid cannot be Mr. Good or Mr. Nice; like his predecessor he has to show some metal aggression and attitude. Frankly Gangully never gives up this easily. To me Dravid captaincy was a big let down. I would blame this squarely on the captain. Having got Pakistan nailed at 38/6 Dravid failed to keep the pressure and the momentum. This clearly changed the game and tilted towards Pakistan. Dravid failed to command or direct his bowlers or the team. Instead we saw poor fielding placements and negative bowling tactics that donated plenty of runs. First and foremost, I did not see any game plan in place. May be bowlers let Dravid down, but still! It looked like more or less Indian team of 75-79 that faced Zaheer Abbaz and co.

Sachin walked in with the same pressure on his shoulders that he has been facing for past 15 years, he did blast few fantastic shots and started off well, however after VVS got out, the pressure tripled and his poor form got him. He went into a defensive mode and was soon bowled by ball that was a close enough to be called as a shooter. The ball kept very low than expected. Good for Sachin haters who will be celebrating just to see his wicket fall of a crude ball. Calculation being this would be the last season for Sachin. Having been fired from the one day squad, Gangully looked very good than all other players. He was solid with the bat [and the ball]. But for some reason he did not concentrate well enough. May be he lost his morale. Dhoni, Pathan and the rest of the tail were never interested to play. They seemed to be in a real hurry to give up the test. Indian team was bowled out in less than 60 overs, I think we have molded ourselves too much based on One Day Games.

Bottom line, Team India seems to lack morale in general. The drive seems to decrease day by day. Suggestions will flow to drop Sachin, yes he could be, and seriously I don’t see this team could do anything with or without Sachin. The problem lies else where, 50% bowling and 30% captaincy & tactics and rest to the batting line up and team selections - BCCI politics. Adding to all this, We have coach whose contribution till date is just to take part in BCCI politics and fight with Gangully or show fingers to spectators etc; , empty vessels make more noise. Chappel needs to come out of this Gangully cold war and other issues in order to prove he is worth the pay scale. Bob Wollmer shines more in my eyes, India Pakistan game is all about mental aggression and attitude, technique comes next. Indian team lacked this aggression and attitude in 80-90, however Gangully changed this well, but it looks like we are back to where we were 10 years ago. Dravid and Co now has the one day games to salvage pride. Let us hope for best.

Another big issue: ICC needs to take a serious note on Shoib Akthar’s bowling action, he chucks at an average of 3 balls per over. I see this from Afridi too. This has been already addressed by the Coach; Dravid should also raise concerns about this in public.

Ps: This morning the DC101 radio had calls from many about this loss, many was trashing the Indian team. The Radio guy did know cricket is such a big sport; the sentiments and emotions are very high now - even in DC.