Monday Talk

Krish Srikkanth is the new chief of selectors for BCCI. Imo, Srikkanth would be the right person for the job why? Srikkanth is known for his daring comments and he would not hesitate to trash incompetency on its face. He has done it quite well when he was a commentator and a TV anchor. Broadcasters would be on their edge whenever Chikka took the Mic. Sometimes he does goes overboard on his blunt comments. Last time Srikkanth stood up to clean the BCCI system he lost his job as captain in spite of drawing the series against/in Pakistan. We need to wait and see how he deals the wretched BCCI power struggle. Let us hope for best; best wishes to Srikkanth! He has given is first speech – stating that it is all about mental strength. It is matter of time for BCCI to send a subpoena to Chikka for his comments. Clock starts now. I guess from now on, the Selectors are being paid to do their job, hence they are accountable.

Have you heard of "Guilt-Auroraborealis", a brown circle that appears behind your head when you don’t exercise “GuiltAuroraborealis” will often talk to you and remind about health issues and problems, this happens even when you drink plain water [H2O]. It warns you about your health condition whenever you are busy gobbling Gobi Manchurian at parties. It warns about your health during office pizza parties. There is way out to get rid of this “GuiltAuroraborealis” Regular exercise! Excuse me! What? Exercise – “Srikanth” it is really you? - Yes, yet another proof that Kalki avatar is round the corner. I have been working out on a tight exercise regime. Getting regular exercise into our daily schedule is one heck of a commitment, trust me it is not easy. However there are ways you can make this work for you, once you get into a regular schedule for about a month, your body will drive you and force you to workout.

Here is what I did to get my exercise into a regular schedule. Select a time, in my case - as soon as get home from work. My Elliptical has a slot for my my NoteBook PC [I am pc :)] , idea is to read while exercise. I took this to the next level, thanks to wireless broadband - I choose my favorite TV shows, mostly from the comedy channel or Vijay TV, start watching it while exercising, time will fly. You would have worked out more than 30 minutes before you realize. 30 minutes should do for most; 45-60 minutes would be perfect. So think about it, check with your family doc before getting to a regime.

Finally, the package is here, the package is here, I’ve been waiting for it for about a week now. I got the package from Tiger Direct, a new Bluetooth head phones. My Notebook is now connected via Bluetooth to this head phone. No daggling wires any more!..

Good Day!


MyTalk Radio TGIF

I am a great cook, a wonderful speaker and a super sportsperson, why? I have neighbors who are very good at these activities. Do your neighbors influence your knowledge on a subject?
Yes according to Sarah Palin on CBS., more over I learnt Russian Supreme leader Putin can fly planes. Here is a cost cutting capital idea, Foreign Service Institute should send Foreign Service Officer Trainees to various border towns of US, and executives of the towns can train them. People living in the borders automatically get trained in International relationships. Duh!.

The US presidential race is total fun to watch on various cable channels. CNN which is now in HD [Higly dramatic] is having a ball; one quick request, please send the makeup personals for training once again. High definition TV exposes about 5 to 10 layers of makeup material on most guest and anchors. Some of them bear a resemblance to Kamal characters in Dasaavatharam. Just a note on Dasaavatharam , few months ago I went to watch Dasaavatharam in our local theater and I found more number of Kamal’s on the screen than the audience count.

Lately for about a year I have been using Apple Mac and IPhone,I got them to learn the architecture, and to test the power of the OS. I have been developing IPHONE components etc, Apple opened up 3rd parties to develop application for IPHONE and made a huge gaga over it, however if a 3rd party developer is smart enough to develop products that would restrict the usage of their native products like ITunes etc, Apple issues a patch and closes down the development environment. Apple is so greedy that they do not permit iPhone users to upload their own ringtones [In my case “my own compositions”]. They want to make a buck on each ring tone. I agree copyrights of ring tone etc, however if the ring tone is free or self composed, I should have the freedom to choose what I want, all other phone companies permit it. Few months ago some brilliant developer found a hack/method to upload their own ring tones onto the IPhone, - puff - it just took matter of days for APPLE to the send a patch that prevented users from loading their own ring tones.

The Latest Cheap Apple tactics -- Read more

From a comment post in that site : Microsoft should NOT be allowing installation of programs such as "Mozilla Firefox" or "Google Chrome", just because they duplicate features of "Internet Explorer”,

oh! No, if Microsoft does the same it is monopoly.

I guess God had a very good reason to prevent humans from not going anywhere near the Apple

[The above Statement is Copy Righted :)]


MyTalk Radio Thursday

I never miss the “NeeyA NAna” Talk show conducted by Gopi on Vijay TV. Gopi is an amazingly talented TV host and I hope I get to meet him one day. In the latest edition, the discussion was about government helping sport personalities, after the discussion in the general I felt more support is needed for other sports; let me throw in an idea, how about forcing BCCI to share a portion of money just to help other sports in India? They are making enough to support the Northern Hemisphere. It is about time for BCCI to adopt other sports and improve them.

Australian Cricket team now in India, the series is being hyped and Pointing wants to improve his batting average in India. Symonds behavior reached an extent even his country men were unable to tolerate and digest his attitude, good that he was sacked. However Har “bad boy” Bajan Singh is now looking for some other Australian player to test his Zoological skills. I think Cricket Australia’s stocks are not doing well, Greg “roll the ball my brother” Chappell will be present in the Aussie dressing room. He was last seen on EBAY Australia and now he gets to watch his countrymen change cloths -once again. He is supposed to do a comparative study on Indian and Aussie dressing habits and will be doing a presentation to the ICC. [International clothing committee] The game will be on Zee Sports and it is going to cost me money, will the FEDs bails me out? Why not?

The US Economy is in real doldrums, just a week ago the Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain assured that American economy is deeply rooted and double strong as Star Bucks Venti Americano, but yesterday the deep root (beer?) took a boot and he has suspended his campaign to save the economy. (Fire in the mountain [Capitol Hill] run run run run) Wall Street CEOs have GDPs more than some countries today, now a package to save and protect them from their past mistakes.

My question is simple common sense - How can an economy that was deep rooted a week ago suddenly change course towards financial dooms day scenario? Anyone with "statutory" common sense would understand that such crisis cannot happen overnight, the truth is it’s been brewing for a long time,
Government has been busy buying large quantities of diapers and other products to cover or patch the leak,

finally this week they discovered No diaper can prevent diarrhea or using my native analogy, a XXL sized pumpkin cannot be hidden inside a Chipotle’s Burrito bowl I hope the politician’s gets it right before they order more food for thought. Medically Diarrhea [Thanks Sanjay Gupta on CNN] is not fatal anymore, one good reason why we are still eating in Wendy’s or TACO Bell, but when it comes to financial industry, this condition would lead to total dehydration in the economy and I guess ordinary mortals has no other choice to wait and see if the so called package would hydrate the economy. - Trusts me -- Prayer helps.

I am selling more CDs than many Wall Street Banks :)


My Talk Radio - Friday

A powerful Hurricane is bound for the Texas coast, hope people are moved to safety. IKE’s winds could be felt as far as Maryland; IKE is expected to make a land fall in our neighborhood gas stations in about 48-60 hours. An expert at CNN situation room has confirmed the news.

Houston, Houston we have a Situation here, - Producers of CNN situation room program are getting obsessed day by day with giant TV screens displays and touch screens and what not! , it is just matter of time they convert the floor to a TV screen, soon the anchor will walk from one city another city when the news context changes, and jump and swirl to produce gusty winds on the screen. CNN Situation Room–where there are more TV displays than Best Buy or Circuit city combined. Watching this on High Definition is a Complete Colorful Nightmare [CNN] 

We had a unique recording over the weekend in my studio; we had about 20-25 kids recording voices over for Ramayan play. Kids enjoyed the studio environment and were total fun to with work with. The idea is to produce an audio CD with voiceovers, special effects, music etc, kids would then act live on stage with CD being played in the background.

Cricket! Ganguly was not considered for the selection; Rahul Dravid still has his place intact. Sachin should be back from injury. The last time Sachin played to his potential was against Australia which India won.

Breaking news from CNN situation room South East Asia Edition - Lord Maha Vishnu‘s cabinet meeting is going on in an undisclosed place near Milky way. The discussion is about a demon that is rising in power, Common human beings find it very difficult to cope up with and control the demon and its egoistic slipshod approach over the years. BCCI watch it, your end is nearing.


My Talk Radio

I got up this morning expecting the world to end, it did not hence I felt I should resume my blog, over the weekend I met few of my good "old" friends and they gave me a pep talk and boosted my ego. Hence I guess I have to try and find time to write blogs.

A bunch of scientists joined together and spent about £5bn for an experiment to re-create the big bang Theory, technically the World is supposed to have ended today. Damn nothing happened, world is still spinning and I have go to work and face my boss again. 5 Billion pounds down the drains to prove something that no one really cares about. Do you know there is a company that is been proving the Big Bang theory for lesser cost (1.8 billion) - TACO bell.

David Letterman show, Letterman is a liberal; liberals are generally concerned about Global warming etc. David Letterman once mentioned that “We are dead meat,” and blamed the administrators for not dealing the global warming issues. Have you noted this, 9 out 10 guests invited to the Letter man show complain about the room temperature (air-condition) in the studio. It is simply cold and well below polar bear standards. I was just wondering how much of global warming gases those air conditioners would emit, his studio could be one of the main reason for the arctic meltdown. I guess Mr. David Letterman has not heard the saying “practice before preaching”.

Football season started last week with minimal bang and nothing special happened other than resurrected Brett Favre is now playing for NJ nets and super star Tom brandy was injured. Patriots pain continues, they lost their most important game of the season last year, however I would put the blame on Costco, who closed early on the day. Hope they have Sams Club membership this year; Sams have better DV tapes and never closes its doors for its customers. I know Patriots fan are going to hate me for this statement.

It is matter of time - the front end of computer application would simply be a web browser hosted in a device hence Google joined the browser war. I did use Chrome, did not find anything amusing.

CS: thanks for calling bla bla bla

User: this is regarding the web based online bill payment application, my left column over laps with the right column and middle column moved deep down right, It was working well yesterday.

CS: okay no problem thanks for patience, what browser you are using?

User: I just installed Chrome.

CS: blink!.

Manager: damn! Support cost just went up again, my web developers now have one more Div tag to worry about,