Monday Talk

The strategy defined for first 3 quarters failed badly; late in the 4th quarter a strategy (or a tactic) is arrived. The new “stratactictegy” would be to get physical, no, I am not taking about Sunday night NFL game between Jaguars and Steelers. I meant the current Republican presidential campaign. For next few weeks American public is in for an unprecedented Political Slander.

A proverb from my native language “Tamil” should be very apt here. Let me try a crude English translation, “If society splits, performing artists would be the beneficiaries”. Society is split as Democrats and Republicans [and 3rd kind is of course Lou Dobbs and other sundries] , beneficiary would be performing artists - John Stewart, Jay Leno, David Letterman and Saturday night live shows and many more. Do not miss their shows, it is quite awesome - Laugh Out Loud.

Did you notice, more than the word Economy we have been hearing the word “Maverick”. For benefit of Non-Mavericks, I would like to present the meaning of the world “Maverick” from Webster.com
Pronunciation: mav-rik
Function: noun
Etymology: Samuel A. Maverick †1870 American pioneer who did not brand his calves
Date: 1867
1: an unbranded range animal;
2: an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party

Wait a minute, an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party, but Senator McCain is supposed to run for the Republican Party and am just wondering on what basis they brand themselves to be Mavericks? They are affiliated to a party and its principles.
Dude! May be it is based on the 1st one in the list - NO STOP; I don’t want to be crude like Fox TV.

Yow! Non-Mavericks out there, the Maverick list grew by one, Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin added herself to the lists of Mavericks. Now non- Mavericks have to find someone as talented as her to offset the balance; Quick 1 cent suggestion - Big Moose from Archie comics? mm…Could be hunted

Good day.


[heart] Breaking news

Republican presidential candidate shuts down his campaign. He ditched David Letterman and took a 22 hour drive to DC from New York City. This is what happens if you don’t have an EZPASS. It is about time for Senator McCain and his contingent to apply for an EZPASS. The contingent came through the regular toll gates and reached DC in record time. On seeing the traffic vows and agony faced by common mortals on New Jersey Turn Pike and on I95 the rumor is that Senator McCain is planning to add Scotty [from Star Trek] to his cabinet. So in few years we can see kiosks, using which you can beam yourself to DC.

The contingent did the usual photos ops and soon started to count the chickens before it really hatched. But poor Senator McCain, his own party men right royally ditched him. Soon Republicans and its related media accused the house Speaker, house Microphone, and house PA sound system etc for confusing, misleading already confused congress men. Speaker of the house managed to tell the truth but her bad luck is such that, the so called truth and confession came at the wrong time.

Mr. Pointer, Mr. Ring, Mr. Middle and Little pinky were called upon for duty to do the needful, since Mr. Thumb was way down was declared out of service, rest did their job to satisfaction. The Finger pointing continued, CNN was in the verge of a Guinness record for analyzing a record number of finger pointing stories.

During this mess, Congress managed to take a day off for the Jewish New year, the whole world was working their butts out to save their finances, 401k and what not, but our efficient Congress men wanted to celebrate the New Year.

Finally the [heart] breaking news is the 700 Billion is all set to be spent. Donkeys and Elephants would celebrate the success for next few days, would the 700 Billion offset the economy calamities? Time will tell until then, We the common folks have no other option other than to wait and watch.


Golu - the Navrathri festival

Over the weekend my wife Jayashree and my daughter Sriya were very busy setting up the Golu. Festivals like Golu are life saver mints in our super busy nut cracking work schedule. Golu is all about meeting friends and family, in my case some of my friends wished me happy New Year [for 2008]. We have hardly met this year.

Here are some pictures from our Golu,

Ps: a cricket ground is a standard fixture in our Golu, it is a fixed match I guesss :), and I have provided an aerial view and note the little details, eg: Hoarding etc. :)

Good day!.