and mostly the batting would fail....

I don’t have hope for India, the bowling is weak, and getting 20 Australian wickets would be “horse horn” and mostly the batting would fail.

Above is from my blog that wrote a week or so ago, and did not have time to publish it. I wish I had.

Like every other Australian tour, Indian team disappoints its fans. Team think tank suffers from short term memory loss. The fate is so cruel; Dinesh Karthik with half a dozen half centuries in 2007 and few of them matching saving innings is now made to carry water. He failed during the home serious played a “cow dung” surface and was replaced by a star player who scored a lot runs on the same surface. I agree Karthik fell cheaply on 4 occasions during Pakistan series but when the selectors picked a player based on the dreaded YNF [You never know factor] I think Karthik and Jaffer ‘s opening pair should be given some more time for revival. At the end of the day, pay load was transferred to Dravid who did nothing other than to bring India down. Dravid has to cut his “serving his team” crap and demand his favorite batting position. He cannot and should not open. It only happens in India cricket team, the team batting line up tinkered to accommodate Yuvraj Singh, his recent form in other “forms” made people forget his previous test cricketing appearances. His attitude on the field is always questionable and it was evident during the first Test. Other than Ganguly, VVS and of course Tendulkar no batsmen had clue or the caliber to negotiate the accurate Aussie attack. Tendulkar made it look so easy but failed to carry the innings. But it is 2007, moving on to 2008, Team India is still dependent on the so called seniors and story of young blood & first blood is yet a local phenomenon.

I was listening to Tamil songs on various FM stations [AHHA FM, Oli fm etc], I happened to bump into song, later found it was from a movie called “kAdalil vizunthen” Music by Vijay Anthony. I have seen him on Sun TV a lot on music shows and honestly, Vijay Anthony sounded a promising musician. But he disappoints and bluntly “copies” Rihana's Unfaithful – "bar by bar" in a song titled “Unakkena nAn”. [From kAdalil vizunthen]. The reason I remember Rihana’s song is for its un-tuned Tablas, the beat pattern would sound odd from the main melody. Every aspect of this track has been copied including the sound model, instrumentation and the melody. I did not check the lyrics. Hope it is original.

I hope Vijay Anthony has given proper credits to the original song writer and composer; If not "You too Vijay?"



The fun starts at Kotla

Mr. “Roll the ball my brother” is on news again, beloved EX- Indian cricket team coach, who is notorious for showing middle and other fingers to spectators says that he knew it well before hand that India will lose in the early stages of the world cup. Duh! I wish he had told this useful message before the incident. Here is a guy who managed to gobble costly golf games and other richness provided by BCCI and went on to enjoy them all to its maximum but failed in his job, as soon as the media questioned him for his impotent coaching abilities and teams performance, he quits his job and now goes on trashing about his former employer, but it did not stop there, He also blamed Indian spectators as “Racial” and it seems he was victim of it, what a load of crap? An Australian branding an Indian - Racial;

Here is one more incident about Australian “double tongue”, I hope everyone remembers Ricky Pointing’s free advice to Murli Karthik during the final one day game which India won. Murli Karthik was a beneficiary of a bad decision by the umpire, he was ruled "not out" during a crucial juncture of the game that did help to win the game. Later during press conference MK was magnanimous to confess that he was out. Ponting at once pounced on it and threw in a truck load of advice about sportsmanship and other crap, wished that Murli had walked out. In the recently concluded one sided test match against SL, Sangakkara was denied his third double-century when he tried to hook Stuart Clark and the ball flew off his shoulder to Ricky Ponting at slip. Rudi Koertzen agreed with the Australians that there was some bat involved but Sangakkara, and the replays knew that was not the case. Ricky Ponting could have recalled him. It is already a dead one sided match, what happened to the so called “sportsmanship” crap that he expected from Murli Karthik? I suppose the advices are only to others. I hope Cricket Australia gifts Ponting a mirror for Xmas.

Sri Lankans were flattened by Australian bull dozers, by this I wish Mahila’s yaps are now under control. At times his lectures too much and shows nothing in action. Any Trash Talking has to be supported by good performance, if not - Silence is golden. This applies to Srisanth too. He managed to get 3 wickets in the final one day, but his initial spell was pathetic. He is injured and will be sitting out for the test.

India is all set to take on Pakistan, 1st TEST - The fun starts at Kotla in about 48hours.

1. Yuvraj Singh, top scored with 279 runs, (+3 wickets), a class act, but has NO room in the test side.
2. Harbajan Singh, concluded one day series - (O:40 R:178 W:4 Best:2/65 Avg:44.50 ER: 4.45) , The above performance looks mediocre when compared to his previous appearance for India. West Indies series [2005-2006] where he played 2 tests – his stats - 0:71.3, R: 264 W: 11; 5/13 Avg: 24.00 - 5 WICKETS twice. But he was promptly dropped for [next] series against England

A point to note here:During the same West Indies test series, Anil Kumble played all the four test matches and was asked to bowl (around) three times than Harbajan [thanks to the captain Dravid]. Kumble managed to pick twice the number of wickets than Harbajan giving a gowdown full of runs.

Indian team selection process - a Conundrum

and Finally,
(I did not quote his name even once today, just to keep up to my tradition I made sure I quoted him at least once)

Have a great thanks giving weekend.

ps: last week suntv aired Star, just thought you would be interested to read my
Old Review


I smelling “fish" do you?

Sachin’s decision not to accept captaincy makes me think that he is preparing us for the inevitable –Indian team after Tendulkar. I feel his decision is clearly in this direction. And we can expect him to call it is day very soon.

On pondering more [what else to do?], I smell “fish”; there is something wrong with selection committee and its chairman Mr. Dilip “Vengsarkar. 1st an Indian cricketing icon takes a tough decision, a decision that would jeopardize his entire carrier , Dravid steps down from captaincy. Now, another Indian icon says “no thanks” when the same portfolio was offered to him.

CNN-IBN adds that Sachin Tendulkar has mentioned "that the selection policies are not just, and the seniors have not been treated properly", this clearly shows Tendul is not happy how Dravid was treated. Here is my conspiracy theory: when we go by numbers it is absolutely impossible for the selection committee to drop Tendulkar. He is the top run getter in all recent series. The only method they could get him his load him with captaincy burden and then there would be better chance for Tendul to fail against Australia, finally send him home unceremoniously. , just my theory don’t go too much into it.

Here is my deal, clean the Indian cricket selection process. First, to become a selector one should have good qualifications and good cricketing history . VB Chandrasekar from Tamil Nadu calls himself an ex-selector. His performance which is mediocre clearly questions his qualifications for being a selector. People who have made considerable contributions to Indian cricket prefer to stay away from this selection politics. Eg. Syed Kirmani or Srikkanth etc.

In the corporate world when a company produces something, the “buyer” or the purchase manager should be well qualified and most of all should not be corrupt or have any kind of favoritism. He or she should be well qualified to pick raw material so that the final product is of some quality. More than the selection process being transparent, I wish BCCI is more transparent when picking selectors.

On selection process of players, a new player selection should have published documents supporting the selection. Currently the selectors have eyewash called as press meet in which they evade questions if grinded. I am still baffled by Virendar Sehwag selection. There is no evidence anywhere to prove that he is playing well, other a picture taken when he was talking to the selection committee chairmen and the board president. How about this idea? We don’t mind a foreign coach then, we don’t mind to have foreign Physiotherapist, now why not a foreign selection committee?

As if this was not enough, self proclaimed experts like Sanjay "who changes colors quicker than a chameleon" Manjerakar picks Anil Kumble to carry the mantle. Yep, just 2 weeks ago he wanted youngsters to be given more responsibility in order to improve Indian cricket, but today he wants a veteran who is all set to with draw money from PF or 401K plans. The plight of Indian cricket is quite pathetic. Adding to the confusion they have something called “the rotation policy. What is this rotation policy? Ans: bunch of stupid decisions that keeps changing until the head rotates.

A Week ago world was blaming seniors for not giving room for the juniors, but when seniors make fair decisions in this direction - they are questioned for it. WTF



Weekend, I attended the Open Rasika music concert. Show was hosted by Sun TV Fame Vijay Sarathy.

I do have my inhibitions when it comes to celebrities; however it just took a second or so for my preconceived opinions to fall apart. The moment I started to talk with Vijay Sarathy, I realized that I was wrong, I thought about my blog where I have spoofed about him. He was down to earth and spoke to me like good old friend. In simple words, he was just like you and me partying. It was a pleasure meeting Mr.Vijay Sarathy S/O Late Actor Capt. Sasi Kumar. When I went to say hi to him he greeted me by name and surprised me. He talked about my PADAL album and told me that Shankar Nagarajan [H1Bees Inc and OPEN ] had given the CD to him the day before. He had no problems in spotting my milk dripping face[seri seri]. He also congratulated me on the album.

Open organization - when it comes to organization skills Open member are the best. 800+ tickets were sold out in a matter of a week. And besides they were able to raise lot of money for their charity. Open volunteers made sure artists, musicians and [VIP Visitors like me [alambal alambal ] got everything we wanted [dinner, Snacks etc]. We had lot of fun Back stage.

The light music show started on time and was a general mixture of new and songs from 80s, few in the collection were dusty as they were picked from the attic. My vote to the best song goes to "Athangara marame", tight and picture perfect, second place goes to the tough cookie “Minsara kanna” from Padaiappa. Awesome!

Onto next, you might want to turn on the A/c or a fan before you read the rest of the topic - Cricket.

I really do not know what Mr. Vengsarkar and his cronies are up to? Vengsarkar & co, notorious for dropping pearls of wisdom on poor form & performance yadayada selects Virendar Sehwag while a consistent player like Badrinath is dropped. Just few years ago, Ganguly was unceremoniously yanked from the team, Dravid took over the mess created by the selectors and now Dravid gets the same treatment. As if this was not enough, Kiran “f..everyone thrice or ” More , categorically stated that Ganguly had no chance for a comeback etc, but Ganguly fought his way through, Today the same “More” guy is complaining against Vengsarkar. All said and done, the bunch of losers have unceremoniously dropped another Icon of Indian cricket and shame on you Mr. More, you started this nonsense.

When you open the windows operating system the top left corner will always have an Icon called “My Computer”, if you are a windows user you would know the importance of this icon. Dravid is more or less like the “My Computer” icon for the Indian team. It comes to rescue during system crisis. Dilip “the self proclaimed Cricket” Sarkar of India has commented that Dravid is an one Dimensional [CNN-IBN] and to justify his claim he picks one Mr. Virendar Sehwag, whose scores when lined up resembles 1-800-376-763 [1800-DropMe]. I guess Viru has the blessing of some top BCCI officials, there is no chance for him to qualify on merit.

In general the senior cricketers issue is getting really nasty. Imo, until we get proper numbers against them I would not consider Sachin, Ganguly and Dravid as liabilities. Calling a Person with 10k+ runs as one dimensional etc cannot be tolerated. I see a clear cut personal vendetta. I am sure Dravid has few dirty reasons for stepping down from captaincy and it is high time for him let it out.

Basically players regardless of seniors or not have no support among themselves and they don’t dare to rub the board on the wrong side. K. Srikanth did it and he was promptly fired. This fear among cricketers helps the board. BCCI uses restrictions and Gag orders on players to cover their mess. The Cricket boards in India are corrupted to the core. There is a lot of push and pull; here is a proof that system is corrupted. I did not make this up, I quote from Cricinfo.org. Arjun Yadav first came across as a promising batsman coming through the age groups, but eight years since his first-class debut, the promise is yet to transform. Strong performances in age-group cricket had earned him a place in the Indian Under-19 team for the World Cup in 1999-2000, but he did not play a single match in India's victory there. Since then he has been a fairly regular fixture in the Hyderabad team, and has been picked for zonal and India A squads. Over seven seasons of first-class cricket, he has managed an average of 28.51. He has scored just 2 centuries.
did I forget - his middle name “Shivlal”.

Indian Cricket should be run by paid professionals so that they can be held accountable on failure. The stupid “honorary” hog wash has to go; if the team fails, fire the morons who picked the team and then penalize the players. Kiran More & co selected teams but the poor captain gets sacked. How to make the selectors accountable? Why there are so many players from West Zone? Can a selector be part of any cricket academy? Who audits conflict of interests? It is about time for a transparent selection system in India. Current board is run by shameless people destined to kill Indian cricket once for all.


ps: I wish the so called seniors - Sachin, Ganguly, and Dravid openly talk about such practices and let the cat out of bag. As of today more than their batting average this will do a lot of good to Indian cricket future.

ps2:S. Badrinath: 54 matches and averages about 56.94 with 12 centuries and 17 hundreds, poor Badri was never considered.


aNne na 5th pass, neenga 10th Fail

Hope you remember the comedy episode featuring Gowndamani and Senthil. Let me remind you, Gowndamani will claim that he is 10th failed student while Senthil will keep debunking him by stating that he is 5th passed.
Ricky Ponting: We trashed you in F50,
Dhoni –it no fluke that we are the T20 champions [ aNne na 5th pass, neenga
10th fail anne]

This is exactly how I felt when I heard Dhoni talk during the T20 award ceremony. Dhoni forgot the fact that he was also the captain for the F50 side that was beaten left, right and center. The victory march and over flowing money made no sense. Harbajan was paid Rs. 1, 00,000 for what? For his pathetic bowling and behavior all through the series, he should be fined 1,00,000 instead. Murli Karthik , Sreesanth and Pathan were top wicket takers, in fact Yuvraj got more wickets than the so called top spinner from India,. Harbajan Singh – o:54 m:1 r:261 w:3 - 2/43-was his best and averaged 87.00, meaning he 87 runs per wicket. If this is not costly, I do know to define costly. If you want to drop and get fresh legs, bones and brains, he should be the first candidate.

Batting numbers: Yuvraj totals 192, thanks to the 121, rest of the games he made 72 runs, his average [32.00] is just 0.25 above Ganguly [31.75]. Dhoni, the Indian team captain follows with gap of about hundred runs from the top score. Uttappa played 6 games and averaged 33.x. Gautam Gambir played 3 Games and averaged 8.5 while Dravid played 5 games and averaged less than 11 runs per inning. Finally the top scorer - Guess who? One Mr. Tendulkar scored about 278 Runs with an average of around 40. A single T20 win seems to change people’s view quite drastically, what the heck? Indians are going to play to their Arch rivals, and then fly to Australia;

All mighty Vengsarkar is all set to fire people and he could sneak in is prodigy bowler – the one and only Ajith Agarkar who was seen in the dugout during T20 game. I am really worried that he might get the ticket to Australia where he has a history of generously cooking omelets for the entire team.

The rumor is that hot metal rods in various sizes have been placed in ovens and Kilns all around Australia. These rods will enhance the process called “Pumpesthanu”, a form of “Physocis” therapy designed by Dr. Saranavan, a world renowned Phscartrist and Dr. Bradley’s only student. This therapy is expected to be tested on Men in blue during the Aussie Summer.
Beware Team.


The T20 UtopiaMyopia

What happened to the T20 utopia? Can’t the celebrities from the T20 winning line up score 6 runs per over? What else should the openers do? Irfan has realized his past mistakes and values his selection. He did his job perfectly.

When Dravid walked in the morning I spotted a change in his dress code, he had replaced the number on his back with new logo that looked like a Red Bulls Eye Target symbol. Dravid made life easy for Vengsarkar and his cronies. Like a bird on a political leader statue, Dravid kept dropping sitters. No doubt Dravid is an excellent player and IMO, technically the best from the Indian soil till date. The problem is he needs time for his technique to kick in. In today’s cricket settling time is considered as a taxable luxury. More than team India, Dravid cannot afford it anymore. Dravid should slowly let go the grip on one day games and I feel Dravid should be rested and given time to recoup for the test matches where he is still an invaluable asset.

Sreesanth, I had hopes for this guy, he looked good and has some mojo to do well. However for past few matches my opinion seems to change drastically. I guess it is time for Sreesanth to change his profession. A good carrier for him is ensured in spray painting. He sprays the new ball in every geographical direction possible. At times the software that keeps tracks of the ball losses its direction and get confused and displays another cricket pitch on the left side. Sreesanth also dropped a catch when Symonds was on 2.

Bowling takes the blame while some inexperienced captaincy popped up from Dhoni. When Murali Karthik and Harbajan were bowling well, Dhoni changed and gave the ball to Yuvaraj. Yuvraj from the word go broke coconuts, using them Simmons squeezed out as much of chutney possible. Then Dhoni took Yuvraj out and gave the ball to Tendul who was bowling well but Dhoni changed and gave the ball to Zaheer, Zaheer added more to the chutney pot. The last 5 overs tilted the game towards Australia.

A note on Harbajan, he is an overestimated Spinner and there are others sitting on the bench or on the national cricket circuit better than him. He is been ineffective and a disappointment every other series. If spinner fails on an Indian tracks, where in the world he is going to shine? The Middle order trouble continues for India, Sachin and Ganguly provided the team with gritty platform but an avaricious Yuvraj failed while Uttappa trying to regain this place played few good “cricketing” [Thanks Rameeze Raja] shots, but it is the Australian composure that took the game away from India.

And for Indian fans, let us console by selecting our feeling(s) on cheering for a team that lost the game from very good winning position?
(B) I am sick and tired
(C) (a 4 letter word) Cricket
(D) All of the above and a full page of your own reasoning + bad words from Indian languages generously sprinkled.


Duck De India

Being the cricket world champ is one part of the achievement but maintaining the status is much bigger a deal, this demands a lot of will and commitment. Australians are super powers of cricket and damn! “they know to maintain the status.”

Yesterday, Australians codified how to win the game while hopeless (Duck De) India meticulously engraved - How to lose the game hands, legs and other body parts down.

It was quite a pathetic start. What worse can happen? No I am not talking about L.Siva or Arul lals commentary. The 2 of the top 3 security net was back in the pavilion for Zero. Work Experience for the top three sums to about 1000 games but in first over India lost 60% of the experience. 10/3 in the first few coupled with fantastic bowling - Indians gave up then and there. Tendulkar was the only player from India who negotiated the pinpoint Australian attack. He played quite remarkably. His drives were classics and quite a delight to watch. Only persons without any kind of cricketing knowledge would raise their voice against Tendulkar. Irfan chipped in few runs while the last wicket partnership tried to restore some pride. The ball that got Tendulkar was a real beauty from Brett Lee.

Yesterday’s game also exposed who plays better swing bowling. The spell of Lee and Johnson proved that much celebrated Yuvraj, Dhoni and Uthappa do not have the technique and temperament to play quality fast bowling. Siddharth of Cricinfo.org mentions Uttappa was out for poor LBW decision, IMO, it was plumb - Uttappa was moving like a crab sideways right across the line and was caught like a deer at the headlight. I really doubt his technical ability to deal fast bowling under swinging conditions.

What was the reason for the loss? Poor planning Or Poor batting or Poor bowling or poor selection committee members or people like Nirjan Shah running the show? I am wondering with such a pathetic inexperienced team how in the world Vengsarkar can make stupid statements about dropping senior players. His warning to the senior players was quite stupid and arrogant. One does not become a senior player over night, a long tenure of effort and commitment gets you the title. That needs to be respected not insulted.

At least now stop the yell and scream over youth, put the T20 world cup on EBAY and start focusing on the Australian tour, if not we are in for more shocks and think about this - next month Team India will be floating on the Australian blue lagoon – result could be brutal than yesterdays.

Ps: Please check this excellent article by Anand Vasu on CricInfo ; Very well written.


Game Day , Ind vs Aus.

The same old story continues, Harbajan, it does not matter how much he contains, he has to pick wickets. Until then he is ineffective. Yuvarj and Tendul over used, while Sreesanth celebrated Holi in October, he was spraying the ball in every possible direction. Batting wise, Gautam Gambu , one more talented player whose talent can only be spotted by Ravi Shastri and Vengsarkar. The powerful Ninja opps Niranjan Shaw , one among top BCCI chamchas mentioned to the press that Gangully was not rested, he was dropped. The only mistake Gangully did was being the top run getter in recent times. Yuvraj played quite well, however in my opinion he slowed down a lot when he was nearing 100. Once upon a time, long ago Indian team had a powerful natural slugger called M.S. Dhoni. Currently on team India’s behalf a missing report has been filed.

Drop the (senior) trio is the new slogan; it is only the senior contribution that won many 50/50 games for India in recent times has been comfortably forgotten. Just because a so called young team won 20/20 (game of sheer chance) writing off the seniors is foolishness, a systematic transition plan would do good for the future.

During my Chennai trip, I watched lot of Cricket on TV. Experience of watching cricket on TV in India is simply Awful and terrible experience. Whenever a batsman scores a four or a six or a 50 an annoying cartoon appears from nowhere and dances to badly composed music. As if this is not enough, more the bowler the broadcaster will be waiting eagerly for the final ball of an over. The telecast is cut when the final ball leaves the bowlers hand. We go to commercials, mostly the first ball in the following over gets yanked. Poor Harsha Bogle and Sunny will be discussing very seriously on cricket etc, suddenly the Air Tel Theme music will be played over their voice with Air Slide. Totally Disgusting! , this becomes worse if it is through DD, Commentators alternate languages; joke is that they do the commentary from the studio.

Yesterday I was watched the game on ZEE Sports, the new Indian sport channel in the US. Zee sports placed their own loud promotions in between every over and made a mess of it. The volumes levels of live telecast was about -2000db while the commercials were set to +2000db, waking up everyone living in my zip code. At 2.00am a moronic voice would suddenly scream and threaten you - Subscribe to ZEE sports call 1800-I-SHALL-IRRITATE-YOU till then. Zee and dish network Dudes don’t get it all, the only folks watching this badly made plug is the “Subscribers”. I wish Zee sports reduce such pathetic self-promotions during live Cricket broadcast. It is more annoying than the help cartoon that popup in MS office products.

EAS Prasanna commenting on Indian bowling has predicted complete shutdown. Indian team looks all set to go back to its popular “We will always suck” mode. 6-0 is on cards.


Game Day , Ind vs Aus.

1st One day saved by rain, but Varuna failed to save India in Kochi. The match started 30 minutes behind schedule. A jam packed stadium filled with picturesque Kerala color. Zaheer khan and the volatile home town boy Sreesanth gave the start.
Ravi “recorded message” Shastri would quote “What doctor had ordered” Australia lost 2 quick wickets, acting captain Gilly gone for a Duck. Indian Fans waving flags and holding banners that contained recipes for Cooking Kangaroo Curry. That was it for next 20+ overs things were slow and Aussie regained their grounds.

The cocky Symonds, Uncle Hayden and little Clarke launched their popular mental disintegration using verbal abuses. On the Indian side, Sreesanth and Harbajan made generous contributions to the verbal abuse fund. All this happened knowing that that Match referee Broad is not so broad minded. Broad often suffers from Dyschromatopsia , the new ICC building fund is all set to be funded using the abuse fund collection, principle donors would be Harbajan and Sreesanth. Symonds would escape unhurt, he was equally guilty.

At around 30 over mark Indian bowling was like Tamil movies, - a joke -. There was no plan or approach. Powar with his red glass looked like “kandaaaaaaaaasamy” was totally ineffective. Harbajan rather than taking wickets, was aiming at containing runs. Moreover he did not bowl dosras, thanks to Chris Broad, who was watching him closely via a special camera hidden inside umpire’s hat. Broad has already reported twice about Harbajan’s action. The rule is if White men don’t get the spin, it is termed chucking. Indians once gain let Australia score about 300+.

Gautam Gambeer did not trouble anyone, Uttappa joined Tendul and blasted some runs, Aussies baited Tendul perfectly and got him out. Uttappa suddenly remembered that this was not 20/20, he got out. Instead of Rahul the Ex-Captain,Yuvaraj “Sixer” Singh walked in, it is to be noted that BCCI paid Yuvraj one crore extra for his 6 sixes, is this not encouraging individualism? Yuvraj played careless and over confident strokes. Australians had a plan for him too and he was taken out in no time. Dravid and Dhoni tried to revive by using various methods ranging from CPR to Defibrillator but Indian top order went into a complete Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Dhoni stayed till the end and added a half century to his statistics. A powerful straight drive by Dhoni landed directly on Sreesanth head [non-striker], a powerful blow , poor Sreesanth - hope he is ok, may be his tantrums gets fixed so that he can focus more on his bowling. Sreesanth reminds me of Randy Moss.

Aussies are one up; their bowling was disciplined to the core and their spinners were better than Indian spinners. One good example was Australians bowlers bowled without a deep fine leg. The fine leg area was wide open and very minimal runs were scored in that area. No room for donkey drops. Dhoni also removed the deep fine leg, but at once, Kandaswaaaamy [Powar] and Sreesanth broke a sack of coconuts and gave about 20 runs [per ball]

T20 champions were day dreaming. I expected the T20 world cup synergy to carryover but gosh! I guess I forgot the fact that “Australia is a better team” - No arguments.

Good day,

ps:Kadasaaaaaaaaamy: A new movie in making - Vikram in zillion getup.One of the getup had a crazy headlight like red color eye mask [close to what Romesgh Powar wears.]


Cricket Talk

I feel this would be the right time to resume my Cricket Talk. Indian team has redeemed my loyalty by winning the Twenty20 world cup.

Dravid quits from captaincy, in my opinion it is a blessing in disguise, or even call it a Boon. Do not get me wrong here; Dravid is a great batsman but he is a very poor captain. According to Sanjay Manjrekar on Cricinfo talk, “an Indian team captain has no power, and the entire selection committee and the board members influence the final eleven”. More over the Indian team captain is often put under tremendous pressure by the press. Unable to face the music Dravid resigned. With such politically mooted board and without the top 4, this T20 world cup victory is something to cherish. This format is so cruel that we cannot predict the winner. Though the depth in Australian lineup is phenomenal, I feel Australia cannot dominate in T20 like they do in other 2 formats. If Australia fails in few more T20 games, it would be matter of time for Cricket Australia to complain against T20 format. I feel no team would dominate T20.

A lot of celebration is still happening in India while the Team under the new captain is all set to face off the real World champ, Australia. Symonds mentioned yesterday that Indian celebration is going over the limits, who are you to set the limit Mate? … Trash talking is used by Aussie to pump them up. During T20 semi final I heard Hayden talk to Uttappa. Uttappa was playing few defensive strokes, and Hayden (sarcastically) congratulated him for playing great defense, Uttappa replied “if you say so I am honored”. It is always fun watching the Australians compete.

The (New) Indian Captain Dhoni walks in with lot of expectations. In my opinion, his wicket keeping is well below par. 50/50 is more of a mind game and needs a cool cat CEO. I wish the board gives him a lot of time to settle without worrying about win or loss. Till now I was worried that who will replace the top 3, Dravid, Sachin and Ganguly. Frankly, the recent T20 exposed our bench Talents. I was surprised by Rohit Sharma, Pathan Brothers. RP Singh’s remarkable improvement, finally Zahir khan now has some support. I pray that Agarkar is never selected again. Sreesanth is a good bowler but comes with a truck load of attitude, which can be good and bad. He should concentrate more on his bowling consistency.

The new bunch should be groomed to take over from the seniors. Instead of chasing the top guys, BCCI should create a transition plan [you are welcome to laugh; the word plan is an unknown to BCCI]. The senior players should slowly groom the juniors and make the transition smooth. Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly are in form and been scoring runs in one day format. They are invaluable assets, so is the Intel P4 chip, there is a point in time to change to dual cores [All rounder] and we are at this point. The next few series will decide the future course for Indian cricket.

Ps: During my trip to India I was following various cricket talk shows. Ex-cricketers were riding horses inside a big fat pot. I heard Ajay Jadeja comment about Indian Team fielding. According to him Indian fielding is at the lowest even average fielder like "Dinesh Kartik" looks great on the field. After all Dinesh Karthik took the best catch of T20, while Jadadeja was banished from cricket for fixing matches. Krish Srikkanth on CNN-IBN bad mouthed the new ICL to a great extent and bluntly quoted it was as money making tactics, question to him – does BCCI work for charity? And the next day BCCI floated their league similar to ICL. Poor Crushed opps Krish Srikkanth changed his stance once again and stated – ICL or BCCI – everything is good for the players and the game.


Wings of Evolution Documentary

I had the pleasure of composing music for the documentary - “Wings of Evolution” directed by Ramesh Mourthy & Raghu Jeganathan. This documentary premiers at the prestigious South Asian film festival on Oct 6th 2007 , at 2.30 at the Rubin Museum of Art, 150 W17th and 7th Ave New York City.

You can check more about the documentary and its producers Access Horizon films here. The sound track was recorded and Mixed at Studio1234, USA. This is the second project my new studio has undertaken. You can catch the trailer here in this YouTube Clip.


Trip Tick! #4

One among my top 5 activities in Chennai was exploring restaurants. My regular list includes the legendry woodlands drive-in, Saravana Bhavan, Rathna Cafe and few more new ones like Mamalla near Mahabalipuram. My top 3 star restaurants are GRT Golden days, Radisson near the Airport and Le Meridian. I also tried the famous road side fast foods popularly called [கை ஏந்தி பவன்]. Over the years my craving for such food seems to have not diminished even a bit.

Over all I felt an improvement in the food quality, meaning, I did not get the stomach bug. The choices seem to have multiplied with wider range of cuisines. In the mid range category I felt the Saravana Bhavan found near Sathyam was very good, while the (Great) Kebob factory [TGKF] inside the Radisson [Meenambakkam] was mind blowing.

TGKF features a rich selection of 150+ succulent kebobs. Their menu offers choices for vegetarians [and the Meat eaters]. An unlimited buffet filled with various kinds of Kebobs served to your table in a round robin league fashion. Every item is described well and circulated around the table. You can have as much as you can. Don’t miss the deserts and remember that you will be full much before the deserts. Remember to leave some room for them as they are totally out of the world.

I would rate this as the best vegetarian food I have had in Chennai till date. Each plate costs around Rupees 600+taxes [$17], the dollar rupee conversion comes in handy. You need to make advance reservation and be there on time, the India stretchable time [IST] fails to work.

Tip to eat more: a full day of fasting is suggested or just an hour before the dinner, drink a bottle of plain Soda + Lime + salt juice. This would be a good appetizer.



Trip Tick! #3

"Digitalil padam pOdum Sathyam": Online booking. You might wonder what is so great about it, online booking have been around for quite some time. Wait, Chennai [Sathyam] takes it to a new level, apart from letting you to select your seat etc; you can also order various kinds of snacks while booking your tickets. The snacks are severed 2 minutes before the interval - right at your seat. Novel idea!

The Sathyam Theater “experience” was incredible. More than the sound, I was impressed by the picture clarity on the big screen. It was very close to Blue Ray or HD Disks – astonishing quality. I have not seen such clarity anywhere else around the world. Besides, Sathyam had an excellent ambience, perfectly balanced digital sound, and the seats were totally comfortable with lot of legroom. It was worth the price I paid - about Rs125+snacks. I watched Sivaji on or around 75th day, Monday evening show - believe it or not, it was houseful. Sivaji –“Athiraddi; I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and I generously contributed to the loud screaming and whistling.

After the movie, I went on a negotiation spree with auto drivers. Most of them demanded an amount close to what super star charged AVM for Sivaji. Finally a good human accepted 1/2 of the cost and drove me back home.

A cousin of mine told me a funny experience during Sivaji release. He and his friend were travelling near Udhyam Theater during rush hour. Traffic was stalled near Ashok Pillar while few were busy distributing some kind of free drink to onlookers and motorists. May be few good citizens are helping, our friends also had a cup. They could have kept quiet and moved on, but decided to enquire the occasion for the free drink, ya! Those 2 Dudes just drank a portion of hot milk that came from Sivaji cutout “abishegam” function.

Twenty20 world cup is on, what is wrong with these people? Annoying dance and music after each ball or boundary – the seriousness of the game seems lost; Ajith “Meritless” Agarkar back in the squad. Instead of Aggi I suggest a ball throwing machine; "it" would do a better job. For 20/20 I think India can go with 10 batsmen, a bowling machine and a maintenance engineer combo [maintenance engineer for the ball machine]. An introduction video for batsmen is being shown with their name and their favorite shot, but bowlers don’t seem to have any such video introductions. May be they can say favorite ball - in swinger, slower one, But in case of Aggi – he has long list - short ball, over pitch, full toss, wide outside the off stump, very wide outside the leg stump and many more. On ESPN I heard Ravi Shastri say his recorded message – Agarkar is a talented all-Rounder. WTF!



Trip Tick! #2

Many new places to visit in and around Chennai; I guess a 3 week vacation would not be ample. Numerous shopping malls have sprung up throughout the city. I visited few of them, and Chennai city center was one of the best. A typical western style mall with shopping, entertainment, food court, kids play area all under one roof. Even malls had a very well organized underground car park. Chennai City center mall was filled with “young” boys and gals of modern Chennai.Some of them were busy talking, checking and typing SMS messages while few guys were standing in the line to get a costly pizza slice for their girl friends.My T. Shirt had a slogan, "Sarcasm - Just one of my many talents". I justified the slogan by throwing few sinister smiles at these culturally confused youngsters. Thank god during my college times we just had Ramana or Aboorva fast foods. Food court in Chennai City center had typical south Indian food to western pizza outlets. Great food!.

Someone told me that such shopping complexes in Chennai are built without proper permits. I heard the same story for almost all the “multi-storied” shopping centers. I wondered why put a hold on development? What is the problem in making the permit available? My regular auto driver made a valid point. The infrastructure is not yet adequate, it seems these shopping complexes does not plan for proper sewer, water etc, they just use the public lines and over load them.

Cable TV, the set top box culture was still around in Chennai. I surfed various TV channels and I felt that Vijay TV had better program line up when compared to other TVs. They had better variety. However most TV channels had record dance programs in various forms. So called small screen actors and actresses have taken up dancing, for pre-recorded film music. Seriously it not worth watching for even 2 minutes as the dance movements were too vulgar, Yuk. I also felt channels like DD pOdigai had good programs with lot of cultural values.

There was a program called "NEEYA NANA" [You or Me] on Vijay TV –a debate program. The topic was "The current middle Class in Chennai is selfish and self centered, they don’t care for others.", Two groups argued and one group went on to claim that people are using Credit card for style and show, what the heck? I don’t know how it would be a show, I remember my friends teasing me for wearing cooling glass in Chennai when I was in college. Where else a cooling glass will serve better? In Seattle?

1st using credit card creates a paper trail and we can make sure out expenses are accounted, and 2. We need not carry cash, which often attracts pickpockets; if credit card is stolen we can call and put a hold on it. We are better protected than losing money. This group was headed by a writer called ஞாநி [gani], [this looks like a self-centered name to me]. As the debate progressed with his argument abilities he trashed a girl on the other team and felt proud on the TV. He asked the girl if she would be willing to take up a certain job if good money was offered. What the heck? I don’t know what is wrong with such self proclaimed writers who simply pass time by riding a horse inside a fat pot. I changed the channel and never bothered to check the program again.



Trip Tick! #1

I was anxiously sitting in my seat, kids in the front seat were busy watching the in-flight entertainment, giggling at Mr. Bean’s tantrums; in my case the word Bean reminded me the yummy "Beans pArupusali (பாருப்பூசலி)" my mom cooks. As though the captain read my mind, he announced "flight attendants prepare for landing", moments later I felt the 777 decent towards the earth, my ears completely blocked but still managed to capture little babies scream, and nervously I peeped through the window, a familiar sight - St. Thomas Mount on Horizon, Chennai! Here I come.

Chennai airport has been upgraded and looks great. The luggage pickup was well organized, No need to run around carousels to find the luggage. Clear signs are posted about your flight in every carousel and luggage arrives only at the posted carousel. The whole airport was well lit and secured. You can book prepaid cabs, No shady deals, you can also book train tickets to anywhere in India. I saw a Southern Railway counter, a sweet and flower stall and few duty free shops at the airport. As I drove out of the Airport, I saw a board – “Anna International Terminal ISO 9000 certified”, I guess IS0 certification has some meaning to it.

First thing that I noticed in Chennai was, the entire city was covered with “something”- if you have guessed it smog “beep”– NO; the real beauty of the Chennai has been over shadowed by tons and tons of advertisement hoardings. Believe it or not, Entire city is now covered by hoardings of various sizes and messages. Even new buildings with well designed architecture were covered by giant size banners of trendy looking models posing for computer designed Sarees, Jewelry stores and their Gold dripping ornaments, newly built shopping malls, variety of Indian and international cars, Cell phones, Tele serial banners, movie banners, moreover annoying huge political posters with their beloved leaders posing for brightly printed glorifying Tamil words lifted from the million year old Tamil literature. Even the front gates of residential houses and colonies had hoardings with a fine print: “Do not park in the front of the gate”; when asked about this outbreak, no one really cared, it seems hoardings fetch lucrative amounts. Eswara!, [someone would offer money to suffix this with the word “Silks”]

Traffic was as usual at its best – or worst. An over bridge is being built right in front of the airport. It took me about an hour to travel from Airport to T. Nagar; thanks to the early morning time; the over bridge construction at Guindy “kathipara” junction is a day and night mare, I was told that it takes couple hours to cross this place. The flyovers are expected to be completed in few years, until then - royal mess for the motorists. Two vital elements prevent accidents in Chennai – 1. Extraordinary Reflex and 2.Sheer Luck;

People generally don’t seem to care for traffic rules or safety. Government buses, trucks, 2 wheelers and of course the yellow bumble bee of Chennai - auto rickshaws are notorious for such mindless driving. No one stopped for Red Lights, unless there was a cop waving at them. In my opinion, the driving culture found in Chennai would rank the worst in the world. People just move their vehicle if they see open space on the road, regardless of right or left side. They don’t seem to care for oncoming traffic, if there is “space” just move in, soon this would shut down the whole road causing serious traffic jams. Traffic police cannot do anything if people don’t behave like human beings. Make sure the main gates and doors are locked, else Auto drivers could use it as a detour route and would not hesitate to trespass into your house and go on to the next street.

All said and done - my home town would be the best place for me to spend my well earned vacation. Development in Chennai is quite remarkable. ..



Short Film - ONE SOUL

One Soul “There are those who believe that, the soul is love and that true love is simply the sharing of the soul. The protagonist of this short film 'One Soul', David believes that the bonds of love are stronger than the chains of death.”

I had the opportunity to score music for Arun Vaidyanathan’s new short titled “One Soul”. Based on the screen play the theme music was divided into 3 themes.

I also did the sound design and engineering. On the sound design arena watch out for the “hybrid chants” and other unique sounds designed for this movie. The sound tracks and effects were recorded and mixed in my new state of art recording facility. The entire production crew has done a remarkable job. It is an honor for me to be part of this team.

You can watch the movie at www.triggerstreet.com, a website owned by Academy award winner Kevin Spacey. If you are around New York or New Jersey Area the movie is being screened on 22nd August 2007, please check the website http://www.onesoulthemovie.com/ for details.

Also at this point of time, my hearty congratulation and my best wishes to Arun for stepping into feature film direction.

My studio had serious upgrades and more gear additions. I would be working more (short) film music scoring and sound design. I also scored music for a documentary by Raghu Jeganathan, titled "Siragugal" and another short in English by Karthik Param titled "Remember to Forget" - watch out for its releases dates. If you are a (short) film maker and looking for professional quality music for a very nominal charge, please contact me directly at srikanth@Srikanthd.com.



Assumption, the spoilsport of livelihood

As the whole world is wondering where in the hell this guy vanished? [Assumption, the spoilsport of livelihood], I thought I should scribble something to make sure people remember me.

For a change, I changed my course to enhance my career. It seems the celestial stars that controls me favors career growth. Yes trust me I came to know this via a Sun TV program; I managed to understand the prediction from the astrological reader in spite of her making 10,000 pronunciation blunders per second. I am just wondering – is Tamil language really dead on the TV? I am not joking just watch the astro prediction program on Sun TV that airs every Saturday. The fact is such that it is very tough for any astrologer living or dead to predict the number of pathetic language mistakes the reader is going to make during the show, people! It is Awful; even play back singer Sukiwinder Singh has better Tamil diction.

How many of you are video game addicts, I am not, using a soap box sized remote control I hate sitting in front of TV to punch a robot or devise a strategy to finish a mission, in general increase stress.
But of late I got hooked on something called Nintendo Wii, this is altogether a different experience. Video game aficionadas generally evolve to couch potatoes oops pumpkins or something similar. But Wii controller is something more physical, it gets its input based on physical movements. Hence playing on the Wii does generate some sort of physical exercise, player is forced to keep moving around, making your blood flow normal which in turn relives your mind from stress. I am just loving it, and been playing games like Tennis, Bowling on this for some time now, it is all family fun. Try it out you will know what it is all about. Playing Boxing after watching any heroism filled new Tamil movie, it does help.

I happened to watch the movie Chennai 600028; I am slow in watching movies. Honestly I liked the movie; it was very different but seemed to lacked the depth found other sports related movies. I have played gully cricket and was able to relate to the script right away. The Tamil commentary dude was too funny, movie was good late summer evening entertainer. All the best to the director – Prabhu (s/o Gangai Amaran)

Only thing that I could not stand or sit was --- YA! - The music. The music director had no clue about the musical pitch. The only pitch found in the movie was the ones shown during cricket matches. The song sung by the producer SPB that had some bounce on the pitch all other tracks are well made craps. One of the ½ cooked hip hop number sung in the bar was a blunt rehash of “செந்தமிழ் தேன் மொழியாள்”in a faster meter --- என்னக்கொடும SIR இது!

Ps: ள் - this sound does not exists in Tamil any more, it over, it was officially laid to rest in all the sound tracks.

Good day!...


கல்கியின் அலையோசை

Sivaji கலைமன்றம் is now on tour staging “கல்கியின் அலையோசை” (Kalki’s Alai Osai - Tamil play) , Dramatization by Sridhar, USA. They have staged 2 successful shows that had good attendance and appreciation. Their next show would be held in SSV temple [DC], Greenbelt, MD. Please check temple website for timings, and do encourage the artist.

It was a pleasure for me to compose music and be part of this hard working team. Moreover, the current issue of Kalki (கல்கி) Tamil magazine has reviewed the play and given a “thumbs up”. The theme scores that I composed for this play has also been mentioned and appreciated in the write up. Thanks to Sridhar, for the opportunity. I composed 17 themes for the play, and 12-15 were used. Besides my scores, sound tracks from pre independence era time were also used accordingly. You can download the tracks here.

Intro - Curtain Raiser
Alai Osai - Theme
Letter from the Past
Unknown Women
Sorrow I
Sorrow II
On Her Trail
Jan 30th 1948
Alai Osai Theme - Aggression
Jana Gana Mana - Indian National Anthem


Sophisticated பூ

Over the weekend I saw another movie by Gautam Menon, by now it is an old movie for many, in my case I wait for the original DVD. வேட்டையாடு விளையாடு. I like the movie for the production value , casting etc. So instead of Kudos, the critic side in me is in action now. The script had few major flaws, the glaring one was, after burning a house in Brooklyn area, kills a cop, the so called killer duo escapes from JFK, as if this was not enough, they fly to India [Just wondering who was their travel Agents to get tickets so quickly?]. also they manage to escapes from Bombay Airport using the Disguise technique often found in an old CID (Jai)Shankar movie . This whole episode looked as though these guys travelled from Gumidi poondi Junction to Basin Bridge Junction. It is a 24hour flight. Yaya I hear Kamal was in coma, etc. still the escape episode was no way different from a Danush or Vijay hitting 200 people in single punch! அது கோயம்பேடு பூ, இது இன்னும் sophisticated imported பூ. After this, Once in Bombay, I expected the director to use some intelligence in getting those killers, as announced by Kamal in his staff meeting, “I have plan etc” கடைசியில் ஒரு மை....ம் இல்லை. Climax is the same old solo fight heroism, yayada yayada You too Gautam? At the end of the movie it felt like the whole story can be told in 1.5 hours with a logical climax.

The team lead by Kamal and Gautam is a rare combination that has potential to take Tamil movies to the next new level however like most Tamil movies this also had a disastrous 4th Quarter.

Good Day!

ps:World cup semi finals, my prediction, New Zealand will beat Sri Lanka and South Africa will beat mighty Australia.:) [I do hear your loud laugh!]


Late Movie review. - பச்சைக்கிளி முத்துச்சரம்

Finally! I had some free time to watch the raved movie பச்சைக்கிளி முத்துச்சரம், note, further reading would give away the plot in detail.

Describing it in simple words it is a story about a charming female con-Artist. Honestly believe it or not, after absorbing Jothika’s character play, I guessed the plot in about 15-30 minutes. I should also state that my accurate guess did not disinterest me even a bit. Before I go further, my hearty congratulations to Director Gautam Menon, Indian movie industry needs directors like him. And the casts, congratulations to Sarath Kumar [Sir, it is about time to drop punches and punch dialogues and do justification to your abundant acting talent], Jothika [என்றென்றும் புன்னகை] and Harris for his background music, thanks for thinking music as a score rather than a “bozobozo” sore. One of the theme melody from this movie has been used by Gauthami in her “Anbudan” TV program.

Here are my thoughts, I loved the initial pace set in the first half; the screen play was generally tight, but at times repetitive, the critic in us would be blunt and say monotonous. Gautam Menon’s screen play did not waste time to establish facts in his script - that Sarath was just another middle class hardworking husband travels by electric Train, with a nice little family, a kid, a wife who runs the family and finances , please remember this last fact.

Prudent Gautam exposes less than single role of film to knit the arena or the play ground in which he would soon move his coins and start his mind play with the audience. I pray to the movie gods that future Tamil movies open in this fashion (instead of a hero glorifying 6/8 dance number in the city center). The scene in which Sarth flirts with the receptionists, reminded me the classic Money Penny/007 conversations. The middle class dad Sarath has a kid who is diagnosed as diabetic, his loving wife goes into a depression, and her attention to Sarth reduces. She gives up “pleasure and happiness” and broods over her child’s prognosis. Natural for a mother, but in turn Sarath’s feels that his life is mechanical than before. Conditions at home works against him, he gets curious over another girl [Jo], another married “train” traveler, few eye exchanges [அண்ணலும் நோக்கினாண் அவளும் நோக்கினாள் ], they bump into a conversation, conversation becomes conversations [அண்ணலின் Nokia அவளின் Nokia இணைத்தது AirTel [(c) statement :))],

The newly born “Rail sneham” is watered, enriched and it blooms, in this process Sarth talks about his family, his financial position and vice versa. The chemicals react quickly for Jo, she pushes her new mate in the wrong direction, forces him to the take her out on dates, Chapter titled: “an invitation to infidelity”. Finally sidelining his dilemma, Sarath the naturally clam and truthful person falls for her, a remote sea side motel on Chennai’s popular ECR road is handpicked, and the shady motel room is all set for the rendezvous.

The pair aligns in the room slowly as we wait for something-something to happen, suddenly from nowhere a gun man breaks into the room, Sarath is attacked brutally, he gets mugged, robbed, and gets horribly beaten in trying to protect the girl. The attacker, who must be the lost twin brother of காக்க காக்க [kAkka kAkka ]villain, just kidding, Director Gautam lends his once again, the villain voice is perfect, filled with tons of censor muted but very popular Tamil bad words that I learnt in my MCCHS days. The gun man rapes the girl and vanishes. The wounded duo is now all set to be blackmailed. As expected the bad guy shows up , threatens, blackmails and slowly drains Sarath's wealth and family health. Note, Jo is unhurt by all this; she actually pushes Sarath; Director has a ball here; using Jo’s innocent smile and looks he plays with your emotions. Sarath is now a pauper, his wealth is drained completely. Remember the finance fact I asked you to remember, Sarath wife who supposedly manages and runs the home finance ministry, has no clue about this money drain? Let me bail Gautam, May be her depression has moved the focus from the finance.

Unable to bear the load and pressure, a tormented Sarath decides to get the water out of the coconut, [just a new one to avoid the cliché cat out of the bag statement]; he breaks the news to his wife. The moment she hears the story, leaving her ailing son in dire straits she vanishes into Tambaram air, may be a logical slip for the director. An already depressed caring mom would not abandon him for any reason. Sarath and his son search everywhere. During the searching the episode, the whole story takes a big sharp spin. Sarath finds out that Jo is an accomplice to a scheming gang operation, Sarath witness Jo and the bad guy together scheming another person in similar fashion; he realizes that he has been scammed, tricked. [Interval] [To be continued...]


it hurts

World cup Cricket! The Semi final Ark is all set to board the final 4. Aussies are going great guns, but still we cannot absolutely state that they would win the cup for the 3rd time in a row. The next 2 teams in league are very strong on a given day and have the potential to beat the Aussies. The 4th, South Africa is still limping to get boarding pass for the semi final ark, English might play spoil sport however given the English team and their ever non- playing made of breakable plastic captain, boarding pass to the semi final ark is a very tough ask. After today’s game, rest of the games does not really matter anymore.

Bangladesh lost to Ireland, which prompted ICC to allocate a spot in the ICC one day calendar. One more pressure for the Indians, they need to make sure they are ranked above Ireland. Ponting took a pot shot at India and Pakistan and glorified Ireland is better team and they are doing for cricket! Yes the same little [5. no inches] Ponting who mentioned a while ago that Minnows should never play cricket at this level. Nevertheless, Indian team and the selector [who got away easily] of such a team should bury their head deep inside the mud, now they lost all their pride to a team that got thrashed by a real minnow! Time will tell what Ireland brings into the ICC one day arena.

Finally, What do you do when you are jobs less? - Latest trend in India suggests activities like– Strike, picketing, burn effigies, shout slogans, Donkey marches, public policing on any issues, whatever it is, a load of TV cameras will show up and you can be on TV. The latest person to honored by this Picketing line - Richard Gere, reason: the old man smooched Shipla Sheety in a public function. I am just wondering will the same folks show up in a record dance festivals often shown on Sun and moon TVs?. The time wasted by these hooligans is worse than the amount of time I spend writing this blog. It is very surprising when one side of the country works its ass out to improve the economy while few parts of country take up Minuscule matters in their hands in name of public policing. Has anyone in the picketing line contributed 1% of their time towards AIDS awareness in India? Yesterday some of this activists spoke that in Indian culture we don’t such acts yadayada..Yes, we do donkey marches, burning effigies for worthless reasons, etc etc in the name of culture. News media for heaven sake please don’t call these morons as Social workers, it hurts genuine social workers.


Power play

Power play, Indian team gave a new meaning to the letter P on the score board –P= Poor Play, Yesterday the world cup hosts WI took it to a new level - P=Pathetic Play , while South Africa ensured P =Professional Play.

West Indies played pathetically professional cricket and have been eliminated from the world cup. Their world cup record is now inferior to India. Lara captaincy was right royally poor. I am still trying to understand his game strategy, to me, it looked much more complex than Inzi ‘s English. Lara with all his experience managed and pushed the final power play to the slog overs [44-49].

Power play at 44=Pounds of Raw free meat for the hounds. In general during slog Boucher Butchers and Gibbs Whips any bowling attack, now given the power play situation it was an open ticket, raw meat, WWF, “Kubam kabeem” “Kamba kumbe” result, US Coast guard near Florida pan handle filed a report on sighting few tiny white UFOs from south Atlantic bay. Runs were scored faster than a book cricket match. Is Lara a good captain? I doubt it.

EBAY Australia reported that Ian Chappel [aka Elder Brother to the notorious Roll ‘n’ Ball Brothers] was seen lurking around during wee Australian hours. The web tracker statistics says that he was browsing and searching or shopping for a gift. Some speculated it was for Lara, I guess it must be a similar magic mirror that he gave Tendul few weeks ago.

The story of “Hosts never win the world Cup” continues. Only one West Indian bowler who was in full “swing” was Michele “Scolding” oops Holding. He words were much shaper and clear. I also felt sorry for the poor old man of West Indian Cricket, Tony Cozier. I have been his fan right from his Channel 9 days. This well balanced passionate cricket commentator from Barbados had no hesitation in putting up the facts. Yesterday after the match he was really furious, agonized and his words said it all. He simply blasted the WI cricket board. I think he went through the same emotions Indians faced few weeks back. Now the home team is gone, the stands would be empty with a valid reason. World cup seems long.

Can Bangladesh beat England? More than Bangladeshi performance, it depends on the number of drinks English players gobbled over night.

Good day.



The latest economic news on wire, there is sudden surge for certified pre-owned Jack asses [Donkeys] export to South Africa, says spokes person from DAI [Dobhi Association of India]. Wire news quotes that this surge was attributed to South African cricket team’s pathetic loss to Bangladesh on Saturday. A fleet of Donkeys trained during the recent Indian cricket team debacle are set to travel to the African country. DAI’s media manager also added that “the current batch knows exactly how to react on such occajon”. He also quoted that DAI sales figures have tripled this quarter, and he thanks the Indian cricket fans for this sales surge. We need to wait to see if South African fans react the same way as the Indian fans.

Some media reports speculated few problems in the export. BCCI’s spokes person - assistant to assistant’s deputy lift operator Partap Rana [of building B] has quoted that DAI has to seek permission from BCCI for such exports. He quotes “BCCI has played a great part in training these beasts of burden”. A well known insider of DAI leaked to the press via SMS that “BCCI wants 50% of what each donkey makes. We are watching this situation very closely.

Moving on, Australia trashed the “drunken monks” from England, it is time for the English captain to pick his favorite “injury” and vacation spot. His recent scores are so pathetic that even Sanjay manju will add them without a calculator. DAI sales team is now working hard to send some of their samples to UK. The sales VP quoted that one named “Kalyani Punch” will work for best for Fintoff, as he has been already been caught for too much “kalyani” in his system.

Good day.


Weekly Roundup

A food processor never cares what it is processing, its function is to meticulously and of course mercilessly chop anything and everything put into it, put in your finger or 22 carrots or beetroots regardless, its task is to chop, grind and whip! Australian cricket team functions in this fashion. A fresh bag of lettuce aka Bangladeshi was crushed, chopped and their poor technique was exposed. Their surrender to the Napoleons of cricket aka Australia was rather an afternoon quickie. The hyped home team suffered another setback; they bagged the pathetic award of the week, thanks to their fielding. And more over the game was lost to Jayasuriya’s brilliance. Sri Lankans look very good; their yapping captain finally got some runs for them. Sangakara was remarkable behind the wickets. Apart from that, there as a formality that South African had to complete. The world cup has lost its steam. Not that India and Pakistan are out, the number of games, frequent weather problems, crowd no show up, thanks to huge price and ICC not letting the local culture prevail; The final four is almost decided, mostly Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, if the English team is banned from the overnight booze loading service, may be they have a remote chance. Bangladesh and Ireland though they play with passion, eagerness yadayada!, quality of their cricket is very much below par. India and Pakistan lost to such teams is another comedy in its own. For now World cup 2007 = cold old coffee.

Moving on, one of my all time favorite Tamil movie was on TV, “Kase than kadavulada” a comical riot and spontaneous “Thenga” has no match when it comes to the tantrums and dialogue delivery. He has his own style. “Muthuraman” joins him and says it all [well we know why actor Karthick is also good in comedy], while Srikanth, Murthy, Manoroma and many more joins the fun, a very funny movie. I don’t know how many noticed this, when Thenga walks in as the swamiji, like a Sanskrit mantra he calls out the name of this co stars on the screen, “SRIKANTHARAMA MaNORAME VENNIRADA SURULSURUL”, The words “prashatama”, “athe athe” is quite popular even today. Movie also has nostalgic numbers , Music Superman Vichu rocks “andru vantha intha mayaakkam” , “mela pesungal”, “jambulingame”, fantastic boutique of songs from which we can learn how to compose true Sandam and Melody. ! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie;

The Gautami talk show: Last week end Satyaraj’s was interviewed, uninteresting. This is because Satyaraj has been appearing in almost all the Sun TV programs like comedy time, fun time, hero time, zero time, villain time, namitha time, Kalimark soda time, korukupetai silks time, good time and your bad time. Now, having made the trip to Gautami’s talk show, the only program left for him to appear is the Sun TV news. Just wondering for how many more years we would be talking about “thagudu thagudu” . Many in the East coast do not get to see this program, it airs almost on Monday. This show can be moved to an earlier slot instead of the stupid excoriating skit featuring 2 grandmothers and the lackluster crap hosted by Manivannan. I have stopped watching this “asatha povadhu yaru”. The 2 pests aka judges are total waste of time as don’t come well prepared; the show lacks ideas and direction. To laugh for Chitty Babu’s dry jokes you need an army to tickle you. At times he goes on with his double meaning jokes. And the hostess of the show, people why does she scream as though she is in the middle of a horror movie? The participants defending and ranting about Sun TV, program producers makes me feel “Dad is not hiding in the Rice Barn” Gosh! Dudes, we get it, nobody really cares if you have been hijacked for Vijay TV or Ajith TV, just move on instead of weekly dose of a@@ kissing.

Finally, check this clip here, my friends at DigiMax studio have done a spoof.,

ps: Stay away from - The Botanical Romance - starring Mr. Allergies and Your favorite Claritin De.
Have a great weekend


Convenient Cricket Weather

When Ricky Ponting brutally quoted “South Africans are chokers”, Smith, the South African captain was right royally annoyed, however yesterday his team came close to prove Ponting’s theory. South Africa won by 1 wicket, thanks to lady luck. Malinga wiped the tail with some accurate bowling, while Murali also had good spell picking up very important wickets. Malinga’s hairdo still looks like as though he had a fight with his hair dresser halfway and the hair dresser walked away. At the end of the day, Sri Lanka lost the game, thanks to pitiable batting display especially in the final 10 of the innings. I wish the Lankan captain bats and stands up to his yap. Else they would soon take the path of their neighbor. Ponting also rubbed 10 spoons of salt and 2 table spoons of chili powder on few deep wounds - I quote from his interview on CNN-IBN - “India and Pakistan are not fit to be the super eights”. I have never respected Ponting opinion in the past, however this time I am forced to agree. I have started to believe that he is speaking from position of power. It is for the teams to proving him wrong. WI was as pathetic as before and surrendered quickly to the Aussies. I have not seen a world cup with empty stands even when the home team is playing. Where are the cricket loving Caribbean fans gone?

Have a great weekend of cricket, Ausrtalia taking on Bangala!....Best of luck or Best of Duck - Time will tell.


Breaking the shop coconut for path Ganesha

ICC has pulled out all clips relating to the world cup cricket from YouTube. Many have poured their views and anger and termed it to be a poor decision for cricket, whatever, Bottom line people fail to see here is broadcasters have paid ICC a large sum for the telecast, and there is no legal reason for YouTube or anyone to put the clip free of cost. What loss a clip could bring? You may ask, - tell me what popularity a poor quality compressed clip can bring? When you genuinely think about copy rights and global media rights, only thing ICC could have done better is devised a plan much ahead of time before running into this mess. I was reading Mr. Andrew Millers article on this issue, I clip oops quote the last paragraph here, “Cricket has acquired a dangerous obsession with money," wrote Cricinfo's editor, Sambit Bal, on Thursday, "to the extent where it is not a question of a game needing the money to survive or grow but making as much as possible at any cost." At this precise moment, cricket does not need money to survive or grow. It needs publicity. Publicity of on-field exploits rather than off-field outrages. It's time to loosen up and let the spectacle be enjoyed by all who wish it well.”
- Andrew Miller is UK editor of Cricinfo © Cricinfo,

What does the © mean above? Can you clarify Mr. Miller?

Do you know the Story of “Breaking the shop coconut for path Ganesha” Yes you will be blessed for the good deeds, but what about the poor coconut seller who has paid for the coconut in first place? Poor guy does even not get the chutney.

Ps: Just go and find the number of regular NFL season games clips on YouTube.


Magic that produces cricketers and Mangoes

What a week, had to work over the weekend, we are in the process of migrating data to a new environment. Each database took about 3-5 hours to migrate; hence during the lead time, I was watching Australia and South Africa play their “last” 1st round game. , seriously both teams were class apart.

As expected Bangladesh moved forward to play in the super 8th round, I am genuinely pleased; I was happy see Habibul Basher smile, poor guy has spent a lot time standing there with a sad face during after match presentations. He knows the pain, which in turn increase the value of this promotion and the team would cherish this for long period of time. More than the team, kudos to the Cricket officials in Bangladesh; they put down their heads to get it right, it worked and it is now the harvest time! Congratulations to Bangladeshi team, their fans! And their Amazing coach.

Playing teams like Australia, South Africa in the next round would be a tough ask for the young Bangladeshi team. Having said this, I feel Bangladesh team has nothing to lose from here on because the entire Bangladeshi cricket board and their team members have proved that they have a working “spine”, a body part that is not found in the team from the same sub continent that I “used” to support.

now over to the Magic that produced Mangoes:
After Tsunami hit the southern shores of India, officials aka RIP van winkles woke up and installed warning systems etc. Likewise, the cricketing structure in India should undergo serious changes at least now, when people like Barry Richards commented about India cricket and its management, his opinions were trashed by most including yours faithfully. Today unable to face the reality, I am hiding, my face is deeply buried into the ground like an ostrich. I have also been the culprit in this blindly devotion.

People going on riots on burning stuff, etc, IMO a ridiculous act and such acts seems to happen in places that are already a liability to the Indian economy. Just wondering about the economic contributions from the states like Jharkhand, Bihar, etc? Now the whole issue will be discussed by the elected officials and they would waste more time and money.

BCCI churns or makes money equaling a Caribbean country’s GDP or matches Director Shankar’s next movie budget. But the joke is 99% of the so called BCCI Officials are honorary aka amateur, voluntary! [What a load of crap?] These people cannot communicate in Hindi or in English or any other language. In the TV channels I was watching, each and every BCCI official struggles to speak 2 sentences fluently in any language.

People working in fortune 500 companies [that has almost the same turn over as BCCI] knows the importance of communication. Unless you talk clearly you are nowhere in the race, but as far BCCI – [A Bunch of Crap Controlling Indian cricket] officials’ rules are different. I think more than cleaning the team, the task in hand is to clean the system. The cancer in the system should be identified, exposed and radiated. This is the result of unqualified people running the show.

Also for the players, instead of instant layoff strategy that will just earn sympathy, the first step would be to issue a notice to the senior players that they would be phased out in due course. The new team should be build around them slowly reducing the importance to the seniors. Moreover, most countries in the world have a subsystem to their national team. This subsystem develops bench strength. But as far as BCCI selection is concerned, a player has various other means to get in, performance never matters.

Bottom line, management professional should manage the circus called Indian cricket. All said and done nothing will happen, perhaps as an ex-fan, until the system is cleaned we can only do this - I request everyone to say the following mantra 10 times before and after every meal.
I will not watch Indian cricket, or support the Indian cricket management and its cricketers

Ps: I have some more venting to go, next would be about the million dollar coach and his experimentation BS; for the money he was paid he was supposed to build a strong team, but scrupulously built a சாமியார் மடம் [sAmiyar madam] instead and now tries to elude the people and the press.

Good day!


Reality Check! is true

For now on for next 365 days I will never ever discuss or support any Indian cricketer or watch Indian cricket.

If possible to put the above button in your blog.


The Only One Pill is...

This morning I read a very powerful article by Sambit Bal, 80% of article made lot of sense, while there were few lose parts that I don’t concur with him [Who cares! For my opinion is another separate discussion]. Blaming BCCI is accepted, I agree 100%, but they are not the only culprit. ICC and every other ICC member have been enjoying this flow of funds from Indian companies. BCCI is a well known replacement word for “disorganization” however in my opinion it is not correct to victimize Indian Cricket alone for this fiasco. I feel ICC is as greedy as BCCI when it comes to money. ICC has to enforce better rules and the member board like BCCI definitely needs a THOROUGH cleansing mela.

It starts right from the team selection, selection should be more transparent and in black and white clearly on paper. Indian team selection has always been under fire, for example a player like Viru was given many free coupons with no expiry date to regain his form. Basically in my software world, we don’t dare testing a product in a running production environment, once a product is on the production box, it has to be good, if not it has to go back to testing or staging. We cannot keep patching! The production box; Likewise players like Viru are sitting there trying to patch and reinvent themselves but in the process they have slowed down the entire machine. This should never happen. In Indian team selection history may be after Agarkar, no other player has got so many free rides, this includes the former captain Ganguly. In the past Players like Krish Srikkanth were mercilessly axed citing just few failures.

The team selection procedures should adopt an automatic rotation policy. If a player fails for more than “n” games, the “n” is decided based on their experience but less than 10, they will be out of the squad regardless, their reentry into the team should be based on their domestic performance [Staging]. This applies to the captain also, if he fails to win more than n number of series, say 5, he should be replaced. An open ticket given to players like Ajith Agarkar should be forfeited. Agarkar has been in the team for many years now and everyone knows he is a poor bowler but he manages to find his place. Imo, Agarkar is not even fit to play for any minnows.

Back to the article discussion, I quote from Sambit Bal [Cricinfo] ,Read the following lines and conclude yourself - “The reality is that India reaching the World Cup final would be an overachievement. Australia and South Africa possess superior teams, New Zealand have more balance and depth and Sri Lanka are the most improved team in world cricket. India have proven, but ageing, batsmen, a bowling attack that's susceptible to pressure and poor fielders”,

But you can't call yourself a true fan if the sight of 17-year old Tamim Iqbal charging down pitch to belt Indian quick bowlers brought you no thrill.”

Sir, how is this worse from you simply writing off a team that came second in the last world cup?

Further quoting him, “But it might not be such a bad thing for cricket if they were to be knocked out in the first round. Cricket needs a reality check. It has an unhealthy, and unsustainable, business model that relies primarily on an increasingly delusional and one-dimensional fan-base. The bubble has to burst for a semblance of sanity to be restored. We must learn to once again enjoy cricket as a game." My question - Why Indian cricketers are alone scarified while the WHOLE of ICC enjoyed the benefit and if punished it should be every board that got paid;

World glorified Bangladesh for their win, and even the captain of Bermuda was saying “we can surprise”. However as expected the results are different today. I am surprised by columnists who have written off the Indian team and go on speculating that Indian team’s progress is due to the money involved. This is totally absurd and takes away everything from Indian cricket. After all in spite of good ICC rankings South Africa did not make it to super 6 in the last world cup but this time they are ready to believe that south Africa could win the cup but India the runners up in the last world cup does not get any respect in the deal because Indian companies are pumping money, Come on!,

Tomorrow Indian will face Sri Lankana; it is a must win game for India. I don’t want to write off India completely here based on their performance against Bangladesh, I am hoping that Indians will come good with improved performance. Dravids and the Sachins have to come to the party to prove themselves once again, no other choice. Victory is the only pill that will shut critics.

Go India.


ஜாக்கிறத! [in Thenga srini style]

After the despicable performance against Bangladesh, team India took the game seriously and whacked Bermuda to stay in the race. However there are many more hills nd oceans to cross before we make it to Super 8, time will tell if team India would be moved to a Super 8 motel or to the super 8 league. Bowling is India’s weakest link, the way Agarkar bowls – Yuk! I really don’t how he will perform against Australia or South Africa. In the first game Dravid kept giving him the ball, I really don’t know why he did not try part timers, even the game against Bermuda; he got Sachin very late to bowl. Whatever! To move forward and make the Super 8 interesting we have to play carefully against Sri Lanka [ஜாக்கிறத!] but if Indians are out, who will watch this game?

Over the weekend as if Indian loss was not enough to bear, I watched a Tamil - ஆழ்வார்/ஆல்வார்/ஆள்வார் - Alwar. This movie provides us a truck load messages for life. It seems Ajith Kumar picked this script after thorough analysis, அதுவே! இந்த கதியா! - தாங்கலடா சாமி. Think what if our hero Alwar’s mom had told him “நீ பழம் மாதிரி இருக்கடா கண்ணா!” Ajith would then show up as மாம்பழம், பலப்பழம், மாதுலம்பழம் getup and kick the villains in pondy bazaar fruit market. ஒரு நல்ல comedy subject has been wasted by dressing him up like Rama, Krishna and Govinda.

Do you know Milk from அபிஷேகம் wakes up a man who was beaten to death by a million gundas using some crazy looking WMDs? Do you know that if police chases you, just keep running for 20 reels and suddenly wear a Re 1 incredible hulk mask, police will not remember you.

I recommend Ajith to consider wearing bullet proof sun, moon, and night glasses for next 2 years – ஒமாச்சி கண்ணா குத்தும் ஜாக்கிறத!. Hindu gods are now dragged to aid modern movie violence. One more Agarkar movie by Ajith [Agarkar - Is the new definition for the word mediocre, pathetic, தாங்கலடா சாமி, etc,]

Breaking news on the wire: England skipper Michael Vaughan has suffered a fresh injury scare ahead of Saturday's Group C match against Kenya after tripping over a pot-hole. Time to get THIS warning sign back;

Real Breaking news: Few Giant size coconut trees feel down near the commentary box yesterday, thanks to Rajith Fernando, L.Siva and co, அறு அறுனு அறுத்து தள்ளாராங்க!...

Good day!



An Over cautious Dravid and his men lost and salt on the wound they lost to Bangladesh. It all started when Dravid made 2 wrong choices. When there was a doubt about the pitch condition, and if you doubt that it might help bowlers, I would better make my already weak bowlers to try under such condition. I was kind of shocked when Dravid said he is going to bat.

As if this was not enough, Dravid picks Viru to open. His recent scoring spree competes with his cell phone number. No other player in Indian cricketing history has been given so many chances. The shot played by Viru makes me wonder about his ability. It was clearly a ball coming, very close, he could let it go, max it would beat him, however he went to play a cut short. Seriously even at the school level, our coach would warn us against cutting a ball that comes in; Indian coach contract should not be extended for this reason alone. Cutting my anger short, I would sum up as over all the performance of Indian batting was a big letdown; the batting was so pathetic I have no bad words left in my vocabulary to describe it. , I felt like calling ICC to change P [power play] to POOR play when India batted.

If you had watched the interview after the toss, Bangaladeshi captain had a clear plan while our man Dravid didn’t seem to have any. He gave some vague answer and told our batting is very good hence we will bat. Completely ignoring the ground conditions; height of insult came from L.Siva, in a sarcastic tone he asked the Bangladeshi captain if they can score 250 in this track, and captain gave a very good plan what they will do if India make high score. Bangaladesh looked well prepared and their cricket board has put forth honest effort to raise their cricketing standards. Captaincy was also very good and bowling was very tight, their Batting was very good and well planned. They must be thanking Agarkars and Zaheers for leaving their brain in the first class cloak room in the Trinidad airport.

Bowling changes by Dravid was pathetic;, . Another agony was India dropped easy catches; Dravid was also one of the culprits. In a world cup game if you drop 5 catches I think you should declared a loser then and there. Over all Dravid’s captaincy was out of sync. Sachin seemed too animated about Dravid’s moves while Gangully was just standing there wondering what was happening.

Indians losing to Bangladesh will cause some economic changes in the world cup. Many Indian companies have vested interested for India to do well, however now the game is wide open;, Indian companies would be really confused to waste money further.

Like most Indian fans, I am upset for this careless performance. Indians have their heads pinned down completely; from here on they need to win both their games and more over, like the New York giants making it to play off India need a favorable “other” team conditions.

Next few games will determine – if it is GREAT INDIAN COME BACK - HOME or not. If Indians don’t make it, my advance condolences to my friends who have spent their savings to go for the super 8 games; if this happens I think I would give up cricket for the year.


அந்த காலத்துல நான் collegeல பாடிக்கும் போது....
[Oh! those g(old)en days when I went to college]

Aussies completed the formality over Scotland, while Kenya moved forward to beat “IndoPakIndies AustriCan” KA Canada. Nothing to write about these games, except for Kenya , a tough customer ,South Africans know is better.

'We've handled pressure better than Australia' – Smith, South African captain was upset for being called as the Chokers, ya how many times Indians have been called and branded Lord of the Locals etc?, People like Barry Richards has always criticized the Indian Team, few things have been tattooed , John McEnroe is a trouble maker, like wise Aussies are Bad Boys of cricket, while South Africans are chokers and Indians are just the Local Lords. Did South Africa make it to the super 6 the last time? Anyway, technically South Africans are number 1 in the ICC one day ranking. So let me give the dudes the respect they deserve for being #1. Next week would be very crucial week and world cup really being then.

I was reading an article in the Hindu by Nirmal Shekar, a popular and a veteran journalist. With due respects to him, in my humble opinion, sometimes I find some of his views very biased or heavy headed or at times they are from deep down the sea. Whenever the author writes in this fashion, I use to think that he does this sitting in a submarine somewhere deep down Indian ocean. The above mentioned article, I felt he goes too over board with his “views”, there were only 2 point that were worth and made some sense, rest were mostly …………. You might want to open the article in another window. [Click here]

#1: true, I agree with him partially. However this is part of the game.

#2: is it wrong for citizens to celebrate using the national flag? Celebrating ones country Flags is something to be proud about. I don’t know why Mr. நாட்டாமை [Natamai] oops Nirmal wants to put an end to it. Flag does create passion and unity. And cricket is one thing that unites India.

#3: Just like Mr. Nirmal doing his job, the commentators are doing their job. Using glorifying words are part of commentating. Contradicting himself, he goes on to compare to Sir Viv Richards. Get this right, the generation today would not know much about Viv Richards and it is not their mistake., Viv Richards played some of the best cricket you and I know, no question about it, I am from the same generation that adored Viv Richards, however just like you and me have the right to celebrate hero’s of (y)our time, the current generation have the right to celebrate heroes of their time. They have the right to adore Tenduls and Dhonis, Who are you to tell this generation what they should do? How are you different from the commentators that you just accused in this point?

#4: I really do not know what you are getting to, Cricket is the favorite sport of India, Watch cricket is a well developed and evolved habit, even my late grandma followed this game with scores and stats., this is similar to reading the Hindu every day in the morning with a cup of hot coffee, yes we do get emotional about it, and we are Humans! There is no harm in having emotions about something that you love.

#5: It is your press community that creates rumors, please tell your colleague sitting next to you in the submarine about this, and not to the people who reads those. An inter office memo would do the needful.

#6: Winning a championship is an achievement for any team or an individual. The joy is same for Dravid or your pet “quote” Roger Federar. Winning does not occur by luck.If you have tried it you would know better. Your periscope needs a serious over oiling and cleaning. Your 1983 quote was totally absurd. It was an achievement for the generation however Most in the current generation would have been sperm or embryo when this happened, if India wins the world, it would be the best win for the current generation of fans. Please stop this அந்த காலத்துல நான் collegeல பாடிக்கும் போது…business.

#7 – one good point, submarine might have come up to get some fresh air.

#8: I quote directly from the article “It never did matter to me that Shane Warne wasn't Indian; nor did it matter to me that Pete Sampras and Roger Federer were unlikely to get goose-bumps when the Jana, Gana, Mana is sung. Tendulkar apart, these are the men who have given me the greatest sports-watching pleasure in recent times.” So! What – Dude, you go and watch tennis, why bother cricket fans with ½ boiled eggs?

#9 “This is probably going to be the most boring World Cup in history for some time to come” - wow! Dude! now you have an alternative carrier right in your hand,” Astrology”. Please take it up and send your prediction to the “star” and other fishes found under the sea.

#10 finally sir, this one contradicts most of your points, you first said don’t give to the credit to players and glorify them, and then you say as fans don’t get over excited but finally you drop pearls with this “Let us resolve not to over-estimate our own powers of inspiration. If the Indian team does win the World Cup, many of us will want to take a little bit of credit as the team's supporters. But, believe me, we make very little difference. This Cup, as every other was in the past, will be won on talent, character, the ability to rise to the occasion and a spot of good luck.”

I made up point #11: it is about time for Mr. Nirmal Shekar to stop writing about cricket. As this the “nth” time he brings in tennis and confuses himself and others about cricket.Here are my 3 points to Mr. Nirmal
#1: don’t compare and quote tennis with cricket.
#2: don’t compare and quote tennis with cricket.
#3: Don’t compare and quote tennis with cricket.

Good day.


ஆத்திரக்காரனுக்கு புத்தி மட்டு

A great start for the WI, while Pakistan was beaten completely. Pakistan fielding made the touring wiggles sing “hey there shaky shaky”, some fielders were outstanding while most should be standing out for their fielding. Lara’s captaincy was perfect on the dot, bowling changes were done well, and all the players came to the party at the right time and blew the candle at the same time to shut down Pakistan. Dish network coverage seem to have improved, they are slowing coming to their senses and started to take the cricket fans here seriously. I am yet to hear the so called radio commentary they offered in the package.

Pointing vs. Gavaskar gains momentum, Aussie skipper Ricky Pointing could have let go the ball however his recent outpour was not as good as his batting display, he decided to offer a stroke for the faster one from SMG, but managed to open a can of worms. Even a new born would say “ au slGA GA GU GU” translation: “Aussie cricketers are famous for their sledging which is often sugar coated as mental disintegration by Ponting’s predecessor”. Ponting has also commented about Gavaskar being a selector for the Indian team, which is not true, he was just a batting consultant for some time for the team.

Allen “சுலோச்சன” Border has joined the fight, and has said “Gavaskar has a mistaken cultural belief in the way Australia plays the game”, Aussies dudes this is what world is feeling about your team- “Aussie cricket teams in general have mistaken cultural belief on how cricket is played in other parts of the world”. When you look at the Indian history, we know that there were many Mogul kings who have conquered and ruled India, yes for country of such vast size - it is an achievement; however the ways and methods the used to achieve such a victory was disgusting. History remembers these acts more than the culture they bought along with them to India. It is time for the Australian cricket to realize that “journey is important than the destination”. First get the gamesmanship right.

Gavaskar has not been saying this now, in some of his book Gavaskar has mentioned about how Aussies bowlers and fielders would not hesitate to comment about ones mothers and father. The world has not forgotten the popular Lillie and Miandad on field fight and we all know how Shane Warne poses.

Ponting also commented that Indians are not good touring. There are many occasions I can quote where Australian captain has nose cried about pitches in the tour. And more over this is the world Cup, a prestigious event for the game of cricket, being a captain of a powerful side and, also the defending champions - Ponting failed to respect the event and started trashing teams. This is not in good spirit. As of now Ponting is very angry and agitated [ஆத்திரக்காரனுக்கு புத்தி மட்டு]

World cup is totally a different mental game. Can I say that Australia’s entry into finals in few previous cups were due to luck and due to pathetic mathematical calculations? Can this take away the champion title, no, likewise, Indians or any other ICC member have been playing cricket as long the Aussies have been, Ponting should give the due respect to them instead of nose crying.

And finally Mr. Ricky ”the often LBW” Ponting needs to remember that India were the runners up in the previous world cup. And in recent weeks before world cup, it is Australia that lost more one day games than India. Australia might be a powerful team, but cricket is much bigger than them.