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Srikanth Devarajan, an Indian Composer based in Gaithersburg, MD USA is releasing his fourth music album titled "pAdal"© on January 26th 2007. Srikanth Devarajan is a computer engineer by profession and a gifted musician. This is Srikanth’s fourth commercial music album. His previous album titled “H1BEES” received rave reviews and press from media around the world. Padal© features 10 tracks in Tamil, ranging from youthful to romantic, humorous and classical songs steeped in culture. The album has an innovative mix of style and substance, embodifying the creativity of the composer.

Padal© also features Karthik, one of the leading film playback singers in India besides talented vocalists, lyricists and instrumentalists from USA. The composer, executive producers and the production crew involved in this album have put forth their best efforts over the last year and have worked meticulously to make this production a grand musical success. H1BEES iNC takes great pride in releasing the music album. For further information please visit http://www.h1bees.com
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Finally Winter weather around DC area . My weekend was just similar to an Indian python’s weekend, eat large quantity of anything and lie still for hours together on the couch, and with great difficulty lift the head in an lazy angle when someone moves by or watch games on TV. NFC and AFC football finals and of course Cricket! and the greatest game show known to mankind Thriuvalar Thirumathi on Sun TV.

As expected BCCI converted a car park for our batsmen to raise their batting averages. Ganguly and Gambier played with grit and slammed lots of runs for India, sent a message to Greg Chapel , who came here few years ago to “fix” the team for the world cup, but just 50 days away from the world cup, we are still contemplating our batting order. Dravid and Dhoni came to the party and went on to score “swashbuckling” runs. There was hardly any ball movement hence the usual quick fall of wickets was missing, however umpire Suresh Plastry, oops Suresh Sastri compensated the fall. Umpire Suresh Sastry fell at regular intervals on his own accord, Hope is doing ok.

Our national waste – Ajith Agarkar, proved once again that he lacked cricketing basics, he missed a run out which was fine by me, everyone was missing everything, but the way he missed was pathetic, he was looking at the ball when it was thrown to him by Raina, and to my surprise he went on screaming at Raina for the throw. Sreesanth doped oops dropped a dolly, what happened to him - Over confidence? Sachin also missed an easy chance in the slips, Why? India won the game in spite of Chandranpaul ‘s big knock – but his batting stance made me uncomfortable. It was very ugly, I felt like watching Rosy O’Donnell trying “Bharathnatiyam” for Donald trump’s “nattuvangam”.

The commentators were good, L . “Who swallowed the Mic” Siva, Jeff Dujon, Tony Cozier and Saba Kareem, it was much better than what we heard in South Africa. They were busy discussing , if it was a bowling or a batting pitch but I was wondering if there was actually anything called pitch.

NIMBUS having paid BCCI more than some 3rd world country’s GDP for the telecast rights were left with no money for the actual coverage. Live signals from Nagpur was totally useless and the camera work took me 20 years back and reminded DD Kendra. Today international sports coverage around the world are, at the least guaranteed for crystal clear pictures, even the telecast on NASA TV, all the way from the space station has phenomenal picture quality, Why Nimbus can do it right?. Seriously when the world of sports is talking High Definition etc, the coverage had no definition. Very Poor Picture Quality.

Talking about poor quality, just before the Cricket, I caught up with the new Sun TV game show Thiruvalar Thirumathi, today it bagged the award for the most Uninteresting Show ever shown on TV. The creators of show seems to have never heard the words like creativity, interesting, game show etc . Crave for the record dance continued, and the poor participants were asked to dance, instead they walked around Dias like watering fancy plants and had to be termed as dance. The whole concept seemed uninteresting within 10 mintues. Thanks god Cricket started at 10.30pm! EST. Hostess of the show ex-Actress Jayashree. She tried her best, One good thing to note was her Tamil, it was clear and warm. She did to suffer from the “illness” syndrome suffered by most Sun TV VJs.

Good day.


This and That

Usually when I come back from work at around 6.00pm [Yeh! Shut those jealousy eyes] , like most I channel surf and mostly avoid CNN, because Lou Dobbs will be busy preaching against American jobs going offshore, forgetting the fact that his parent company was first to do so, then right royally avoid Sun TV, because 10 out 10 times it would be a mega-serial where husband and wife have 20 extra martial affairs each, and live as big joint family with a set of professional assassins technically called their in-laws plotting against each other. At times I end up watching Law and Order on TNT, but yesterday “Without a Trace” marathon was on TNT, not my cup of Chaiya. I continued channel surfing.

“Vidhi”, I had to pass through Sun TV, a dance program was on, cine choreographer Lawrence nodding his head with the host Ragav. At first go , I assumed that this was a JARDs, [Just an Another Record Dance Show], but soon I was amazed, This the first time I see something like this on Sun TV, It was simply a Wow!. The participants where physically challenged, and were trained by Lawrence himself. It seems he runs an academy and trains such physically challenged persons. Some of them were physically handicapped, and I was really surprised to know that few of them were Blind. Their Dancing and synchronization was perfect to the core, if not better than most dances on Sun TV. Amazing! Hats off to Lawrence for taking time to train them and show them a path towards a new future. After seeing these guys perform, here is the message, Seriously if anyone says that they don’t have the time to pursue their passion and have been blaming the world for this, it is time to shut the #@#$# up and start working hard towards it.

The greatest reality show on Planet Earth, the next season of American Idol - Randy “I am yet to hear his CD” Jackson, Paula “the always Full & Tight” Abdul and Simon ‘the Smart Ass’ Cowell were in full flow. Many contestants were able to do anything other than singing, and the judge‘s comments were more Blunt than before. Many had their middle name as “cry baby!”, at times the show was more or less a soap opera. Simon and Randy drooled over the Spanish girl right from the moment she walked in, later as she left the room Fox TV cleaning department was called upon to clean up the mess.

As if this was not enough for the evening, at the same time Vettiyal, oops Pattiyal was on Sun TV. A great story of 2 homeless guys growing up together to become violent mercenaries. A bloody violent movie absolutely not suitable for prime time TV. Moreover the added attraction , movie opens with a fantastic funeral procession and “housing building” dance, a very good start and a must watch for an auspicious Hindu religious evening.

Finally, the news is that Shilpa Shetty, the Bollywood film star faced Racial abuses in a reality TV show called Big Brother in UK. This is not the first time, and this will not be the last time. Move on!

Good day!


CD review,.

Few days ago I got the CD of Pokiri., staring Vijay, directed by Prabhu Deva . Music: Mani Sharma

Mani Sharma comes good with tight compositions. Let me go in the order of tracks that I liked the best.

1st “en chella peRu Apple”. My prediction is that this song will come around for a long time for sure. A playful hip hop in “kindof warm“ Sivaranji. And well done Suchitra!, Wow!, Zimply Powerful! Vocals . Her voice gives the song the new dimension that composers would want these days. All the adlibs were well done! And watch for the unique vocals by A.V.Ramanan in this track. I really enjoyed words “en sontha orru otty - enna sweater potuku” by Pa. Vijay!. Very trendy and impressive. Have you noticed this, the word “bull- bull thara” is always present in songs involving Prabhu Deva & Mani Sharma.

Next song that impressed me was “Doli Doli” ,. This track has tight and slow Bangra groove, somewhat similar to aiiiiiooo pathikiche pathikiche. Ranjith - “the vocal power house” totally Rocks. Today vocals is all about the attitude and power, both the vocalists [Suchitra again!] brings the needed attitude to the table. I also felt that the arrangement was also very interesting in this track. Prudent use of vocal slicing, and watch of the smart placement of “Synth Arps” in the second interludes impressed me quite a lot. In the first interlude keep an eye on the solo violin then the sitar part that jumps to few Sindu bharavi notes for few seconds, very tight changeovers. The second BGM the sitar plays 16th notes and compliments the fast paced beat. It is very hard to play such phrases on a Sitar.

Vasatha Mullai , the new trend is to use words/music from old classics, only the first lines are reused. The rest of song was written by Na. Muthukumar. Track opens with a theme music similar to the good old “varAi nee varAi” [piano opening]. This sounded nostalgic to me as I have heard [then] Mani now “Mani Sharma” playing it quite often on the piano. Rahul Nambiyar does the lead vocals. In this album Mani Sharma has remembered to use all his band-days buddies, he has used the services of Krishnamurthy, a veteran stage singer, who use to sing TMS songs on stage. He sings first few lines of vasanthamullai, which is played as vocal slices by sending it thorough various filters and plug-ins. One of the new things I found in this track was the vocals slice at end of the second BGM, very new and I have never heard it before in Tamil. Very good programming.

The song “nee mutham ondru” written by pa. Vijay, Ranjith vocals,. The bass and the song groove dangerously close to kuluvalile. But changes in the middle to a large extent. There is also a remix second version for this track. However I felt the song was missing the width found in the above tracks.

Adaungada, the usual [nee entha ooru] Vijay opening dance number and the mambazam that has a Vaidivelu crying sounds, another cliché number.

Over all a good attempt, we will have to wait and see if Mani Sharma was able to port the fame to Tamil from the mega hit Telugu version of this album.

CD was a worth Buy, recording was simply fantasic.


Ugly, Bad and Good

Our million dollar Coach hinted that “Hard decisions would to be taken”. My question, did he have any remorse in chasing away Ganguly? After all, due to personal politics Chappell kept Ganguly out of the team , however today irony is such that, Ganguly scored the most number of runs for India. The Coach gives him a left hand appreciation,. “He was here to do a job and he did it well”, so may I know the job portfolio of the coach and other batsmen in the team? If anyone should be sent home , the first axe should be Greg Chappell . Right from the day he became the coach, players morale has been right royally low. One of the TV commentator mentioned that he spoke to Chapel l during the morning golf session, What? how can you? When your team is facing a tough situation, our coach is gone golfing, what can you say?. He have never understood the Indian chemistry, and will never. The first tough decision should be to fire the coach. Seriously get someone [like T.A Sekar] who has better coaching resume than Greg Chappell.

Next the boasted Indian batting potential, it is high time to stop boasting about it. IMMPOE [ In my most perfect opinion ever] Sachin’s and Dravid’s innings was the main reason for the final test debacle. What the heck was the game plan in their mind? Why Sachin and Dravid played like Allan Knott facing Abdul Kadhir? was it that hard to push for singles. Who suggested to Dravid to play for a Draw? Why did he use his pads more than his bat? I feel this batting partnership ruined our victory chance. I wish Dravid and [especially] Sachin had used their potential to take on Pollock and the damn new unknown spinner. Sachin got into a crab shell for some unknown reason, I am trying to find a lower word than tentative – may be I can use the word “unsure”. Sachin played his most “unsure” innings of his life., even his staunch bakthas [like Yours faithfully] were totally disappointed by this approach.
Dravid Captaincy was very well below par, . At 3.00am sitting in front of my, was able to think better bowling changes. I was surprised, when he over used Kumble. Why try hard when he was not effective enough. Why did he not try Viru and Sachin in the morning session? Viru was just given one while Sachin comes to bowl when everything was over and to my shock ball was spinning like a fan. Poor Karthik was screaming “the Magic Man is back” , however it was too late. There was no “prestige” for the magic this time. Dravid’s XXL size blunder to split an opening pair that gave the only century partnership of the tour. There are reports out today that it was Dravid who wanted Viru in the team. Colonel Sarkar was very particular in dropping him. Dravid had the same soft corner for Kaif who recently received the most boring player of 2006. Kaif broke more eggs than Wendy’s breakfast parlor. Dravid should be more aggressive, in fact I would get back Ganguly to be the captain. Dravid and Sachin are good resources, they can do tasks for you and but cannot not manage resources. A captain must be good manager. Time to Drop VVS and recall Utappa . Utappa is been scoring lot of runs in domestic games or even Tamil Nadu captain Badrinath deserves a chance more than VVS or Viru.

Umpires, umpiring was pathetic during the serious. Indians had lot of crucial decisions going against them, Boucher, Prince in particular who had no LBWs, in fact Kallis was out caught behind test , but was never given by the umpire. If this had gone in our way, things would be different. In the first innings Karthik got a very poor decision, while in the previous test Dravid was not out in the both the innings. Another shame, the last wicket taken by South Africans was of the 7th ball, What is the purpose of having a 3rd umpire?, a score board?, a ball counter?, a TV scorer?, an official scorer?, none caught this? I doubt it. I feel Smith is a one lucky dude to get such umpires. Generally Indians were at the receiving end.

(Few) Good (Men) Dinesh Karthik , a class act. He proved that he knows how to accelerate and decelerate at will, seriously I am seeing another GRV here. Other batsmen had no clue while he had the guts and the technique to take the bowling on, more over scored some important runs. In the first innings he got a very poor decision from the umpire. Imo, Dinesh Karthik is a better keeper than Dhoni, as an added bonus he was really chirpy behind the stumps. He kept the spirit alive, often our players would resemble a baboon woken from hibernation. Karthik was screaming words of encouragement in Tamil to Kumble, in Malayalam to Sreesanth and in nice Sowkarpet Hindi to other players. I have never seen Dhoni doing such things. I wrote in one of my earlier blogs that Sreesanth should be trained more and given more responsibilities than working with Agarkar. Sreesanth should be made permanent in the team. Sreesanth apart from his bowling, he brings in a fiery attitude, after S.Vishwanath I have never seen anyone in the Indian team with such an aggression. He is a genuine seamer , has taken 18 wickets and hats off to his attitude and energy. Our bowling department has improved a lot, I wish Zahir and Sreesanth are made permanent.

All said and done, The WI series starts soon, The Board of Cricket Control India will plough a car park and call it a pitch, where the ball has no chance to raise above the ankles, our players without proper foot work, using their hand eye coordination will slam about 350 runs per innings. We will be proud!