Curtains down for 2006, all said and done, 2006 was a very busy year in my calendar. More than anything my music album H1BEES was the talk of the town and received very good press and ravings reports all round during first quarter of this year. I was interviewed in various press including BBC, NPR, Baltimore Times and other international media outlets. 2006 was a great to remember and cherish rest of my life.Besides, this year I was busy working on my next music album titled pAdal. Here is the news – the album is complete and the candidate is officially gone for duplication.

Folks, H1BEEES iNc, and Executive Producers Shankar Nagarajan & Srivatsa Srinivasan joins me proudly in announcing “PADAL By Srikanth Devarajan” is scheduled to be released in USA, Canada and Europe on Jan 26th 2007.

The Album has 10 tracks ranging from youthful songs, romantic songs, humorous songs. We believe that this album has a great mix of style and substance and will go very well with listeners.This CD also includes a track sung by Playback singer Karthik [Chennai]. Album also features various talents in USA. I sincerely enjoyed and enjoying every production moments. Everyone working with me in this album have put forth their best efforts and have worked meticulously to make this production a success.

Here is a summary from the title card.

1. 18 Vayadhu – Alisha, Maha & Harini , - Lyrics: Sriram & Srikanth
2. Kadal Ache – Karthick [India], Lyrics: Sriram & Srikanth -
Backing Vocals: Cornelio, Miguel
3. C.H.E.N.N.A.I - Siddharth & Alisha, Lyrics : Srikanth –
Backing Vocals: Harini, Sridhar, Ganesh, Shankar,Srikanth
4. pal maNakkudhu – Siddharth, Backing Vocals: Suresh, Sridhar
5. Nila Charal – Vocals: Kumar & Harini, Lyrics: Priya,(Jathi: Santhanam )
6. Vellaiku pogamAten – Vocals: Suresh, Lyrics: Srikanth,
Backing Vocals: Sridhar, Shankar
7. Serial Killer : Vocals: Chennthil, Babu, Lyrics:Arun Vaidyanathan
8. Love Girl - Vocals: Vidyu, Lyrics: Priya & Srikanth
9. Nadodi - Vocals: Siddharth & Vidyu, Lyrics: Udhaya.
10. Instrumental – Flute- Raman , Piano/Keyboards: Srikanth

Music Composed and Produced by

Performance Credits:
Guitar: Suresh & Rick, Flute: Raman, Mirudangam: Gopinath,Ghatam: Giridhar, Handsonic & Darbuka :Srikanth, Tapatai/Drum: Karthick,
Keyboards & Programming: Srikanth

Sound Engineers: Srikanth & Bharath
Studio: Studio1234, USA & Sai Presto
CD Design: NiTPix

Executive Producers:
Shankar Nagarajan, Srikanth Devarajan, Srivatsa Srinivasan
All Rights Reserved Srikanth Devarajan, © 2007.

With this note,
I wish you and your family a very happy NEW YEAR!. Thanks for your sustained encouragement.
- Srikanth



During Past week, Green Peace enthusiasts had some good news. Taco Bell, the leading Mexican food chain due to contamination stopped serving items on their menu. Experts say there was a considerable reduction in the red, blue, orange, black and green house gases. However today Taco Bell announced that they have resumed full services, which in turn shall increases global warming warming and the arctic meltdown will soon be a reality. But You know What? this is nothing when compared with what Tamilians Today are dealing with?, A much bigger problem in hand, an outbreak called "CDE" - Culture Degrading Epidemic. Today, the Tamil DNA [Dravidian- Non-Aryan] culture has touched its lowest level.

Experts from the Department of EnE [Entertainment in installments] were busy analyzing “a turning point” in a Tamil Soap called Malaragal. The prognosis was that the Story line in the Tamil Soap “Malargal” has taken our DNA [Dravidian- Non-Aryan] “culture” to a new low level.

In general, the DNA [I meant the real chromosome material] of these Tamil serials are well knitted around adultery, infidelity, treachery, betrayal - technically called as "Gilma" & "Jalsa". In general the core is always - women degrades another women to the maximum extent known and unknown to the women and the man kinds,Men for their part have "n" number of affairs and walk around produly as though it is their birth right and tradition. The "Captives" aka the TV Viewers seem to enjoy this sadistic portrayal of such culture.

When you dissect the anatomy or the frame work of a serial production crew from the long stretch LIIIIIIIIMMMMMOOOOOOO title card that rolls every day , we would bump into a job portfolio called Creative Head. I guess the job description for this office or this person is to come up with various methods to insult women and family values . They formulate various Teleplay mechanisms to ensure Sadism, Sinisterism and others isms are properly in place. I guess our Soap directors , creative head and other esteemed writers Think through/using body parts which the general public would use it to Sit. [Be my guest to add “H” to it] . Frankly, only such process would generate these ridiculous material. God save us from these Morons who create such rotten scripts in the name of creativity. Such elements are walking [நடமாடும்] disgrace to real and genuine creativity.

Today , the DNA [Dravidian- Non-Aryan] "culture" found in Tamil Nadu TVs is such that topics like adultery, infidelity are justified acts of grown up men and women. The go further, the make sure they show physical violence as graphical as possible. At times it is so disgusting it resembles an extremist propaganda video. Moreover in general everyone in the family hates or has sinister plans over the other, then why the F###.. call it a Family? Bottom line today, The so called family values that we Tamils boast about has taken a nose dive and the so called boastful DRAVIDIAN–NON-ARYAN [DNA] “culture” is dancing naked via these sitcoms.



Zero and Four +one rain saved game. Why India cricket team time and time again fails abroad? At home, Players like Viru slam and tarnish any kind of bowling attack but on tour they have no clue about their technique. I guess, the measures and standards we set at home are misleading , and hence our players are clueless aboard where evaluation measures seems superior.

During my child hood days in Chennai [70s] - I had this view - LIC building in Chennai was the tallest building known to mankind. Then when I went Bombay I realized there are much taller buildings, years later when I stood on the Sears Towers, Chicago, I realized the meaning of sky scrapper. My point is, life is governed by presumptions. Sometimes, decisions made are based on presumption rather than on the facts.

We worship our cricketers based on presumptions rather than on the facts. Cricket pitches in India have given a false image about/to our players, the BCCI has created a scenario which is - in order to get more people applauding [get more Test and one day centers] , give them a LIC building to climb[Flat tracks], it is easy to climb and make merry. But as soon as they land elsewhere [say Manhattan] they have tough time climbing bigger mountains and face the real chin & shoulder music. Their training is just to climb LIC building, they are not used climbing higher altitudes - result - they are clueless.

BCCI functioning for the betterment of Indian cricket is just another presumption.

Let us see the Major Test Centers in Australia - Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney. Has this changed? Right from the day I was born this has been a fact to me. Australia or any other team visiting have always played in these test centers. I say, why can’t we codify such standards in India? Our board of control for Cricket fixes test centers based on what criteria? Does anyone knows this? Do they have guide lines? I am sure some board member will give me a PDF document. But who codified it – no clue. We have more Test and one day centers than public telephone booths.

My point is we have the most number of cricketing centers when compared to other countries. Yes! BCCI can claim this to be a feature and say India is big country etc. Given such a diversity, BCCI should be organized in order to maintain international standards. Today Software and other products made in India are ISO or CMM etc, certified which ensures international quality. But why an organization like BCCI that has access to enormous fund aren’t enforcing any kind of standards? BCCI office bearers have presumed that they are management gurus.

Our EX-Cricketers in BCCI and other honorary elements in BCCI are self proclaimed Management executives. It is not that we don’t have management staff in India to run the show but the slipshod attitude of BCCI does not permit such changes to bring in the real people. The presumption is BCCI are well organized bunch of people, result Instead of ball parks we have car parks that makes an average batsmen look like a master blaster. I agree every city wants to hosts an international game but at whose cost, - Indian cricket?

Unless and until BCCI is managed by professionals, and starts prompting genuine cricket, our cricketing history and our beloved cricketers regardless of their ability would look like jokers abroad, and as a free supplement - they would serve as walking bunnies for critics.