Appa "SAW"Me

Like most recent Tamil movies this one also had an English title during the Pooja phase. The tax rebate bait yadayada… rename it in Tamil. There is a rumor that director’s First choice was “Appasamy”, but fearing a law suit from the real estate giant, but finally got it translated – Appasamy in English became Varalaru in Tamil. Why Varalaru? You may check with the real Thagapansamy.

The entire plot was given away right at the title card, Ajith in triple role!, so we know for sure there are 3 data types of Ajith’s in the screen play. And it was matter of few reels before we guess one of type would be Mr. Bad guy.

Exploring “Ajith the Youth”. Youth hero package in Tamil movies consists of a smart ass hero and 8 to 10 worthless non-comical friends. Hero’s friends must be 2 or 3 uncle ages more than the hero. The same package is deployed here.
Next Roll [film roll] , Ajith is the dad for our Youth Ajith. Dad[a] Ajith runs his business empire. Like many computer consultants, he also works for “cha” from home. He runs his billion dollar business empire from an age old 21 inch Trinitron computer monitor and a PC/XT-8088 . Just like the screen play, Dad Ajith is also handicapped. He moves around on a motorized wheel chair reminding Austin powers, at this point Knowing K.S.Ravikumar’s adaptation technology I was seriously expecting 3rd Ajith to be “mini me” .

Youth Ajith [YA] goes to a village [why? He had a free southern railway train pass -ada ponga sir] he meets Asin, falls in love with her [then A.R. Rahman goes to work and records a nice song at 1.00am]. Dad[a] Ajith sees the YA’s love syndrome, helps him out. using his God Father sorry Varalau capabilities sends a G[od]-Mail to someone, the wedding is fixed.

JUST days before the dumdumdumdum, Ajith drinks too much and misbehaves at Asin’s place, there is a split but our Youth Ajith never remembers the incident. You guessed it, Hysterical post-traumatic Gajini Cerebral Anniyan Lacunar amnesia should be the reason. Hence dad takes his son to a physiatrist, where along with the son, director K.S. Ravikumar is also diagnosed with HPTGCALA syndrome.

The script in 2 paragraphs. The plot is our Youth Ajith is a “place holder”, the content of a place holder is changed by the second bad Ajith to tarnishes image of GF and GS [God father and God Son]. Why? Same old Twin crap. Best comedy was when the second villain Ajith using the identity withdraws cash from ATM? does ATM give money by just seeing the face?

Our Dad Ajith was a Classical Dancer with a Hormone Imbalance. He gets thrown out from his own wedding by the girl who does not like his hormone imbalances…...,skip 3 chapters, the second twin misunderstands about his dad, like the audience he is also mentally traumatized, he sets off to settle accounts with his dad family. And Dad Ajith is not really handicapped, he is just sits there to avoid walking like an Egyptian. At the end of the movie when rest of the credits rolls, they show how the second twin replaced the first in various places.

Ajith is a talented actor, example Dancer Ajith’s walking style reminded me Sivaji Ganesan’s stylish walk in Puthiya paravai. K.S.Ravikumar is a nice director and added plus point Rahman’s Music, still without a proper logical screen play – the whole effort goes to the junk yard. My 2 cents, if the point of view or the movie perspective is changed to the villain Ajith, without giving any importance to the smart ass Hero or Classical Dancer or Lover etc, this can be an interesting screen play.

Good day.


என்ன கொடும SIR இது

Over the long weekend I managed to watch some of best made Tamil movies in past 20 to 30 decades. I do not have words to appreciate the creativity sparks found these movies. My long weekend Movie watching spree, opened with a movie called Dharmapuri, staring the one and only Captain!. hero and Savior of 20,21 and rest of the centuries planet earth would be spinning for.

Chapter 2, Captain’s Entry . Let us roll, a leader thug and his gang keeps shooting people, just like in a real war, and as usual no one dares to go near him or tries to stop him. The ground is well set for our captain to walk in for the toss. As expected he tosses 11 or 15 junior thugs and steps directly into fray, our senior thug using a 200000mm shot gun fires directly at our captain. Using the state of Combuter graphics, the bullet ride from the gun is shown in about 200 camera angles known to mankind and 1200 angles unknown to any kind. Bullet strikes our cabtain, a direct impact on his chest, Oh! My god what will happen?,- our Cabtain just took a 200000mm slug directly on his chest, but! Wait it not yet over, like the Perth wicket the bullet bounces off, it starts to travel in the reverse direction, once again the 200 + rest of angles and finally the slug directly lands on thug, “kabamkubeem” , thug evaporates in thin air.
Following this achievement , our Cabtain with his trade mark smile pulls out a round thingy from his chest region , the round thingy saved his life. At first glance it looked like a Punjabi Pappad, or may be the famous Rotti from Vaishnava college canteen ? Or the pesal Dosa kallu that was reported stolen by Saravanabhavan? Wait no , People, here is it, the newly designed aluminum [Bra] Lingerie for men. Technically an aluminum plate often found in jail wards or in the hands of self pitied money and food requesters, [ பிச்சைகாரன technically அலம்பல் விட்டேன்] , it also had twin straps, specially designed to hold the thingy around captain’s thingy. The late breaking news is that Tommy Hilfiger is now traveling to Chennai to make a deal with our cabtain.

Chapter 1, there are 2 brothers which some crazy name, perichali and kotan or some crap. They are the sons of the village bad guy viz, Manivannan, who is the cousin of the village dad - noble gentle man, you guessed it, Vijay Kumar, they ………what the hell. People, I take the liberty to change the title – hence forth this movie would be called as KARMAPURI. [கர்மப்புரி...]

More to go…


Convenient Excuses

Indian MPs forgetting their responsibilities decided to waste considerable time discussing Indian cricket. I am no big Chappell fan, but I feel matter concerning Indian cricket is too small for elected officials to waste their time on, eventually MPs will call for a sack. Whatever Chappell told about MPs to the team was an internal communication, might be a word of support that was speculated by the press. The whole world knows how our MPs function and what they discuss at the circular office. There is a reason why our Indian parliament was designed to look like Zero from space. MPs discover another Convenient Excuse to avoid their day to day job.

After the Durban Debacle, and Cape Town confusion, Dravid gets injured and is out of all one day games. Though injury is an painful thing to deal, it is a blessing in disguise for Dravid, it will be a good break for him. In my opinion, getting in Laxman or Gangully will not change the course to a great extent. Bottom line remains that, Bowlers need to perform better. Dravid captaincy was not up to the mark, while Batsmen, Bowlers and fielding struggled [What more is left?].. After the match at Cape of Good hope, most have started to feel that India cricket has No Hope.

Kaif and his pathetic batting technique, he plays like genuine Indian tail ender of 1970. I agree he is great fielder and nice person - What Ever! but there is no point in having him if he cannot bat. I think batting and bowling skills are to superior to fielding by an inch or two, the greatest of the greatest fielder gets value only if he shines with the bat or the ball. Kaif’s convenient agile fielder excuse cannot be taken into consideration anymore. We cannot afford it. Frankly the way Dinesh Karthick fielded and batted seems a very good alternate to Kaif. Today Junior players in the team suffer the insecurity syndrome. A promising Raina was the first victim. I hope youngster are nurtured properly. Other than Dravid, Dhoni and Sachin no other batsmen is confident about their technique., because they have no clue about the batting position they would be playing. Over experimentation has burnt these youngsters. When a bowler is pushed up to bat at number 3, it does bring down the confidence of designated batsmen. Also Irfan losses his focus on bowling , which is his main portfolio. IT IS HIGHT TIME to play “the Agarkar Benefit match” and send him home with a yellow garland. For all betterment, Sreesanth should be groomed.

Sachin factor, though India lost games in spite of good and decent scores from Sachin in recent past, unless and until he does something more, he will have to shoulder the pain with Dravid. The median set by the little master is very high, he has no other choice other than to maintain the standard. At the same time, Sachin plays or not other members in the India team should not use him for a Convenient Excuse.

Viru, when will we see runs from him? Stale Statements like Bowlers getting terrified , bowlers will never get comfortable when Viru is around etc should be put to a rest. Viru has been using this Convenient Excuse for years now. Wasim Akram’s recent interview was filled with advices for Indian team. Akram says Sachin should bat like Lara. [Whatever it is?], according to Akram, Sachin has to start playing it out and not get into a shell. I agree partially with him.

Indian Public, showing their anger by burning photos etc of Dravid etc, seems childish and ridiculous. There is not point in politicizing everything . I am just wondering where did the “passion of the MP and their men” vanish during Olympics?, or during the continues decline of our famous Sania Mania? I feel Indian cricket is way ahead than most sports in India. Today we are in a recession. Like any other Indian sport, I also see this, - Cricket is also a sport. Outcome is bound to be a great winner or a pathetic loser, I prefer to get on with it. Honestly, I see something positive here [Really?], Almost every weakness the team has been underlined and highlighted, all this has been identified well ahead of the World Cup and though short we do have the time to tighten the screws. l still remember the West Indies whacking before 1983 Prudential cup, the course seems similar. This would be my Convenient Excuse to support my cricket team. Honestly, I would still bet my money on Team India for the world cup.

Good day.



Saw movies over the weekend. 1st, it was Emden’s Son for Tax Rebate sake it is now called En Mangan, The general feeling I had watching this movie was – a TV serial on 35mm film. I was reminded of the 60s era where camera would be placed in a spot and the cast would just act around it. The camera man must have had an easy time, he just screwed the camera to a tripod and took off to another shoot.
So called story goes like this, Nasser, Born on September 22 of some year after 1914, is a whacko Dad, he treats his son Bharath like ……t . He never cares about kids academics etc, however Bharath is a top ranking kid,. In Tamil movies usually Murali plays such self-pitying roles for a change Bharath covers for him. The reason given for such bad treatments by Mr. Emden was EmdenJi, had a ruthless and unforgiving past. Thank god there was no flash back, Vadivelu does his part well and can be called as the lifer save mint for the movie while Bharath, Gopika and all others were like the last 5 items of Saravana Special Lunch. Added just for statistical purpose.

Another point to note, even if you give a free coupon to Mr. Bhiravar for a Fresh water Spa treatment, Mr. Biravar ends up with the same old dinner schedule, Directors Gopi’s uncontrollable urge and Fetish for funeral rituals continues on the celluloid too, about 2000 feet of film were royally exposed to show this in detail, as if this not enough, a medical condition of a poor old sick man was used for a comical act by small screen comedians. I found it disgusting to watch people celebrating for someone death in the name of comedy. This was environment in which our hero and our heroine meet after 2000 years. The same old ill fated medically unfit mama and athai magal match making. Gopi dude! you seem to be funny guy, however that part of this part of movie was sponsored by Royal Cheapness. In spite of big named cast, decent music, the output seemed like a TV serial.
Next movie I saw had a 4 line script. To save producers money, I think 4 power point slide show would have done the needful.

Slide one: Once upon a time there was village girl, she marries a Car mechanic and settles in Bombay.

Slide two: She finds his past and he was already married to someone, the other girl vanishes to Australia.

Side three: Jo talks to her and gets her to live one day with her husband, his lifelong dream it seems. The End. [I am not even able to make it to 4 lines]

Slide Four: Credits.
For such a weak script we have a Suriya, a Jothika, and my man A.R.Rahman scoring music, the director is one lucky dude. Just add an E to the name, the movie was a JOKE.

Finally, 2 things, Hope you have seen the PC and MAC comparison commercial. Just to evaluate the self proclaimed potentials of Mac I went ahead and got an Apple Mac Power book G4. I started to evaluate from a common PC user perspective [Windows XP]. My goal is to do all the task I do in PC/XP and seamlessly migrate my working environment to Mac. After all the Mac ad claims they offer better services than the PC environment. The first thing I tried to do is install a Voice Chat client, but do you know you cannot do voice chat using Yahoo or Google or Msn , Mac OS don’t have free chat client that support the 3 popular voice chats. There is more, NSV streams [Null soft streams] are popular these days, however owning a Mac you cannot watch NSV streams. However Mac can turn the blame on Nullsoft but Voice chat is major, Yahoo and Msn services work on Mac for regular chats, for voice ..dude – you have go to the pc.

And Wow! India saved a game. Thank God.


Tuesday Talk

Sydney's Daily Telegraph reported that a spectator had shouted: "Give us a wave Monty. You can't speak English you stupid Indian, I'll have to say it in Indian. What are you doing playing in the English side, you're not English!...."
One more Racial slur from the colorful Australian crowd.

Here is a note on Australia’s history. The mainland Australia has been inhabited for more than 42,000 years by the natives. After sporadic visits by fishermen from the north and by European explorers and merchants starting in the seventeenth century, the eastern half of the mainland was claimed by the British in 1770 and officially settled through penal transportation [underline this] as the colony of New South Wales on 26 January 1788. What is this Penal transportation?, it was the deporting of convicted criminals to a penal colony, such as in Australia, typically from countries such as the United Kingdom (including Ireland).

So my dear moronic spectator Dude, like you checked Panesar ‘s origin, we checked your origin and you know what - we found that it really stinks more than a skunk’s 1 & 2 & 3.

Just yesterday South African Captain Smith warned Panesar about the ”color” music [like Chin music] that he would face in Australia. I do not agree to the argument that it is just an handful of rowdy fans yadayada…it seems there are strict laws in Australia against such behaviors, it does look like the law does not seem to work! I am sure because this is not first time, South Africans, Sri Lankans have gone through racial crowd behaviors. When Indian toured Australia Indian fans had to face racial slurs from a section of Australian crowd , Indians were called Coolies by these esteemed “Racial rowdies” of Australia.

What else you can expect, after all they managed to push the top BCCI official from the dais in the name of celebration and got away by saying I am “Soorry”. I wonder how the Aussie media react if an Indians does this to an Australian? . Remember Gangully’s famous T-Shrit strip celebration that got thrashings from all corners. Apologies apart, the “bad boys” “bad boys” image is being well maintained by Ponting’s men and now the crowd also joins the funs and the free ride.

A very interesting point to note is - English team now has something totally new to deal with – A spokesman for the England team has said "We have come out here to play the game with dignity, and we expect the Australian fans will show the sportsmanship they are renowned for and hope they will respect the players both on and off the field." Whatever!...Cricket Australia should be ashamed.

Do you know the comedy, team India’s formal wardrobe did not travel with them! , it seems the administrators had told the players not to get any formal cloths as it would be provided by the Sponsors , however the world richest sporting body failed to get organized, players were left to be in their informal cloths., Thank god they carried informal cloths. Cricinfo quotes,. “It was one that should have been avoided by the world's richest cricket board which is already under fire for getting things spot-on when it comes to marketing and commercial aspects but failing to make the grade when it comes to other things. Attempts to contact both Niranjan Shah, the board's honorary board secretary and Prof Shetty late on Monday evening failed. “ BCCI’s Pathetic legacy continues.

To conclude, I was browsing Google news, saw these headlines..Huh!.
Chappell says “Dravid is not my puppet, he runs the show”, he also added that Kumble up for the cup. The word “Cup” is defined differently around collage circles.
"Dravid defends batsmen" - , Why anything Dravid does is related to "Defense".?

Good day.


All Set!

Team India , unofficial ambassadors of Orec XL vacuum cleaners in India, why Orec XL? because just like Orec XL, Team India is also fitted with professional quality suction capabilities. As if this was not enough, teams suction power was enhanced yesterday. Ajith Agarkar has been declared fit once again.

Team India is all set to tour South Africa, a country with wonderful natural landscape and wild life parks , it should be a great paid excursion. With such a poor performance record for past year, any performance regardless of good or bad, can be blindly termed as an improvement.

Another news – it seems Viru is all set to face South African pace, of course, such a mind set is needed for 1st 20 balls of the inning. Kapil “the Advice” Dev has asked Sehwag to introspect deep to identify the problems in his batting. Kapil who underwent an cataract operation managed also to contradict himself by saying “Sehwag has been playing at this level for the last six-seven years and I don’t think he has anything to prove to anyone”. The best thing for Dravid and his men is that they are underdogs right till the World cup, I wish this brews some synergy in the team.

Suggestions for the tour.
1. Never show something that is white and round with a seam, aka Cricket Ball to R.P. Singh.
2. Borrow a matrix module from Keanu Reeves, pump it into Agarkar which will make him believe that all other bowlers struggle - he would bowl well at once.
3. Similar program be tried on Sachin to recollect his batting potential.
4. Dravid should not rename himself to DRAWvid.
5. Someone tell Viru that is there is lot in the game after first 5 overs.
6. BCCI using their money clout should reduce the pitch by ½ , this “can” enable our bowlers to bowl perfect length.
7. When India bats, remove leg and the off stumps , if possible the middle stump too.
8. In order to Save donkey drops and to heal the world –we start from over number 22, with 150 for no loss on board.
9. Kaif should never be made to stand anywhere near the bat while fielding.
10. Make sure our million dollar coach Chappell sits somewhere far away from the South African bench, because his experimentation mess is such that, he would send someone from the south African bench. This can result in Alfonso Thomas coming in one down for India.

Have a Good Weekend!



A busy weekend, managed to watch few NFL games. Ben “the Clueless” Berger and his Pittsburg Steelers were totally out of sync, nothing went right them. While the Red Skins managed to win, thanks to “Terrell Tantrums”.

If you still care, Australia won the Champions trophy [duh!] , West Indies played like India aka Pathetic, the opening pair gave a good start, but the rest wanted to rehears their Ramp walk moves for the ICC fashion show. Australia heads home to trash the English, Hyped Ashes starts later this month.

Sachin has stated that India will come good in South Africa, he has also spoke for the players on product endorsements. It seems players go to commercials shoots only after the game commitment are met, Ist it? How come they model well for Commercials but suck right royally in the games? Commercials or not - there is no commitment. Unless and until team India plays to their potential, these commercial shoots will be considered as a distraction. The Irony is Sachin said this in a product promotion.

“Argue Against Success”, One thing I like when I am in Sachin’s topic, Sachin in last 10 games he played has scored more than 500 runs, while the average score by other members for the last 10 games they played was not more than 150. Dravid, Viru et all have not been playing well for quite some time now, however, still there is a call for people to drop Sachin, which is kind of funny to me.

Finally, ICC members voted to get rid of Darrel Hair – 7-3 , the 3 being England, Australia and NZ. Using Eastman Color! They voted YES to retain Hair in the panel. I feel Chris Broad would also be a good candidate to kicked out from ICC Match referee panel.


பாடல் - Music Album Updates,

Good news is that - we are nearing its completion, and the schedule is in the right direction, In about 6 to 8 weeks it should be on sale. It takes about a month to get the CDs designed and duplicated. I am trying my best to push it with the Manufacturer . The album has 8 tracks, which includes a track sung by playback singer Karthick [Chennai], besides I have used various Desi talents., and I will be introducing new voices and instrumentalists to the arena. Another highlight to note is - album is being mixed on the latest Protools HD System and other latest cool sound engineering tools. You can expect more news on this by end of this month. We clearly enjoyed and enjoying every production movements for past 8 months. Everyone working with me in this album have put forth their best efforts , with this hype, I invite to you to download the latest trailer, you can download it here.
பாடல் (c) 2006-07 Studio1234, USA. Release


Speed this is the Limit!

“Speed said money power alone could not make India a formidable force in world cricket.”
What does he mean by the above statement?

That was the most ridiculous and irresponsible statement from a ICC chief. Game patronage is different from playing the game, 75% of Indians are great supporters and patrons to the game of Cricket. Dear Mr. Speed - do not ridicule our patronage.

Let us take England, there are many office bearers in ICC who are English. What in the world English team has done better? They neither have money power nor they are so called “cricketing force”?

Check his link….http://www.icc-cricket.com/icc/about/management.htmlI don’t intend to paint my article with colors, but the above link warrants it.

In order to be a formidable force in Cricket, Indians have to pour in currency and also make sure they win all the tournaments, go figure it out How?. When did Cricket started to generate money? After the so called world cup aka prudential cup moved out of England.
Why money started to flow from India? Very Simple Answer - because Indians loves the game of Cricket. THERE IS NOTHING TO ARGUE HERE. Our population which was often ridiculed by the west is our strength today, it is called human capital. If every Indian contributes $1, it is 1 Billion, considerable chunk of fund to organize a World cup. Once again THERE IS NOTHING TO ARGUE HERE.

Mr. Speed, thinking that he is trashing BCCI is actually striking the touchy side of Indians. A typical Indian loves this sport, he does not care if his or her team plays. Even when India was kicked out of tournament, there was considerable crowd watching Australia and New Zealand today, how many times we have seen vacant seats in Australia or England when the home team is not involved?
Moreover, according to Mr. Modi, ICC now has to face a full BCCI committee, in the past they just had a single “YES” man to deal with, though Modi did not name anyone, I think he is refereeing to Jagmohan Dalmia.

Speed another faster one was - “India last won a [ICC] cricketing event in 1983” – dude, this is what I am saying, in spite of not wining, Indian public has been a good follower for this game and the business model has been generating fund to ICC office bearers to travel 1st class and stay in 6 stars hotels.

Speed needs to apologize to the Indian public for insulting and Ridiculing our continues patronage to the game of cricket. Mr. Speed , Adhere to the speed limit.

Good day!