I am Back.

People, I am resuming my blog, reason - my written English degraded to a new low level, and before it goes close to Indian Hockey I thought I should do something about it. Man! What is happening there? “Chak De India” failed to qualify for Beijing Olympics. Indian cricketers made us all proud after losing early stages of world cup, let us hope Indian hockey revives itself soon.

Sun TV after detaching itself from the Kazagams took another spiritual dive. Free and $25.00 paying Sun TV viewers are set for the epic Ramayana. I happened to watch the first episode. Dasaratha’s introduction, he exposes his feelings for not having a son. He then goes on to perform the Yaga and his queens are all set to deliver babies. To my surprise Ramanavami was celebrated in Episode one. Honestly I expected a month of Prenatal Doctor visits and a week or two of Lamaze’s classes etc. Director disappointed me.

Indian Cricket team is set to tee off with South Africa. Team model's like Yuvarj Singh will score a lot of runs on Flat tracks. Then this is followed by IPL, lavish Chennai team has good players. My friend owns couple of Fruit stalls around Wallaja road area, he was very unhappy about IPL, the news that BCCI using its money clout has forcefully closed all the Fruit stalls near MAC for obvious reasons.

Good Day.