We have read in the Hindu mythology about “Pralayam” , nature wipes out everything in its path of destruction. On Dec 26th 2004, Costal towns in southern India and South East Asia faced one such natural calamity. Towns were wiped out in matter of seconds. Just as world seemed forgetting 26th Dec 2003 where people of Iran suffered a massive earth quake calamity, we have another disaster to digest. The calamity this time is in my neck of the woods.

It was on Christmas night, when my dad called me to tell there was a minor earth quake in Chennai. I checked the websites on Earth Quakes status and saw a mighty red square near Indonesia. We assumed this to be an after effect. But today we are now trying to cop up with what happened then. Tsunami waves from the so called beautiful ocean has swallowed life forms in matter of minutes. Most did not know what hit them.

It is time for us to join hands and provide help in what ever way we can.
If you have not done it, do it now, please make contribution with your credit card to the Relief and Rehabilitation, please visit the following link. aidindia.org


Game Day

First One Day - India vs Bangladesh, Dec 23rd 2004


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My website [srikanthd.com] is having technical problems. The website is being serviced and should be back on line in about a week time.

The Collection Continues...


Weekend TV

During the weekend, I got to watch the Sun TV morning edition News. Man! …the news reader has set a new standard in Tamil Pronunciation. His Pronunciation was totally rotten and obnoxious to the core. Adding to the fun he sits wearing western outfit. I really don’t know why Mr. Doctor is not worried about this language insult by Sun TV. Oh! I hear, he only admits and treats Cinema patients.

What are the criteria for getting the news reader job in Sun TV? Very simple, the news reader MUST FAIL TO pronounce certain set of words.
How long people are going to take it? Is the News producer of the morning edition Tamil deaf? How can he/she cope up with such a poor news reader who makes 200000 PMW [Pronunciation Mistakes per Word]?

Audience already tortured by biased news item line up, adding to the agony this guy sits there [in absolute western costume] and takes the language in own hands. Crushes, Grinds and squeezes it at regular intervals.
If you cannot read and pronounce Tamil properly why the hell go for the news reader job? He can try to be Tamil-VJ; or write a Blog!, he would be automatically pardoned for his language sins.

The only reason I see that he is still around in spite of his obnoxious language is someone with power in Sun Tv is pushing for him. ! Ridiculous! As Tamilians in order to keep the language beauty intact we tend to scold Udits and Sukiwinders for spoiling our language, clearly ignoring elements like these, are we hypocrites?

On Visu’s Aratai aranggam on Sunday, a 105 year old women was on stage. Amazing, this old women can talk 5 languages; she and her husband were freedom fighters under Mahatma Gandhi. When Mahatma Gandhi was shot, there were nine others who tried to protect him died along; one of them was her husband. She clearly recollected the incident and told the story in English. This lady has 3 kids who went missing during the partition. They are yet to come back, she is been living alone for past 60 years.

She was living in a very bad and poor condition. She told “I cannot beg” for money. It seems she asked the government for a job to make her living, but nothing came from the government. Past 60 years she has been living alone.
Visu’s Aratai Arangam Team has admitted this 105 year old women to the Old age home Vishsharanty” , she is been taken care by many there. She looked bright and clear for her ripe age of 105 years. She spoke in clear Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English. I am wondering how many people similar to her are still around. It was very moving to watch this on TV. In the midst of entertainment Television, I never miss “aratai aranggam” Kudos to Visu for this meaningful show.

Person with an "EAR"



Gambir and Dravid made merry. Dravid became the first player in test cricket history to score centuries in all the test cricket playing nation. Congratulations to him, nice to see him on Turbo mode after the lazy show down ride against the South Africans.

Gambir who missed his first century by just 4 runs against South Africa, scored the ton, which will pull the plug for Akash Chopra. But for Gambir, a good dose of confidence boost for this young opener. I heard that Sehwag spent his day weeping (ROFW) for missing an easy 400, wire news from WI reads Lara was relieved. He record is safe as of now.

At close Sachin and Dravid were placed well, I am sure Dravid will score a 200. Sachin might create records, another 120 for 10,000 and a century to overtake the current Indian Batting consultant’s record. That’s all about cricket.

Yesterday on “Apprentice” on NBC, a 37 year old army guy who runs a software firm got the job. “Apprentice” is a very interesting TV reality Show, where the winner needs real managerial and other corporate skills to become a Trumpet [Mr. Trump’s pet]. Mr. Donald Trump, a filthy rich corporate giant, offers a top position in his corporate empire to the winner of this TV reality show. This show is different from the most reality shows where a person is paid a million to eat worms or stand in a pile of Crap, all this money just to prove their tolerance level.

This is a real corporate white color reality show. I follow this when time permits, and yesterday’s finale Mr. K got the job, he deserved it.
There is a rumor that Indian version of this show will be on Air soon. I am thinking for a name! , “ThozilaLi” , or if SunTv does it, they might call it “Kazaga thondan?” …who cares. For past 2 weeks, believe it or not, I have been missing major portion of Sun TV. Good, if this trend continues I think I will quit this dreaded habit of watching SunTV to kill time.

TGI-Friday: Today is our office Xmas Party, I get to eat bread and lettuce leaves while everyone will be busy gobbling grilled steak and other goodies made from various animal parts. There is going to be a live Jazz show by a local Dc club band. So from 12.00 noon, it is a paid holiday celebration.
This weekend we have football for 2 days…6 games to watch, of that 2 will be on HD. Playoffs round the corner, this year the playoff line up is very interesting. A tough playoff season with lots of heart breaks is guaranteed. Have a good weekend!


Exotic Tax Free! Zones

News: The International Cricket Council is planning to move its head quaters, reason - Tax implications. The ICC has an income of around $200 million and, under English law that warrents to pay tax. The government said it would offer concessions in a bid to persuade the ICC to stay in London, however there was wide spread condemnation from various Cabinet ministers of the goverment. Hence Government withdrew the consessions.
ICC will move to a location where they need not pay TAX.



I am back; it was really brutal, wicked, and cruel and mean for past weeks now, Yes! It is winter time, it is so cold even the Sun [the real one, not the Serial Killer TV] shows up late to work with a nice Armani Jacket. I remembered my back breaking school days where we were forced to carry excess baggage in the name of school books. I am about 30 pounds extra now with my winter fashion on me.

My strenuous work for past month finally took its toll on me. I had a visitor, some form of virus that gave me a viral flu. Went to the doctor but he gave me short and sweet prognosis – He told me there is no medicine yet to handle Virus. Best will be to rest for couple of days. Alright, the only rest request I obey is the musical Rest.
[Check here] No way I afford to be on the bed for a whole day, I kept my schedule going. I had to stick with the over the counter medicines that are close relatives of my economics professor, like him they also made me very sleepy and more dull all through the week [weak rather]

At a point of time, while Sachin whacked his highest, the virus was busy whacking me , it made 105, and stayed there glued [like Rahul Dravid] during the weekend. Finally yesterday had some energy to regain and come out of medication.

I have been out of sync with world news, the sad news was demise of Shri M.S.Subhalakshmi, been hearing the voice of late M.S.Subhalakshmi from the day I started to recognize music. Her soulful rendering “kurai ondrum illai” to Venkatesa suprapAtham keeps me going while dealing the pressure of life. Music lost one of its greatest daughters.

All Other news was just the same, The Hindu pontiff was still in prison; India trashed Bangladesh, and went to win the test match.
During my sick leave, I watched a movie called “Kamaraj”, I have heard lot from my teachers about him during my school days. Simply an Amazing leader, I still remember hearing his funeral procession via AIR [Madras -1] with my late grand mother. At that time we were in Laxmipuram [a hamlet near Chromepet Madras]. I was about 7 years old then, I remember seeing My grand mother in tears, I asked why? She simply told me he was a great leader. I really did not get the emotion at that time. However, later during my school days I read and learnt about his great man, he was the last genuine leader who followed Gandhism as his life principle.

Finally, believe it or not, I had to go on an official visit to NewYork during my sick leave, Manhattan during Christmas! Season, is something everyone needs to see in their life. I will write more about it in my next Blog.


Are we ready for some Whacking! or ....


Baby's Day Out, Part 2
[Amazing 120db Pitch Control]


Blurred Vision


India Win the Kolkata test and the series.

India clinched a home series after about 2 years, last time they did was in 2002. Harbajan bowled a tight line to finish with 7 wickets; this was enough to fetch him the man of the match award and a new color TV.

Kumble was on par with Kapil Dev on wickets haul. Nitini [caught Dravid] became his 434th wicket. He joins Kapil in being the highest wicket takers for India. As per record books, Kumble achieved the milestone in 90 Test matches, which is about 40 -41 test match lesser than Kapil Dev. Did Kapil really take longer time to get his 434, is it? Let us open this can of worms. Do the number of matches played significant here?, I would like to see number of overs bowled by each bowler.
Kapil Dev bowled about 4624 overs to get 434 wickets, on the other hand Kumble has bowled about [+/-] 5161 overs for his 434 , the bottom line , Kumble has bowled 450-500 overs more than Kapil Dev. Number of Matches does not matter here. To equal this record, Kumble had to bowl a lot than Kapil Dev.

But having reached this mark nothing should be taken away from Kumble, who in general is not a natural spinner or tuner of the ball. He had to work really hard to reach his land mark. Congratulations to him. Sehwag was given man of the series, he got a 42 inch wide screen plasma!...TV wow!. I wish I could get one soon to watch his next knock. This guy rocks!...in his speech also. Sehwag has become our house hold guy now.

Gangully was seen walking around with his (4 year old?) daughter; these guys get very little time to spend time with their family. It was nice to see him introduce his little kid to everyone around. Just like my daughter, she was very shy to the core and stuck tight on her dad’s shoulders. Ganguly promised to win the Bangladesh series. I really do not care about Bangladeshi series, however it can help many Indian batsmen to come back to form, this includes also the God.

Finally the long cricket series and subscription has ended, I hope I will to get to sleep my full quota till the Pakistan series in February. Or Dam who knows may be I sit with my crown [aka head phones] and call it proudly a recording session!


Game Day, Second Test

India vs South Africa

At close of play South Africans have about 66 runs lead with 5 wickets in hand. The day started of slowly and Indians increased their lead and was bowled out just before lunch.

South Africa started and Hall survived a very close LBW call from Zaheer Khan. Hall was playing an ugly cricket on one end. He had to dance around for about 60 balls for his 21, but his captain on the other end played some nice decent cricket, he kept the score board ticking.

Slowly the deficit was erased. Just before tea Harbajan started to take wickets, this was kind of the turning point. I think Anil Kumble played a vital role in this. He pinned the batsmen really well and next over Harbajan continued push the pins deeper, he got the break through,. From 77 for no loss, scored moved to 81 for 2 at tea; Kolkata crowd was going nuts.

Jacq Kallis was very lucky, he was clearly out to a close bat pad edge, and umpire missed it. How could he miss such an easy decision?, GOD only knows the answer. Slater commented India missed Gilly who would walk for this. Kalils who nose cries loud even for genuine decisions had no problem standing there gleaming at the disappointed Indians Eleven.

Gangully was totally annoyed, I am sure he will be fined for his gestures. Who cares! Hey it was clearly out, given the nature of Kallis batting strength, Gangully had every right to perform a “Kali” dance. Kallis was 52 [for 1] a close.
The disappointment faded away soon as wickets keep falling at regular intervals.
VVS took a great catch to get rid of Smith. Smith was caught at 2 slip, however ball almost traveled some where near gully. VVS made a quick diving effort to send the South African caption out. The reaction time was too small to print. Smith played very well for this 71; in my opinion, Smith was the only South African player in the touring party with some batting class.

The Next catch was also a beauty, or may be lucky also. A quick thick edge which clipped the pads of Keeper Dinesh Kartik went high in the air to “Point” region where Sehwag had enough time to gobble it.

In the morning TV show, both the camps was asked about the days play, south African coach told they would score about 150 runs lead by end of days play.

While on the Indian side, Sehwag was the spokesmen, he told it will be hard and dangerous to play Harbajan and Kumble. By the way, Sehwag now talks in fluent English, few years ago he would switch to Hindi, but this time he had no problem talking to Slater.

Over all South Africans are ahead by 66 runs and have 5 wickets, in hand, I am sure Kallis will come with a lorry load of Fevico and super glue. Indians needs to come out in a positive frame and wipe the tail out. India can score up to 200 on this track on the final day. A good 5th day's play is on cards.