கல்கியின் அலையோசை

Sivaji கலைமன்றம் is now on tour staging “கல்கியின் அலையோசை” (Kalki’s Alai Osai - Tamil play) , Dramatization by Sridhar, USA. They have staged 2 successful shows that had good attendance and appreciation. Their next show would be held in SSV temple [DC], Greenbelt, MD. Please check temple website for timings, and do encourage the artist.

It was a pleasure for me to compose music and be part of this hard working team. Moreover, the current issue of Kalki (கல்கி) Tamil magazine has reviewed the play and given a “thumbs up”. The theme scores that I composed for this play has also been mentioned and appreciated in the write up. Thanks to Sridhar, for the opportunity. I composed 17 themes for the play, and 12-15 were used. Besides my scores, sound tracks from pre independence era time were also used accordingly. You can download the tracks here.

Intro - Curtain Raiser
Alai Osai - Theme
Letter from the Past
Unknown Women
Sorrow I
Sorrow II
On Her Trail
Jan 30th 1948
Alai Osai Theme - Aggression
Jana Gana Mana - Indian National Anthem


Sophisticated பூ

Over the weekend I saw another movie by Gautam Menon, by now it is an old movie for many, in my case I wait for the original DVD. வேட்டையாடு விளையாடு. I like the movie for the production value , casting etc. So instead of Kudos, the critic side in me is in action now. The script had few major flaws, the glaring one was, after burning a house in Brooklyn area, kills a cop, the so called killer duo escapes from JFK, as if this was not enough, they fly to India [Just wondering who was their travel Agents to get tickets so quickly?]. also they manage to escapes from Bombay Airport using the Disguise technique often found in an old CID (Jai)Shankar movie . This whole episode looked as though these guys travelled from Gumidi poondi Junction to Basin Bridge Junction. It is a 24hour flight. Yaya I hear Kamal was in coma, etc. still the escape episode was no way different from a Danush or Vijay hitting 200 people in single punch! அது கோயம்பேடு பூ, இது இன்னும் sophisticated imported பூ. After this, Once in Bombay, I expected the director to use some intelligence in getting those killers, as announced by Kamal in his staff meeting, “I have plan etc” கடைசியில் ஒரு மை....ம் இல்லை. Climax is the same old solo fight heroism, yayada yayada You too Gautam? At the end of the movie it felt like the whole story can be told in 1.5 hours with a logical climax.

The team lead by Kamal and Gautam is a rare combination that has potential to take Tamil movies to the next new level however like most Tamil movies this also had a disastrous 4th Quarter.

Good Day!

ps:World cup semi finals, my prediction, New Zealand will beat Sri Lanka and South Africa will beat mighty Australia.:) [I do hear your loud laugh!]


Late Movie review. - பச்சைக்கிளி முத்துச்சரம்

Finally! I had some free time to watch the raved movie பச்சைக்கிளி முத்துச்சரம், note, further reading would give away the plot in detail.

Describing it in simple words it is a story about a charming female con-Artist. Honestly believe it or not, after absorbing Jothika’s character play, I guessed the plot in about 15-30 minutes. I should also state that my accurate guess did not disinterest me even a bit. Before I go further, my hearty congratulations to Director Gautam Menon, Indian movie industry needs directors like him. And the casts, congratulations to Sarath Kumar [Sir, it is about time to drop punches and punch dialogues and do justification to your abundant acting talent], Jothika [என்றென்றும் புன்னகை] and Harris for his background music, thanks for thinking music as a score rather than a “bozobozo” sore. One of the theme melody from this movie has been used by Gauthami in her “Anbudan” TV program.

Here are my thoughts, I loved the initial pace set in the first half; the screen play was generally tight, but at times repetitive, the critic in us would be blunt and say monotonous. Gautam Menon’s screen play did not waste time to establish facts in his script - that Sarath was just another middle class hardworking husband travels by electric Train, with a nice little family, a kid, a wife who runs the family and finances , please remember this last fact.

Prudent Gautam exposes less than single role of film to knit the arena or the play ground in which he would soon move his coins and start his mind play with the audience. I pray to the movie gods that future Tamil movies open in this fashion (instead of a hero glorifying 6/8 dance number in the city center). The scene in which Sarth flirts with the receptionists, reminded me the classic Money Penny/007 conversations. The middle class dad Sarath has a kid who is diagnosed as diabetic, his loving wife goes into a depression, and her attention to Sarth reduces. She gives up “pleasure and happiness” and broods over her child’s prognosis. Natural for a mother, but in turn Sarath’s feels that his life is mechanical than before. Conditions at home works against him, he gets curious over another girl [Jo], another married “train” traveler, few eye exchanges [அண்ணலும் நோக்கினாண் அவளும் நோக்கினாள் ], they bump into a conversation, conversation becomes conversations [அண்ணலின் Nokia அவளின் Nokia இணைத்தது AirTel [(c) statement :))],

The newly born “Rail sneham” is watered, enriched and it blooms, in this process Sarth talks about his family, his financial position and vice versa. The chemicals react quickly for Jo, she pushes her new mate in the wrong direction, forces him to the take her out on dates, Chapter titled: “an invitation to infidelity”. Finally sidelining his dilemma, Sarath the naturally clam and truthful person falls for her, a remote sea side motel on Chennai’s popular ECR road is handpicked, and the shady motel room is all set for the rendezvous.

The pair aligns in the room slowly as we wait for something-something to happen, suddenly from nowhere a gun man breaks into the room, Sarath is attacked brutally, he gets mugged, robbed, and gets horribly beaten in trying to protect the girl. The attacker, who must be the lost twin brother of காக்க காக்க [kAkka kAkka ]villain, just kidding, Director Gautam lends his once again, the villain voice is perfect, filled with tons of censor muted but very popular Tamil bad words that I learnt in my MCCHS days. The gun man rapes the girl and vanishes. The wounded duo is now all set to be blackmailed. As expected the bad guy shows up , threatens, blackmails and slowly drains Sarath's wealth and family health. Note, Jo is unhurt by all this; she actually pushes Sarath; Director has a ball here; using Jo’s innocent smile and looks he plays with your emotions. Sarath is now a pauper, his wealth is drained completely. Remember the finance fact I asked you to remember, Sarath wife who supposedly manages and runs the home finance ministry, has no clue about this money drain? Let me bail Gautam, May be her depression has moved the focus from the finance.

Unable to bear the load and pressure, a tormented Sarath decides to get the water out of the coconut, [just a new one to avoid the cliché cat out of the bag statement]; he breaks the news to his wife. The moment she hears the story, leaving her ailing son in dire straits she vanishes into Tambaram air, may be a logical slip for the director. An already depressed caring mom would not abandon him for any reason. Sarath and his son search everywhere. During the searching the episode, the whole story takes a big sharp spin. Sarath finds out that Jo is an accomplice to a scheming gang operation, Sarath witness Jo and the bad guy together scheming another person in similar fashion; he realizes that he has been scammed, tricked. [Interval] [To be continued...]


it hurts

World cup Cricket! The Semi final Ark is all set to board the final 4. Aussies are going great guns, but still we cannot absolutely state that they would win the cup for the 3rd time in a row. The next 2 teams in league are very strong on a given day and have the potential to beat the Aussies. The 4th, South Africa is still limping to get boarding pass for the semi final ark, English might play spoil sport however given the English team and their ever non- playing made of breakable plastic captain, boarding pass to the semi final ark is a very tough ask. After today’s game, rest of the games does not really matter anymore.

Bangladesh lost to Ireland, which prompted ICC to allocate a spot in the ICC one day calendar. One more pressure for the Indians, they need to make sure they are ranked above Ireland. Ponting took a pot shot at India and Pakistan and glorified Ireland is better team and they are doing for cricket! Yes the same little [5. no inches] Ponting who mentioned a while ago that Minnows should never play cricket at this level. Nevertheless, Indian team and the selector [who got away easily] of such a team should bury their head deep inside the mud, now they lost all their pride to a team that got thrashed by a real minnow! Time will tell what Ireland brings into the ICC one day arena.

Finally, What do you do when you are jobs less? - Latest trend in India suggests activities like– Strike, picketing, burn effigies, shout slogans, Donkey marches, public policing on any issues, whatever it is, a load of TV cameras will show up and you can be on TV. The latest person to honored by this Picketing line - Richard Gere, reason: the old man smooched Shipla Sheety in a public function. I am just wondering will the same folks show up in a record dance festivals often shown on Sun and moon TVs?. The time wasted by these hooligans is worse than the amount of time I spend writing this blog. It is very surprising when one side of the country works its ass out to improve the economy while few parts of country take up Minuscule matters in their hands in name of public policing. Has anyone in the picketing line contributed 1% of their time towards AIDS awareness in India? Yesterday some of this activists spoke that in Indian culture we don’t such acts yadayada..Yes, we do donkey marches, burning effigies for worthless reasons, etc etc in the name of culture. News media for heaven sake please don’t call these morons as Social workers, it hurts genuine social workers.


Power play

Power play, Indian team gave a new meaning to the letter P on the score board –P= Poor Play, Yesterday the world cup hosts WI took it to a new level - P=Pathetic Play , while South Africa ensured P =Professional Play.

West Indies played pathetically professional cricket and have been eliminated from the world cup. Their world cup record is now inferior to India. Lara captaincy was right royally poor. I am still trying to understand his game strategy, to me, it looked much more complex than Inzi ‘s English. Lara with all his experience managed and pushed the final power play to the slog overs [44-49].

Power play at 44=Pounds of Raw free meat for the hounds. In general during slog Boucher Butchers and Gibbs Whips any bowling attack, now given the power play situation it was an open ticket, raw meat, WWF, “Kubam kabeem” “Kamba kumbe” result, US Coast guard near Florida pan handle filed a report on sighting few tiny white UFOs from south Atlantic bay. Runs were scored faster than a book cricket match. Is Lara a good captain? I doubt it.

EBAY Australia reported that Ian Chappel [aka Elder Brother to the notorious Roll ‘n’ Ball Brothers] was seen lurking around during wee Australian hours. The web tracker statistics says that he was browsing and searching or shopping for a gift. Some speculated it was for Lara, I guess it must be a similar magic mirror that he gave Tendul few weeks ago.

The story of “Hosts never win the world Cup” continues. Only one West Indian bowler who was in full “swing” was Michele “Scolding” oops Holding. He words were much shaper and clear. I also felt sorry for the poor old man of West Indian Cricket, Tony Cozier. I have been his fan right from his Channel 9 days. This well balanced passionate cricket commentator from Barbados had no hesitation in putting up the facts. Yesterday after the match he was really furious, agonized and his words said it all. He simply blasted the WI cricket board. I think he went through the same emotions Indians faced few weeks back. Now the home team is gone, the stands would be empty with a valid reason. World cup seems long.

Can Bangladesh beat England? More than Bangladeshi performance, it depends on the number of drinks English players gobbled over night.

Good day.



The latest economic news on wire, there is sudden surge for certified pre-owned Jack asses [Donkeys] export to South Africa, says spokes person from DAI [Dobhi Association of India]. Wire news quotes that this surge was attributed to South African cricket team’s pathetic loss to Bangladesh on Saturday. A fleet of Donkeys trained during the recent Indian cricket team debacle are set to travel to the African country. DAI’s media manager also added that “the current batch knows exactly how to react on such occajon”. He also quoted that DAI sales figures have tripled this quarter, and he thanks the Indian cricket fans for this sales surge. We need to wait to see if South African fans react the same way as the Indian fans.

Some media reports speculated few problems in the export. BCCI’s spokes person - assistant to assistant’s deputy lift operator Partap Rana [of building B] has quoted that DAI has to seek permission from BCCI for such exports. He quotes “BCCI has played a great part in training these beasts of burden”. A well known insider of DAI leaked to the press via SMS that “BCCI wants 50% of what each donkey makes. We are watching this situation very closely.

Moving on, Australia trashed the “drunken monks” from England, it is time for the English captain to pick his favorite “injury” and vacation spot. His recent scores are so pathetic that even Sanjay manju will add them without a calculator. DAI sales team is now working hard to send some of their samples to UK. The sales VP quoted that one named “Kalyani Punch” will work for best for Fintoff, as he has been already been caught for too much “kalyani” in his system.

Good day.


Weekly Roundup

A food processor never cares what it is processing, its function is to meticulously and of course mercilessly chop anything and everything put into it, put in your finger or 22 carrots or beetroots regardless, its task is to chop, grind and whip! Australian cricket team functions in this fashion. A fresh bag of lettuce aka Bangladeshi was crushed, chopped and their poor technique was exposed. Their surrender to the Napoleons of cricket aka Australia was rather an afternoon quickie. The hyped home team suffered another setback; they bagged the pathetic award of the week, thanks to their fielding. And more over the game was lost to Jayasuriya’s brilliance. Sri Lankans look very good; their yapping captain finally got some runs for them. Sangakara was remarkable behind the wickets. Apart from that, there as a formality that South African had to complete. The world cup has lost its steam. Not that India and Pakistan are out, the number of games, frequent weather problems, crowd no show up, thanks to huge price and ICC not letting the local culture prevail; The final four is almost decided, mostly Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, if the English team is banned from the overnight booze loading service, may be they have a remote chance. Bangladesh and Ireland though they play with passion, eagerness yadayada!, quality of their cricket is very much below par. India and Pakistan lost to such teams is another comedy in its own. For now World cup 2007 = cold old coffee.

Moving on, one of my all time favorite Tamil movie was on TV, “Kase than kadavulada” a comical riot and spontaneous “Thenga” has no match when it comes to the tantrums and dialogue delivery. He has his own style. “Muthuraman” joins him and says it all [well we know why actor Karthick is also good in comedy], while Srikanth, Murthy, Manoroma and many more joins the fun, a very funny movie. I don’t know how many noticed this, when Thenga walks in as the swamiji, like a Sanskrit mantra he calls out the name of this co stars on the screen, “SRIKANTHARAMA MaNORAME VENNIRADA SURULSURUL”, The words “prashatama”, “athe athe” is quite popular even today. Movie also has nostalgic numbers , Music Superman Vichu rocks “andru vantha intha mayaakkam” , “mela pesungal”, “jambulingame”, fantastic boutique of songs from which we can learn how to compose true Sandam and Melody. ! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie;

The Gautami talk show: Last week end Satyaraj’s was interviewed, uninteresting. This is because Satyaraj has been appearing in almost all the Sun TV programs like comedy time, fun time, hero time, zero time, villain time, namitha time, Kalimark soda time, korukupetai silks time, good time and your bad time. Now, having made the trip to Gautami’s talk show, the only program left for him to appear is the Sun TV news. Just wondering for how many more years we would be talking about “thagudu thagudu” . Many in the East coast do not get to see this program, it airs almost on Monday. This show can be moved to an earlier slot instead of the stupid excoriating skit featuring 2 grandmothers and the lackluster crap hosted by Manivannan. I have stopped watching this “asatha povadhu yaru”. The 2 pests aka judges are total waste of time as don’t come well prepared; the show lacks ideas and direction. To laugh for Chitty Babu’s dry jokes you need an army to tickle you. At times he goes on with his double meaning jokes. And the hostess of the show, people why does she scream as though she is in the middle of a horror movie? The participants defending and ranting about Sun TV, program producers makes me feel “Dad is not hiding in the Rice Barn” Gosh! Dudes, we get it, nobody really cares if you have been hijacked for Vijay TV or Ajith TV, just move on instead of weekly dose of a@@ kissing.

Finally, check this clip here, my friends at DigiMax studio have done a spoof.,

ps: Stay away from - The Botanical Romance - starring Mr. Allergies and Your favorite Claritin De.
Have a great weekend