Bullis School, how many in DC metro have heard about this school? , the reason I heard about them was a report in Today’s Washington post.
Kids from Bullis School conducted a fund raiser that raised about $88,000. Using this they provided brand new boats and fishing equipments to fishermen in the Indian village of Kottivakkam Tamil Nadu. Most of their boats and fishing equipments were lost during the recent Tsunami.

The post reports among those who sprang into action were high school juniors from Potomac, students at a D.C. elementary school, an Indian American yoga instructor in McLean, two Thai restaurateurs, a Montgomery County agency worker and a Malaysian steel consultant in Gaithersburg. For them as for countless others, helping the victims was about more than clicking "Donate Now" on a charity Web site. They aimed higher. Rounding up family, friends, customers and classmates, they posted fliers, twisted arms, cooked meals, put on shows and, one way or another, pulled in the dollars.

The best part of all this is both the community really have not seen or may not see each other, they collected funds to help an unknown fisherman community in a remote corner of Tamil Nadu India. Simply Hats to the kids and others who took part in this noble cause. As post rightly titled this article as "Action Speaks Louder! than Cash" Thank You for helping our fishermen community.

Yesterday I signed up for “SRIKANTHD.IN” about a month ago .IN domain suffix became official. Just to be part of the community I booked one with .IN for my music site. My website can be now accessed by Srikanthd.IN or Srikanthd.COM


My Blogolouge - Feb 21, 2005

Finally it is done. What is done? In my old apartment my studio was kind of semi sound proofed, the studio space was smaller than what we have now so it was ok. However, when we moved to our new home, I had to wait for about a year to sound proof and acoustically treat my studio, thanks to the dry wall warranty. However last month, the final inspection was done and minor cracks and nail pops were fixed. We are now on our own the builder officially washed their hands. It was time to complete the pending sound proofing; we spent the whole weekend on this task. The studio is now 100% acoustically treated at a cost of around $600. Hopefully our next releases have better sounding mix.

The weather man in our area had warned evening snow, so I decided to stay indoors and went on a channel surfing spree. First stop was the SunTV, Trevolta was talking “Tholkapiyan” Tamil [similar to Shakespearian English].

I remember in the 80s, the owners of Sun TV picketed in front of Doordarshan Madras against Hindi serials being dubbed in Tamil. Hindi is one common language spoken across the country. They objected it as it hampered Tamil productions and creativity. But today what changed their principles to dub movies from an alien language? Are we running short of Tamil movies? God only knows. I really don’t see the need for Sun TV to irk us with old action English movies in the name of Tamil dubbing.

As I surfed to my agony I found the same movie in English on the FX channel. This was followed by “Commando”, [shown last week on SunTV]. Dubbed versions are more boring than the unreleased movies like “kumbakonam goapalu”. I need a refund.


There was a great gaga even in the weather channel about the Daytona 500 in Florida. yesterday every TV anchor person was smiling wide about this Dayton 500. Yes, it was Daytona 500 “Nascar” racing. I decided to watch the race. Just an alternate to avoid the Dubbing craze SunTV.

After a while I realized that it was watching a bunch of colorful cars going round and round for about 50,000 times. And finally one person is declared to be the winner. To make it more Spicer they have car crashes in between breaks. Seriously tell me how is this Nascar coverage different from our CDOT Traffic cams?, I felt they were similar, we can see crashes at regular intervals with flashing tow trucks, I saw the same stuff yesterday in Nascar, about 9 times, much lesser than Beltway incidents. Basically you can get the same entertainment as in Nascar if you watch the CDOT cams. Drivers encounter much tougher conditions while driving to work using the Capitol Beltway. Dangerous car merges, people cheating and driving through HOV lanes, Rash lane jumping maniacs, single passenger driven mini buses called “SUVs”, very slow moving drivers are few to mention.

Just add commentary to CDOT cams,

Pete: “the green SUV is now passing the undersized Volkswagen Beatle”

Dan: “Pete” that was a great maneuver above the speed limit”,

Pete: yaw! “Dan” “now check the left most, do you see the Buick driving slowly on the HOV”, “it seems to have cramped the entire HOV lane.

Dan: Yes, but I also hear the red Jeep Cherokee honk, this honk was made in Korea, the sound is so distinct produces about 10db more than regular cars.

Pete: Oh! Oh! Hold on, the Cherokee driver is now showing a finger to get way, but Buick driver ignores him totally and maintain the great speed of 45 miles an hour.

Dan: A patient man,

Joe: Guys, Wow the sanity returns from now here as a flashing cop car passes. Look at the Prudent drivers, Look at them!..wow they are so prudent, they quickly use the gap created by the cop car and advance their position.

Pete: true, very true. Let us now go for a break.

Srikanth: Hey Nascar to me is a sophisticated traffic cam coverage. Not my cup of Japanese green Tea.


Kyoto Treaty

This took effect yesterday. What is this? In order to prevent global warming Nations of the world have agreed to reduce their green house gas emissions. What are green house gases? Emissions [from Industries or Automobiles etc.] of Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide,hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and sulphurhexfluoride.

Experts believe that increase in global temperatures will melt the ice caps, this will increase the sea level, which in turn will affect the weather conditions, that will affect agriculture , public health etc.

What it is called “Kyoto”, this treaty was drawn up in 1997 in Koyto Japan. This commits industrialized nations to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, principally Carbon Dioxide to 5.2% below their 1990 levels over the next decade. This was an ongoing process for more than 7 years. In today’s fast growing and moving world, the initial version of this treaty was very tough to maintain hence in 2002, a scale down version was drawn in Bonn Germany. Main target of this treaty was to reduce or limit emissions in 35 industrialized countries, including India and China.

USA back out out this in 2001, The Bush administration says the treaty would hurt the US economy. It also says this will be ineffective and it is discriminatory because large, rapidly industrializing countries escape the limits. Bush Government did not accept the special treatment for India and China. What is the special treatment? India and China are rapidly developing countries with huge population and size, hence they were given extra time to implement these environment changes.

There was no reason for US to equate itself with India here, however they did it and they are out of this treaty. Seeing US withdraw, Russia now plays a major role. Actually I see this to be a missed opportunity for the US, going into this deal will actually enhance their economy. How? Simply US could have sold lot of technology concerning green house gas reduction to developing nations like India and China; they could recover some salvage on their mammoth size trade deficit with China especially. Russia is going to gain a lot in getting technology to India and China.
The US is now on the side line, [with Australia carrying drinks, yes they also walked out with them.] watching this treaty and its implementation.

I really don’t know if this treaty would reduce global warming or not, also I really don’t care about ice melting in North Pole. It is Santa’s problem; however I am concerned about pollution in my home country that needs to be controlled. Hope this treaty sets India onto the right path towards clean environment.

US government now has plans to have their own standards maintaining the green house gases levels. However it is for the states within the country to deal this issue.

On US government in-house green house plan, I hope their plan covers Mexican foods, which is a major contributor to green house gases, at least in public transport systems of this country.


varalaaru.com [வரலாறு.காம்]

Do you see the banner on the right column of this Blog? And I believe out of curiosity many should have clicked over it and visited varalaaru.com.

Varalaaru.com is run by a team of talented young professionals. So what? I do have my history text book, actually they don't publish information right out of any history text books; they go to various historically significant places around Tamil Nadu and conduct research before publishing in their website. The pictures and articles are originals and copy righted.

How was this group formed? “The internet” All of them met via a yahoo group dedicated to the famous historical novel from Kalki, “ponniyin selvan”. I am sure Kalki would not have envisioned that his work would unite a group of people who would then research about ancient history of Southern India.

This team initially planned to visit every historical place described in the novel. During these trips they got the acquaintance of Dr. Kalaikkovan, a renowned historian and the convener of Dr. M.Rajamanikkanar Centre for Historical Research. On Aug 15th 2004, they launched www.varalaaru.com. [Varalaaru in Tamil means history]. Tamil written and spoken today is different from what they used during those periods. Using this acquaintance this team first learnt how to interpret inscriptions.

After trained in reading the ancient inscriptions, they slowly gained the knowledge to appreciate temple architecture and sculptures. The initial mission statement of this website is sharing their findings to the world.

Keeping this mission intact, this website publishes materials as a monthly publication; every issue contains tons of new information about ancient inscriptions and architectures and sculptures around Tamil Nadu. They have published many articles which are very interesting to read. The team pools personal fund from their own earnings and have been slowly rolling. I wish they get proper funding from any government based archeological grants or may be the discovery channel.

Why Discovery Channel? First they are rich, and if you watch the Discovery History channel, it makes you believe that there is nothing to talk about ancient civilizations beyond Egypt. Most of the time, it is mummy autopsy. For a change they could cover our south Indian architecture and sculptures.

I came to know about this site through my good friend Ram. He is one among the devoted team instrumental in getting all this done. His new article is about an ancient music instrument called “Yaz” [யாழ்], as a musician it was very interesting to read.

A request to the team, this site is in Tamil; in order to draw non Tamilians or international audience it would be nice to have an English version.

Please Make a visit to http://www.varalaaru.com


Reminiscence [நினைவுகள்]

Here is my next musical release called “Reminiscence”[நினைவுகள்]

An instrumental track after about a year or so. Composing instrumental music has been my first passion. This is a simple melody based on few south Indian ragas that has been layered over a chord progression.

Try to monitor each part in the track; every part has a meaning and goal. Each part interact with one and another, they come and go as counterpoints or melody lines or harmonies and fillers etc. Watch out for some unconventional chord placements and drum rolls.

For English version of the website Click here
For Tamil version of the website Click here

Hope you enjoy the track.


My Bloglogue - Feb 14th 2005

My cousin sent me a link to read, it was something very peculiar. Here is the info; a person has developed a type of paper and Ink that is made of edible materials, which means from now you can eat the cookies and its wrapper. The printer's cartridges are loaded with fruit and vegetable concoctions instead of ink, and the paper tray contains edible sheets of soybean and potato starch.

The inventor says this is will revolutionize the magazine advertisements. He says people can now sample the actual product advertised. In a pizza advertisement apart from cutting the coupons, you will now have the actual pizza sample for tasting. Just tear it - munch it – if you like it - then go order it.
Some might call it wonderful invention; however, I find it really bizarre. Usually I read the morning news paper during my breakfast however from now the newspaper itself will be my break fast. What next! A low carb News paper or a fat free Vanilla flavored Personal column? In my opinion Humans are slowly being converted to donkeys instead. Here is the link

The Sapthaswarngal on Suntv has introduced a new format; they now invite a full size band to prove their skill. Collage Bands now compete with their entire orchestra. The output is more of a coordinated team work. Being an instrumentalist myself, I would feel in secured at times when the vocalist gets the limelight. Frankly most background artists, at least whom I know take pain to play every chord with its proper inversions from the original composition. Many times no one cares to spots this effort. We are left to talk among ourselves about it.

I feel this format is very good and encouraging. Yesterday, the first team [HT] sang title theme from Hey Ram, they played the backgrounds very well, and Lead & backing vocals were also very good. The second team sang Tamiza Tamiza, backgrounds were done very well and backing vocals were good, however the vocalists let them down.

The first 15 minutes were taken by the judges Mr. Thomas, the hall of fame Trumpet exponent and Mr. Naveen one more hall of fame Flute Vidwan. These 2 wind experts have lent their breath to most film songs regardless of language for last 10 or more years.

They played a theme for the Tsunami victims; it started of quite well, however frankly after 5 minutes I started to feel the drag. They could have asked the college bands to play some chords/Bass instead of jarring unison key note all through the 15 minutes. With all due respects to Mr. Thomas and Mr. Naveen, Trumpet and different kinds of flute playing new age music without any kind of chord progression or at least a bass was really boring for my ears. They could have let the College bands play 2 more songs in that time.

Tamil pronunciations
I use to crib about Tamil pronunciations of SunTV Video Jockeys., however I happened to watch the program called “ninaivugal” , Yes, it is another show about movies but they take an old classic Tamil movie and throw in good anecdote on the movie. What is the big deal? The VJ of this show talks very good Tamil, She was totally different from the regulars who often suffer from an “Illness” that stops them from pronouncing certain syllables, Divya Kasthuri talks very good Tamil with perfect pronunciation. I wish she takes a crash course to the all VJs out there. This show airs at Saturday evenings.

For my friends who complain about watching Sun TV, guys! No NFL and what else to do during the weekend when the temperature out there was less than 30f with a wind chill of 1f.

Happy Valentines Day!


What is the Deal?

I never get this logic, Difference between pet animals and edible animals? Ok I get one thing on having an adorable pet animal, it is better than having a wife or a husband; because the poor animal never replies or comments about your esteemed opinions and they don’t come with the “IN-Law” baggage.

Many today are obsessed with their pets; this obsession is seen more in the west. I am not complaining here about having pets, I want to know the 10 yard line or the batting crease that divides two zones, tell me this, where is the cut off line which decides the “pet ness” for an animal.

Yesterday NPR [National Public Radio] featured a Fish Doctor . He operated [“surgery”] a Gold fish called “Dragon Boy” who had complications in swimming straight. Thanks to the Vet, today the fish is hale & healthy and will go on to live for its full life span of 15 years. A noble deed by the doctor, he helped the little Golden boy [தங்கமகன்] who will be swimming in a 5x5 fish tank rest of his life or until his father finds him.

My point here is why people seem to have soft corner to gold and other fancy looking fish alone, may be the gold fish uses “fair and lovely” or some other fairness lotion to get the special treatment? Why the Gold fish is not part of the lunch menu? Does it taste or smell bad, duh, in my opinion Fish and smell are something like the letter “Q” and “U”, they cannot be separated.

I remember when I was in Seattle, Circus was in town, but there was also a protest in down town on their visit. This was by a group that claimed circus shows causes pain to animals; their claim was “Animals are being ill treated for human entertainment”. I agree, yes I am sure if you ask a bear about riding a motor cycle in front of crowd, he would whine more than humans. Or elephants standing on 2 legs with their front legs on another elephant’s back. Has anyone checked with the Elephants how and what they feel about putting their legs on fellow elephant's “..ss” ?

However, coming back to the protest, after the protest, lunch was served; a huge line was waiting to get the main course, which included chicken patties and bacon cheese pasta. What did the poor chicken or the cow do to them for not getting their attention, what did the bears, the elephants and the camels do to get their support and special treatment?

I have seen “pet” [not vet] hospitals in discovery animal planet. Most hospitals are well equipped and are like star hotels. There was a psychiatrist ward Yes! People are ready to spend on Dog depressions. Why this A308 1st class treatment for Dogs and Cats alone? What did the poor Goat, Cow or the Pigs do to the humans, why are these animals ruthlessly shown the guillotine?

I wish someone explains me the line? Yes skeptics! Will come after me and tell hey even plants have life why take away, Dude! I am not talking about vegetarianism here, I really don’t care if you eat meat or not, I just talking about consistency in eating habits, a veggie eats any veggie that is not poisonous to him. Take the Chinese; they take anything that moves with some flesh. There is no pretending love for the animals, very consistent. But the western society is very biased and has a clueless inconsistent eating habit. They pretend to be kind of few animals but go after others with an axe. Why?

Meet eaters of west, just think about this when you see a special pet treatment next time. Have a good weekend folks.


Its about Time.

My Bloglogue

Yesterday Aishwariya Rai was on David Letterman show. Letterman gave a good introduction on her and Bollywood; he also pulled his usual sarcastic faster ones. However she handled it all very well and at one point of time when letterman asked how she came to this movie world etc, she answered him very well and went on to ask him very casually how in the first place he came to this job? I was surprised when she mentioned that her Hindi senior films stars do not like the word “Bollywood”. Aish can talk 4 languages apart from English. This four includes [broken] Tamil. She has no plans to move to Hollywood.

A good evening and a pride moment to see her on Letterman show. Many might think what the big deal is, frankly – it is an indication, it an indication that Indians cannot be ignored anymore and Aish is just a start, world will be seeing many more top Indians from other fields that are in par with their western counter parts.

F16 Deal
India has sent a request to the US for procuring F16 fight plans. This was announced by our Air Force Chief S.K. Thayagi. However USA is not given any reply in this accord. India's air force Chief S.K. Tyagi told reporters that New Delhi is seeking to buy 125 fighter jets, had invited information from Lockheed Martin Corp. In the past India had relied on Russian fighters but is now seeking to diversify or may be for more stability. India had also sent a request for Northrop Grumman Corp's Hawkeye 2000 airborne early warning aircraft. Indian navy has already procured these aircraft. The United States is keen to improve its market share of India's defense equipment. This strategic relationship is aided by India's economic liberalization and a common cause in global war on terror.

Studio1234 News
I completed my next instrumental score, should be online in couple of days or latest by next week. This score was first written for my friend Balaji for his stage play. However during the period I fell sick and was not able to complete the score. Nevertheless I did complete this instrumental work. A set of proper chords progression for an Indian melody will be the highlight of the score. Watch out for this in my website in few days.

Some more news on my website, my site now has dedicated Tamil page. It is high time for me get into the Tamil Unicode stream, by this the message is clear, I am loyal to my mother tongue. However, as I have visitors who do not speak my language for their benefit my website would still continue to follow the dual language principles.:)

Today is the new year for every 4th guy born, meaning every 4th child in the world today is from China. I was kidding. Seriously, A very happy new year to all my Chinese friends and their families; It is the year of “Roaster” so another full of year of “kokarako Gumanggo”.


Super Bowl Sunday!

The super bowl started off great pomp and glamour, watching this on High definition was at real treat. The sound was in 5.1 Dolby Digital. I wish I could get cricket in HD with 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound.

When you talk about Super Bowl, first things that come to our mind are the commercials. Commercials slots were priced at 2.5 Million for 30 seconds, lot of money to spend in just 30 seconds.

This time, I felt only 3 commercials were different and one of them was really funny. Bud Light Commercial where the pilot jumps from the plane. Other two new ideas I liked were the monkey office and the one from the mortgage company. Other than these three, all other commercials had nothing to talk much about. May be in order to kill time during their show a TV show host may have something to discuss for a whole day and laugh about it.

In my opinion, the best show during the super bowl Sunday was the half time show by Paul McCartney. The Beatle rocked some of the top hits including my favorite “Get Back”, and “Hey Jude”. I grew up listening to the Beatles; frankly I would have a listened at least a zillion times the songs “Get back” and “Hey Jude”. The guitar parts for get back were played with perfection and matched the original tonality and score. Simply Amazing!

Though Sir Paul looked lip syncing for “live and let die”, hey! Singing in front of a 100,000+ in an open stadium, considering his age - this is a task in itself. And we did not have any wardrobe mal-function this time. I think more than the game itself I felt the half time show was out of the world. May be, I am crazy, biased and out raging Beatles fan.

But comedy of all comedies was to call the super bowl winner the world champions. I know everyone talks about this but continues the same trend every year. Again this year winner was called as world champions, halo how?

Following this tradition, though it is late, it is time to award my friends Logu and Karthi the world champs ring, if you wonder who these mortals are?, they are defending “sOnggu” world champs, “sOnggu” is an incredible game played with marbles and bare hands , where the loser is make to boil “porridge”. Logu has won tons of accolades while Karthi is next to him in statistics. Btw: sOnggu is the lower end version of today’s multimillion dollar golf, often played in street corners of Chennai.

Seriously, can we call Ranji trophy winners as world champs and make a fool of ourselves; I wish instead of ridiculing themselves and real world class sports, it is time for the media and NFL to change the title to “NFL champs” rather than world champs. There are 150+ other courtiers who don’t have a clue about this game yet. There is no other country competing in it, other countries playing and living up to the standards is another point of discussion, but the fact is – NFL is a local affair.

NFL is a great game and great show to watch, I have no doubt it; however I cannot take it, when you play among AFC and NFC, call the winner as world champs. Hey! World is much bigger.

Oh Finally, NE Pats won, they are now Lord of the Super Bowl Rings. Experts were busy talking about Dynasty. What ever, in my opinion this time the Super Bowl game was not that great, both teams played as though it was their first game of the season. Eagles especially; still I am unable to comprehend the fact that “Tom Brady” is the greatest quarterback around now. However don’t want to take anything away. A win is Win. Congratulations to the New England Patriots, they are the NFL champs.


Comment கந்தசாமி #2

Guess What?

I happen to watch a movie on DVD, let me narrate you the story and see if you could guess the movie.

Once upon a time, there lived a “Dad” ZMD. Chakravarthy [Vijay Kumar] and a Mom Zmdrs Rani [Lakshmi ] Ps:Zmd=Zamindar Zmdrs = Zamindarainee

Both had a girl child [17 year old Pudhu mugam] she grew up as free girl who goes around the village, sings songs and plays with her friends.
However after the 1st reel, outside the village border, she meets a strong handsome guy; let us call him Sarath Kumar,he as 2 friends "Gowndamani and Senthil". They both get attracted and fall in love. Dont get me wrong. I meant Sarth Kumar and the new face. For next 2 reels, they go to many places; they dance, sing songs and make merry.

However as expected Vijay Kumar [Dad guy] spots them together. They are caught red handed. At once, he splits them up. He instructs his daughter to stay away from Sarath, Her mother warns that Sarath Kumar’s dad was actually her uncle [Pasupathy], a.,k.a her dad’s first cousin. He was the traitor in the family who wanted to acquire the wealth. He was banished by her grand father [Vinoo chakaravarthy] from the village for more than a generation now, she fails to believe the story, but following Movie, Tele serial tradition she obeys her father and his words with tears.

Pasupathy appears only in the flash back, he is done and gone, Sarath Kumar now has a mom [Vadivukkarasi], who is the widow of the bad guy - Pasupathi, she is a well qualified evil women waiting to settle accounts with Vijay Kumar. She smears about Vijay Kumar to Sarath and instructs him not to go to the other village.

After all this, Sarath Kumar and Pudhu mugam plans to run away from the village. But they are caught by Vijay Kumar again, new face pleads to her father; finally get the dads’ nod, ZMD. Vijay Kumar accepts Sarath Kumar as his son-in-law forgetting the past.

The wedding is planned, on the wedding day the evil women shows up with her army of “bottom line soldiers” [“அடி ஆள்”] and frames Sarath Kumar to be a spy. She cooks a story that Sarath was sent by her to takeout Vijay Kumar. But our Sarath is good guy, he denies this conspiracy theory, he fights against his moms bottom line soldiers and wins, finally after a full scale SuLLan level fighting among both the villages, the evil lady gets killed, she falls from a hill on to a running river.

Later the villagers joins hands and becomes friends once again; Sarath and new face get married and live happily ever after.

Can you guess this movie?
For the answer Click the link in the feed back window.


The Claptometer Part 2

Comment கந்தசாமி #1


The Ground hog Day and the Claptometer Part 1

Today is ground hog Day. What is its significance? Feb 2nd, Ground hogs [small rodent looking animals] are supposed to come out their burrows after waking up from their hibernation. When they come out, farmers in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania predict spring arrival time based on their shadow and other technicalities. Today they gave their long prognosis, they predicted the spring arrival time. ETA [expected time of arrival] six weeks. .It is going to be cold for 6 more weeks.

But, I have never seen a ground hog walking out by itself from its burrow.Ok, I agree it is a small fun filled activity in the name tradition, but has anyone checked it with the poor ground hog? Has his hibernation really ended? Poor fellow is often seen being pulled out from his natural sleep. He would blink in front of a huge crowd and wired looking men busy checking his bottom. Will humans let any one do this to them? Assume, a huge group of people standing outside your house screaming, another group of five with cylindrical hats pull you out of your bed on cold wintry morning and check something that you have no clue about? , how many of us will take or face such treament?.

The west makes fun of rituals in developing world, however west also seem to have handful of ridicules ceremonies in the name of tradition. NBC Today show carried this event live, Katie Couric was amazed by this while Matt Lauer was seen banging his head on a near by table.

Today President Bush will be delivering his State of the Union address. All the TV stations, Radio Stations, Railway stations and Gas stations will be carrying it live. Streets around Capitol hill Washington DC will be closed.


The New PC Nightmare

Do you know that Microsoft recommends getting their software from Dell is the best method to obtain it legally? Oh yawn! Microsoft certifies legitimacy if you buy it from Dell. They give you a hologram embalmed nicely on a virtual golden button that reads “You are a believer“. Alright, all this to make Bill Gates and his cronies believe that we don’t use software illegally. Agreed, world is ruthless on piracy. As a musician myself, I am totally against piracy. But being a genuine user it comes with high price tag, it causes great agony.

Has one recently got a new Dell PC that is loaded with legal copy of windows XP Pro? When you start the brand new Dell PC for the first time, a rectangle dialogue box shows up with text boxes lined up like a freight train, it will read “please enter the product activation key”.

An activation key is a long cryptic message handpicked by experts from Nerdy tribes that live in the valleys of Mount Rainier near Washington State. This can contain alphabets from our planet, many letters and signs from Mars, Uranus and Pluto. Framing this key is part their tribal tradition. Microsoft says creating such activation keys will prevent software piracy. Let me assure you, if you tell me that this will prevent piracy, I take it as a bad joke. Who ever framed this activation key schema should be a sadist. A software pirate will never be hindered by this key. He/She has no bid deal in copying this by using a copier. Having paid for this, it is the legal users who suffer the most.

Most human beings find it very difficult to enter an activation key. And for Typo experts like me it is a mind boggling task. Halo! When you buy from Dell with Microsoft certification, why the hell I should again enter the key? Why can’t it be done automatically? Here goes the doubting Thomas, hey buddy “it is after all a key? Why can’t you enter it and be done with it”, oh Mr. Skeptic, it is easy to say than doing it., the agony multiplies more now, listen, I first look around not knowing where to find the key, I peruse the puny manual just to find it was printed using recycled material. Like a pregnant cat I walk around the empty cartons searching for something, I find some number xwrtyzxbchdjnnchsgdjshyurere , I type this with great care, NOP sorry, invalid number that was the bar code.

Ok, some where some how, I come to know where to find this key. The label that contains the sanctified hologram and the certification key is stuck somewhere in the left side right bottom of the pc. In other words Dell meticulously places the key label at “the PC’s ass”. We are forced to look under the pc to read this anaconda.

Frankly, when it comes to this activation key I feel the entire world goes ½ blind; at first instance I only saw a silvery shining rainbow like hologram. Dam, now the next task will be to search for a torch light, its battery and rest of its family members.

The one I found made my life more ridicules. The illumination I got was inferior to an “Agarbathi”. In order to get it going, I had to do some moments with it, four years of using this torch light I am now a qualified person who could taxi a Boeing 747 to its dock quite comfortably. Well, no result yet, very dull light to read this anaconda sized activation key. Finally! Bless the lord; bright light came up after some massive pats and spanks on its …SS.

The pc now stands [in an angle] like a car as though that needs a tire rotation, I quickly make note of the key[zxcv12f-jkilks10-sumbanai-kapathu] [Translation: one more dumb windows user, god help him], I go back and type it, wow! It goes through well, the system starts after initializing. I thought “ok” may be I over reacted.

I had ordered Ms Office professional edition, which is about $250 extra. I start MS-WORD, “ding” a dialogue box shows up asking for a key! , a dog from nowhere suddenly appeared on the screen; it barked and as though indicating something it stood there lifting its third leg. “Do you want help?”

Dam, did I not enter the key already, or may be, being the defending “Typo world Champion” I should have made some typo some where in the mid part of the anaconda. I could have missed some of the “plutonian” characters. God!, the whole nine yards once again and had one more “darshan” [clear view] of the holy hologram, I turned the light boy off, hence one more time the “747 Taxi dance and so on..

Why can’t the Experts at Microsoft come up with a better system? Why should we be teased in spite of paying for this? Didn’t I get the stuff legally from a Microsoft certified Dell.com?

Ps: You may find similar article covering this topic. After completing my story, I goggled around to find people views with similar views, Yes there are some articles out there and few resembles to my article, here is my disclaimer; it is purely coincidental to find another article in this regard.