Assumption, the spoilsport of livelihood

As the whole world is wondering where in the hell this guy vanished? [Assumption, the spoilsport of livelihood], I thought I should scribble something to make sure people remember me.

For a change, I changed my course to enhance my career. It seems the celestial stars that controls me favors career growth. Yes trust me I came to know this via a Sun TV program; I managed to understand the prediction from the astrological reader in spite of her making 10,000 pronunciation blunders per second. I am just wondering – is Tamil language really dead on the TV? I am not joking just watch the astro prediction program on Sun TV that airs every Saturday. The fact is such that it is very tough for any astrologer living or dead to predict the number of pathetic language mistakes the reader is going to make during the show, people! It is Awful; even play back singer Sukiwinder Singh has better Tamil diction.

How many of you are video game addicts, I am not, using a soap box sized remote control I hate sitting in front of TV to punch a robot or devise a strategy to finish a mission, in general increase stress.
But of late I got hooked on something called Nintendo Wii, this is altogether a different experience. Video game aficionadas generally evolve to couch potatoes oops pumpkins or something similar. But Wii controller is something more physical, it gets its input based on physical movements. Hence playing on the Wii does generate some sort of physical exercise, player is forced to keep moving around, making your blood flow normal which in turn relives your mind from stress. I am just loving it, and been playing games like Tennis, Bowling on this for some time now, it is all family fun. Try it out you will know what it is all about. Playing Boxing after watching any heroism filled new Tamil movie, it does help.

I happened to watch the movie Chennai 600028; I am slow in watching movies. Honestly I liked the movie; it was very different but seemed to lacked the depth found other sports related movies. I have played gully cricket and was able to relate to the script right away. The Tamil commentary dude was too funny, movie was good late summer evening entertainer. All the best to the director – Prabhu (s/o Gangai Amaran)

Only thing that I could not stand or sit was --- YA! - The music. The music director had no clue about the musical pitch. The only pitch found in the movie was the ones shown during cricket matches. The song sung by the producer SPB that had some bounce on the pitch all other tracks are well made craps. One of the ½ cooked hip hop number sung in the bar was a blunt rehash of “செந்தமிழ் தேன் மொழியாள்”in a faster meter --- என்னக்கொடும SIR இது!

Ps: ள் - this sound does not exists in Tamil any more, it over, it was officially laid to rest in all the sound tracks.

Good day!...