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When Ricky Ponting brutally quoted “South Africans are chokers”, Smith, the South African captain was right royally annoyed, however yesterday his team came close to prove Ponting’s theory. South Africa won by 1 wicket, thanks to lady luck. Malinga wiped the tail with some accurate bowling, while Murali also had good spell picking up very important wickets. Malinga’s hairdo still looks like as though he had a fight with his hair dresser halfway and the hair dresser walked away. At the end of the day, Sri Lanka lost the game, thanks to pitiable batting display especially in the final 10 of the innings. I wish the Lankan captain bats and stands up to his yap. Else they would soon take the path of their neighbor. Ponting also rubbed 10 spoons of salt and 2 table spoons of chili powder on few deep wounds - I quote from his interview on CNN-IBN - “India and Pakistan are not fit to be the super eights”. I have never respected Ponting opinion in the past, however this time I am forced to agree. I have started to believe that he is speaking from position of power. It is for the teams to proving him wrong. WI was as pathetic as before and surrendered quickly to the Aussies. I have not seen a world cup with empty stands even when the home team is playing. Where are the cricket loving Caribbean fans gone?

Have a great weekend of cricket, Ausrtalia taking on Bangala!....Best of luck or Best of Duck - Time will tell.


Breaking the shop coconut for path Ganesha

ICC has pulled out all clips relating to the world cup cricket from YouTube. Many have poured their views and anger and termed it to be a poor decision for cricket, whatever, Bottom line people fail to see here is broadcasters have paid ICC a large sum for the telecast, and there is no legal reason for YouTube or anyone to put the clip free of cost. What loss a clip could bring? You may ask, - tell me what popularity a poor quality compressed clip can bring? When you genuinely think about copy rights and global media rights, only thing ICC could have done better is devised a plan much ahead of time before running into this mess. I was reading Mr. Andrew Millers article on this issue, I clip oops quote the last paragraph here, “Cricket has acquired a dangerous obsession with money," wrote Cricinfo's editor, Sambit Bal, on Thursday, "to the extent where it is not a question of a game needing the money to survive or grow but making as much as possible at any cost." At this precise moment, cricket does not need money to survive or grow. It needs publicity. Publicity of on-field exploits rather than off-field outrages. It's time to loosen up and let the spectacle be enjoyed by all who wish it well.”
- Andrew Miller is UK editor of Cricinfo © Cricinfo,

What does the © mean above? Can you clarify Mr. Miller?

Do you know the Story of “Breaking the shop coconut for path Ganesha” Yes you will be blessed for the good deeds, but what about the poor coconut seller who has paid for the coconut in first place? Poor guy does even not get the chutney.

Ps: Just go and find the number of regular NFL season games clips on YouTube.


Magic that produces cricketers and Mangoes

What a week, had to work over the weekend, we are in the process of migrating data to a new environment. Each database took about 3-5 hours to migrate; hence during the lead time, I was watching Australia and South Africa play their “last” 1st round game. , seriously both teams were class apart.

As expected Bangladesh moved forward to play in the super 8th round, I am genuinely pleased; I was happy see Habibul Basher smile, poor guy has spent a lot time standing there with a sad face during after match presentations. He knows the pain, which in turn increase the value of this promotion and the team would cherish this for long period of time. More than the team, kudos to the Cricket officials in Bangladesh; they put down their heads to get it right, it worked and it is now the harvest time! Congratulations to Bangladeshi team, their fans! And their Amazing coach.

Playing teams like Australia, South Africa in the next round would be a tough ask for the young Bangladeshi team. Having said this, I feel Bangladesh team has nothing to lose from here on because the entire Bangladeshi cricket board and their team members have proved that they have a working “spine”, a body part that is not found in the team from the same sub continent that I “used” to support.

now over to the Magic that produced Mangoes:
After Tsunami hit the southern shores of India, officials aka RIP van winkles woke up and installed warning systems etc. Likewise, the cricketing structure in India should undergo serious changes at least now, when people like Barry Richards commented about India cricket and its management, his opinions were trashed by most including yours faithfully. Today unable to face the reality, I am hiding, my face is deeply buried into the ground like an ostrich. I have also been the culprit in this blindly devotion.

People going on riots on burning stuff, etc, IMO a ridiculous act and such acts seems to happen in places that are already a liability to the Indian economy. Just wondering about the economic contributions from the states like Jharkhand, Bihar, etc? Now the whole issue will be discussed by the elected officials and they would waste more time and money.

BCCI churns or makes money equaling a Caribbean country’s GDP or matches Director Shankar’s next movie budget. But the joke is 99% of the so called BCCI Officials are honorary aka amateur, voluntary! [What a load of crap?] These people cannot communicate in Hindi or in English or any other language. In the TV channels I was watching, each and every BCCI official struggles to speak 2 sentences fluently in any language.

People working in fortune 500 companies [that has almost the same turn over as BCCI] knows the importance of communication. Unless you talk clearly you are nowhere in the race, but as far BCCI – [A Bunch of Crap Controlling Indian cricket] officials’ rules are different. I think more than cleaning the team, the task in hand is to clean the system. The cancer in the system should be identified, exposed and radiated. This is the result of unqualified people running the show.

Also for the players, instead of instant layoff strategy that will just earn sympathy, the first step would be to issue a notice to the senior players that they would be phased out in due course. The new team should be build around them slowly reducing the importance to the seniors. Moreover, most countries in the world have a subsystem to their national team. This subsystem develops bench strength. But as far as BCCI selection is concerned, a player has various other means to get in, performance never matters.

Bottom line, management professional should manage the circus called Indian cricket. All said and done nothing will happen, perhaps as an ex-fan, until the system is cleaned we can only do this - I request everyone to say the following mantra 10 times before and after every meal.
I will not watch Indian cricket, or support the Indian cricket management and its cricketers

Ps: I have some more venting to go, next would be about the million dollar coach and his experimentation BS; for the money he was paid he was supposed to build a strong team, but scrupulously built a சாமியார் மடம் [sAmiyar madam] instead and now tries to elude the people and the press.

Good day!


Reality Check! is true

For now on for next 365 days I will never ever discuss or support any Indian cricketer or watch Indian cricket.

If possible to put the above button in your blog.


The Only One Pill is...

This morning I read a very powerful article by Sambit Bal, 80% of article made lot of sense, while there were few lose parts that I don’t concur with him [Who cares! For my opinion is another separate discussion]. Blaming BCCI is accepted, I agree 100%, but they are not the only culprit. ICC and every other ICC member have been enjoying this flow of funds from Indian companies. BCCI is a well known replacement word for “disorganization” however in my opinion it is not correct to victimize Indian Cricket alone for this fiasco. I feel ICC is as greedy as BCCI when it comes to money. ICC has to enforce better rules and the member board like BCCI definitely needs a THOROUGH cleansing mela.

It starts right from the team selection, selection should be more transparent and in black and white clearly on paper. Indian team selection has always been under fire, for example a player like Viru was given many free coupons with no expiry date to regain his form. Basically in my software world, we don’t dare testing a product in a running production environment, once a product is on the production box, it has to be good, if not it has to go back to testing or staging. We cannot keep patching! The production box; Likewise players like Viru are sitting there trying to patch and reinvent themselves but in the process they have slowed down the entire machine. This should never happen. In Indian team selection history may be after Agarkar, no other player has got so many free rides, this includes the former captain Ganguly. In the past Players like Krish Srikkanth were mercilessly axed citing just few failures.

The team selection procedures should adopt an automatic rotation policy. If a player fails for more than “n” games, the “n” is decided based on their experience but less than 10, they will be out of the squad regardless, their reentry into the team should be based on their domestic performance [Staging]. This applies to the captain also, if he fails to win more than n number of series, say 5, he should be replaced. An open ticket given to players like Ajith Agarkar should be forfeited. Agarkar has been in the team for many years now and everyone knows he is a poor bowler but he manages to find his place. Imo, Agarkar is not even fit to play for any minnows.

Back to the article discussion, I quote from Sambit Bal [Cricinfo] ,Read the following lines and conclude yourself - “The reality is that India reaching the World Cup final would be an overachievement. Australia and South Africa possess superior teams, New Zealand have more balance and depth and Sri Lanka are the most improved team in world cricket. India have proven, but ageing, batsmen, a bowling attack that's susceptible to pressure and poor fielders”,

But you can't call yourself a true fan if the sight of 17-year old Tamim Iqbal charging down pitch to belt Indian quick bowlers brought you no thrill.”

Sir, how is this worse from you simply writing off a team that came second in the last world cup?

Further quoting him, “But it might not be such a bad thing for cricket if they were to be knocked out in the first round. Cricket needs a reality check. It has an unhealthy, and unsustainable, business model that relies primarily on an increasingly delusional and one-dimensional fan-base. The bubble has to burst for a semblance of sanity to be restored. We must learn to once again enjoy cricket as a game." My question - Why Indian cricketers are alone scarified while the WHOLE of ICC enjoyed the benefit and if punished it should be every board that got paid;

World glorified Bangladesh for their win, and even the captain of Bermuda was saying “we can surprise”. However as expected the results are different today. I am surprised by columnists who have written off the Indian team and go on speculating that Indian team’s progress is due to the money involved. This is totally absurd and takes away everything from Indian cricket. After all in spite of good ICC rankings South Africa did not make it to super 6 in the last world cup but this time they are ready to believe that south Africa could win the cup but India the runners up in the last world cup does not get any respect in the deal because Indian companies are pumping money, Come on!,

Tomorrow Indian will face Sri Lankana; it is a must win game for India. I don’t want to write off India completely here based on their performance against Bangladesh, I am hoping that Indians will come good with improved performance. Dravids and the Sachins have to come to the party to prove themselves once again, no other choice. Victory is the only pill that will shut critics.

Go India.


ஜாக்கிறத! [in Thenga srini style]

After the despicable performance against Bangladesh, team India took the game seriously and whacked Bermuda to stay in the race. However there are many more hills nd oceans to cross before we make it to Super 8, time will tell if team India would be moved to a Super 8 motel or to the super 8 league. Bowling is India’s weakest link, the way Agarkar bowls – Yuk! I really don’t how he will perform against Australia or South Africa. In the first game Dravid kept giving him the ball, I really don’t know why he did not try part timers, even the game against Bermuda; he got Sachin very late to bowl. Whatever! To move forward and make the Super 8 interesting we have to play carefully against Sri Lanka [ஜாக்கிறத!] but if Indians are out, who will watch this game?

Over the weekend as if Indian loss was not enough to bear, I watched a Tamil - ஆழ்வார்/ஆல்வார்/ஆள்வார் - Alwar. This movie provides us a truck load messages for life. It seems Ajith Kumar picked this script after thorough analysis, அதுவே! இந்த கதியா! - தாங்கலடா சாமி. Think what if our hero Alwar’s mom had told him “நீ பழம் மாதிரி இருக்கடா கண்ணா!” Ajith would then show up as மாம்பழம், பலப்பழம், மாதுலம்பழம் getup and kick the villains in pondy bazaar fruit market. ஒரு நல்ல comedy subject has been wasted by dressing him up like Rama, Krishna and Govinda.

Do you know Milk from அபிஷேகம் wakes up a man who was beaten to death by a million gundas using some crazy looking WMDs? Do you know that if police chases you, just keep running for 20 reels and suddenly wear a Re 1 incredible hulk mask, police will not remember you.

I recommend Ajith to consider wearing bullet proof sun, moon, and night glasses for next 2 years – ஒமாச்சி கண்ணா குத்தும் ஜாக்கிறத!. Hindu gods are now dragged to aid modern movie violence. One more Agarkar movie by Ajith [Agarkar - Is the new definition for the word mediocre, pathetic, தாங்கலடா சாமி, etc,]

Breaking news on the wire: England skipper Michael Vaughan has suffered a fresh injury scare ahead of Saturday's Group C match against Kenya after tripping over a pot-hole. Time to get THIS warning sign back;

Real Breaking news: Few Giant size coconut trees feel down near the commentary box yesterday, thanks to Rajith Fernando, L.Siva and co, அறு அறுனு அறுத்து தள்ளாராங்க!...

Good day!



An Over cautious Dravid and his men lost and salt on the wound they lost to Bangladesh. It all started when Dravid made 2 wrong choices. When there was a doubt about the pitch condition, and if you doubt that it might help bowlers, I would better make my already weak bowlers to try under such condition. I was kind of shocked when Dravid said he is going to bat.

As if this was not enough, Dravid picks Viru to open. His recent scoring spree competes with his cell phone number. No other player in Indian cricketing history has been given so many chances. The shot played by Viru makes me wonder about his ability. It was clearly a ball coming, very close, he could let it go, max it would beat him, however he went to play a cut short. Seriously even at the school level, our coach would warn us against cutting a ball that comes in; Indian coach contract should not be extended for this reason alone. Cutting my anger short, I would sum up as over all the performance of Indian batting was a big letdown; the batting was so pathetic I have no bad words left in my vocabulary to describe it. , I felt like calling ICC to change P [power play] to POOR play when India batted.

If you had watched the interview after the toss, Bangaladeshi captain had a clear plan while our man Dravid didn’t seem to have any. He gave some vague answer and told our batting is very good hence we will bat. Completely ignoring the ground conditions; height of insult came from L.Siva, in a sarcastic tone he asked the Bangladeshi captain if they can score 250 in this track, and captain gave a very good plan what they will do if India make high score. Bangaladesh looked well prepared and their cricket board has put forth honest effort to raise their cricketing standards. Captaincy was also very good and bowling was very tight, their Batting was very good and well planned. They must be thanking Agarkars and Zaheers for leaving their brain in the first class cloak room in the Trinidad airport.

Bowling changes by Dravid was pathetic;, . Another agony was India dropped easy catches; Dravid was also one of the culprits. In a world cup game if you drop 5 catches I think you should declared a loser then and there. Over all Dravid’s captaincy was out of sync. Sachin seemed too animated about Dravid’s moves while Gangully was just standing there wondering what was happening.

Indians losing to Bangladesh will cause some economic changes in the world cup. Many Indian companies have vested interested for India to do well, however now the game is wide open;, Indian companies would be really confused to waste money further.

Like most Indian fans, I am upset for this careless performance. Indians have their heads pinned down completely; from here on they need to win both their games and more over, like the New York giants making it to play off India need a favorable “other” team conditions.

Next few games will determine – if it is GREAT INDIAN COME BACK - HOME or not. If Indians don’t make it, my advance condolences to my friends who have spent their savings to go for the super 8 games; if this happens I think I would give up cricket for the year.


அந்த காலத்துல நான் collegeல பாடிக்கும் போது....
[Oh! those g(old)en days when I went to college]

Aussies completed the formality over Scotland, while Kenya moved forward to beat “IndoPakIndies AustriCan” KA Canada. Nothing to write about these games, except for Kenya , a tough customer ,South Africans know is better.

'We've handled pressure better than Australia' – Smith, South African captain was upset for being called as the Chokers, ya how many times Indians have been called and branded Lord of the Locals etc?, People like Barry Richards has always criticized the Indian Team, few things have been tattooed , John McEnroe is a trouble maker, like wise Aussies are Bad Boys of cricket, while South Africans are chokers and Indians are just the Local Lords. Did South Africa make it to the super 6 the last time? Anyway, technically South Africans are number 1 in the ICC one day ranking. So let me give the dudes the respect they deserve for being #1. Next week would be very crucial week and world cup really being then.

I was reading an article in the Hindu by Nirmal Shekar, a popular and a veteran journalist. With due respects to him, in my humble opinion, sometimes I find some of his views very biased or heavy headed or at times they are from deep down the sea. Whenever the author writes in this fashion, I use to think that he does this sitting in a submarine somewhere deep down Indian ocean. The above mentioned article, I felt he goes too over board with his “views”, there were only 2 point that were worth and made some sense, rest were mostly …………. You might want to open the article in another window. [Click here]

#1: true, I agree with him partially. However this is part of the game.

#2: is it wrong for citizens to celebrate using the national flag? Celebrating ones country Flags is something to be proud about. I don’t know why Mr. நாட்டாமை [Natamai] oops Nirmal wants to put an end to it. Flag does create passion and unity. And cricket is one thing that unites India.

#3: Just like Mr. Nirmal doing his job, the commentators are doing their job. Using glorifying words are part of commentating. Contradicting himself, he goes on to compare to Sir Viv Richards. Get this right, the generation today would not know much about Viv Richards and it is not their mistake., Viv Richards played some of the best cricket you and I know, no question about it, I am from the same generation that adored Viv Richards, however just like you and me have the right to celebrate hero’s of (y)our time, the current generation have the right to celebrate heroes of their time. They have the right to adore Tenduls and Dhonis, Who are you to tell this generation what they should do? How are you different from the commentators that you just accused in this point?

#4: I really do not know what you are getting to, Cricket is the favorite sport of India, Watch cricket is a well developed and evolved habit, even my late grandma followed this game with scores and stats., this is similar to reading the Hindu every day in the morning with a cup of hot coffee, yes we do get emotional about it, and we are Humans! There is no harm in having emotions about something that you love.

#5: It is your press community that creates rumors, please tell your colleague sitting next to you in the submarine about this, and not to the people who reads those. An inter office memo would do the needful.

#6: Winning a championship is an achievement for any team or an individual. The joy is same for Dravid or your pet “quote” Roger Federar. Winning does not occur by luck.If you have tried it you would know better. Your periscope needs a serious over oiling and cleaning. Your 1983 quote was totally absurd. It was an achievement for the generation however Most in the current generation would have been sperm or embryo when this happened, if India wins the world, it would be the best win for the current generation of fans. Please stop this அந்த காலத்துல நான் collegeல பாடிக்கும் போது…business.

#7 – one good point, submarine might have come up to get some fresh air.

#8: I quote directly from the article “It never did matter to me that Shane Warne wasn't Indian; nor did it matter to me that Pete Sampras and Roger Federer were unlikely to get goose-bumps when the Jana, Gana, Mana is sung. Tendulkar apart, these are the men who have given me the greatest sports-watching pleasure in recent times.” So! What – Dude, you go and watch tennis, why bother cricket fans with ½ boiled eggs?

#9 “This is probably going to be the most boring World Cup in history for some time to come” - wow! Dude! now you have an alternative carrier right in your hand,” Astrology”. Please take it up and send your prediction to the “star” and other fishes found under the sea.

#10 finally sir, this one contradicts most of your points, you first said don’t give to the credit to players and glorify them, and then you say as fans don’t get over excited but finally you drop pearls with this “Let us resolve not to over-estimate our own powers of inspiration. If the Indian team does win the World Cup, many of us will want to take a little bit of credit as the team's supporters. But, believe me, we make very little difference. This Cup, as every other was in the past, will be won on talent, character, the ability to rise to the occasion and a spot of good luck.”

I made up point #11: it is about time for Mr. Nirmal Shekar to stop writing about cricket. As this the “nth” time he brings in tennis and confuses himself and others about cricket.Here are my 3 points to Mr. Nirmal
#1: don’t compare and quote tennis with cricket.
#2: don’t compare and quote tennis with cricket.
#3: Don’t compare and quote tennis with cricket.

Good day.


ஆத்திரக்காரனுக்கு புத்தி மட்டு

A great start for the WI, while Pakistan was beaten completely. Pakistan fielding made the touring wiggles sing “hey there shaky shaky”, some fielders were outstanding while most should be standing out for their fielding. Lara’s captaincy was perfect on the dot, bowling changes were done well, and all the players came to the party at the right time and blew the candle at the same time to shut down Pakistan. Dish network coverage seem to have improved, they are slowing coming to their senses and started to take the cricket fans here seriously. I am yet to hear the so called radio commentary they offered in the package.

Pointing vs. Gavaskar gains momentum, Aussie skipper Ricky Pointing could have let go the ball however his recent outpour was not as good as his batting display, he decided to offer a stroke for the faster one from SMG, but managed to open a can of worms. Even a new born would say “ au slGA GA GU GU” translation: “Aussie cricketers are famous for their sledging which is often sugar coated as mental disintegration by Ponting’s predecessor”. Ponting has also commented about Gavaskar being a selector for the Indian team, which is not true, he was just a batting consultant for some time for the team.

Allen “சுலோச்சன” Border has joined the fight, and has said “Gavaskar has a mistaken cultural belief in the way Australia plays the game”, Aussies dudes this is what world is feeling about your team- “Aussie cricket teams in general have mistaken cultural belief on how cricket is played in other parts of the world”. When you look at the Indian history, we know that there were many Mogul kings who have conquered and ruled India, yes for country of such vast size - it is an achievement; however the ways and methods the used to achieve such a victory was disgusting. History remembers these acts more than the culture they bought along with them to India. It is time for the Australian cricket to realize that “journey is important than the destination”. First get the gamesmanship right.

Gavaskar has not been saying this now, in some of his book Gavaskar has mentioned about how Aussies bowlers and fielders would not hesitate to comment about ones mothers and father. The world has not forgotten the popular Lillie and Miandad on field fight and we all know how Shane Warne poses.

Ponting also commented that Indians are not good touring. There are many occasions I can quote where Australian captain has nose cried about pitches in the tour. And more over this is the world Cup, a prestigious event for the game of cricket, being a captain of a powerful side and, also the defending champions - Ponting failed to respect the event and started trashing teams. This is not in good spirit. As of now Ponting is very angry and agitated [ஆத்திரக்காரனுக்கு புத்தி மட்டு]

World cup is totally a different mental game. Can I say that Australia’s entry into finals in few previous cups were due to luck and due to pathetic mathematical calculations? Can this take away the champion title, no, likewise, Indians or any other ICC member have been playing cricket as long the Aussies have been, Ponting should give the due respect to them instead of nose crying.

And finally Mr. Ricky ”the often LBW” Ponting needs to remember that India were the runners up in the previous world cup. And in recent weeks before world cup, it is Australia that lost more one day games than India. Australia might be a powerful team, but cricket is much bigger than them.


Dish NETWORK and its Res”TRICK” tions

I am all set for the World Cup Cricket, watched the opening ceremony on DISH NETWORK. First and foremost the transmission quality of Dish network was quite pathetic. What is the point in paying for the package and ending up with poor quality pictures? I cross checked game clippings on other networks, [SKY, SET, DIRECTTV] pictures were crystal clear and quite a pleasure to watch cricket. Even the cricket clips shown on Sun TV news was better off than the live coverage. Dish network transmission is the worst that we could ever see.

Another joke in the Dish network’s offer – The Free internet access to watch the game on the internet, however the IP is locked down to your house DSL/CABLE connection. People, 90% of domestic connections are on dynamic addressing; very minimal number of people will have static IPs to their domestic internet. IP changes frequently for most; moreover logically speaking, having subscribed it on the TV why would anyone watch the same thing on the Computer? Direct TV seems to have much clearer and sharper pictures, how- why I wonder what you are?? Pictures are from the same origin? Why Dish network pictures are too dim, lack sharpness and like 70s a lot of ghosts?

World cup Cricket will be shown only on the primary receiver, other receivers in the house will be blacked out. This is due a contract with the Cricket broadcasters. But when we subscribe to Dish Network, they are in a contract with us to show the programs on all the receivers that we lease - does this not break my contract with them? Fear might be that some moronic subscriber will try to scam the transmission and share with others, but once again technically no one can move the receiver to a new location, the receiver will dial a number and match it with the home phone number on the account. Genuine subscribers are taken for ride by these networks.

What is this radio commentary deal in their advertisement? Till date No one knows about this??

The whole idea sounds very bizarre to me with these resTRICKStions, I called dish network to complain about the picture quality and all other details, sitting in some far-east country our good operator “Hung” - the telephone line couple of times. After some DishuM DishuM - I have raised a formal complaint on these issues, it seems it they get more calls on the poor quality they would consider fixing the problem.

Dish network needs a serious revamp of its equipment. We need clear cricket tranmission!



SunTV’s menace continues: Sun T V’s is now filling the air with lot of new programming, looks like Vijay TV has gained popularity, hence as often Fox Television does press the “copy” or the “import” button. The bottom line for us –it made things worse,. The program called “Hollywood Junction”, what the heck is it all about? What is the significance of the title? What is the point of this program? This looks like a cheap and crude uma gold version of the popular BBC show “Whose line is it anyway”. But alas actually resembles the weekly edition of the cine Producer benefit show minus the record dance that is often shown on Sun TV during weekends. [A note on Uma gold : an imitation gold sold in Alima jewelers Ranganathan street, their ad can be seen in cinema theaters around Chennai even today, in this you can catch the store owners in the ad posing and making a phone call while everyone in the ad movie will be in a super pink color பகல் வேஷம் getup.]

Manivannan and his side kick are as dry as “Vijaya” “Thangamudiyaladaaaa” Rajendar’s Cricket metaphors in Veerasami, supposedly the participants are cine comedians. At times the automatic laugh track also fails to laugh for their acts. Comedy show is not getting comedian s on the stage in a Chukky Cheese looking set to do things. This program is an insult to genuine creativity.

As if this not enough we the new interview show called “அன்புடன்” an interview show hosted by [retired] Tamil actress Gautami. She produces the program. The first show was a total bore. Experts feel [அது யாருயா?] this show was created to challenge Vijay TV show called “Coffee with Anu[Hassan]”, Anu Hassan can be really secure now -the Sun TV production was right Royally Pathetic . We do need some coffee to stay awake and watch the crap.

Gautamiji, what is this funda about the Sony Vio laptop displaying the clip? A “seriously” childish act; [Note it - usage of an oxymoron] while title song was mere waste of time, and the camera shots were too long and far away, interview க்கு எதுக்கப்பா ஜிம்மி ஜிப்! Shot? In spite of Kamal being there, the show was lackluster less. KamalJi managed and placed his subtle gloats, few I noticed were like travelling in first class on plane [எந்த producer தலைல துண்டோ!] and even before the release Dasavatharam is already an industry mile stone. Honestly there are many more subjects we can ask Kamal! But! .Gautami failed, as if this not enough an emotional Director KB was talking seriously about an accident during the புன்னகை மன்னன் shoot, suddenly a voice loud and clear

“முதுக்குத் தேச்சீ விடும் குரங்குகுகுகுகு”, “Heroவிக்கு Heroine தான் Hero”,
“ஏழரையை சாமளிக்க திராவிட ஜோசியம் “ – உடனெ வாங்கிப் படியுங்கள்...
தினக்கூ…தினக்கூ… தினக்கூ… [super super ma]

What the heck is wrong with this people? Show producer dudes, kindly check a David Frost’s interviews on BBC.