Curtains down for 2006, all said and done, 2006 was a very busy year in my calendar. More than anything my music album H1BEES was the talk of the town and received very good press and ravings reports all round during first quarter of this year. I was interviewed in various press including BBC, NPR, Baltimore Times and other international media outlets. 2006 was a great to remember and cherish rest of my life.Besides, this year I was busy working on my next music album titled pAdal. Here is the news – the album is complete and the candidate is officially gone for duplication.

Folks, H1BEEES iNc, and Executive Producers Shankar Nagarajan & Srivatsa Srinivasan joins me proudly in announcing “PADAL By Srikanth Devarajan” is scheduled to be released in USA, Canada and Europe on Jan 26th 2007.

The Album has 10 tracks ranging from youthful songs, romantic songs, humorous songs. We believe that this album has a great mix of style and substance and will go very well with listeners.This CD also includes a track sung by Playback singer Karthik [Chennai]. Album also features various talents in USA. I sincerely enjoyed and enjoying every production moments. Everyone working with me in this album have put forth their best efforts and have worked meticulously to make this production a success.

Here is a summary from the title card.

1. 18 Vayadhu – Alisha, Maha & Harini , - Lyrics: Sriram & Srikanth
2. Kadal Ache – Karthick [India], Lyrics: Sriram & Srikanth -
Backing Vocals: Cornelio, Miguel
3. C.H.E.N.N.A.I - Siddharth & Alisha, Lyrics : Srikanth –
Backing Vocals: Harini, Sridhar, Ganesh, Shankar,Srikanth
4. pal maNakkudhu – Siddharth, Backing Vocals: Suresh, Sridhar
5. Nila Charal – Vocals: Kumar & Harini, Lyrics: Priya,(Jathi: Santhanam )
6. Vellaiku pogamAten – Vocals: Suresh, Lyrics: Srikanth,
Backing Vocals: Sridhar, Shankar
7. Serial Killer : Vocals: Chennthil, Babu, Lyrics:Arun Vaidyanathan
8. Love Girl - Vocals: Vidyu, Lyrics: Priya & Srikanth
9. Nadodi - Vocals: Siddharth & Vidyu, Lyrics: Udhaya.
10. Instrumental – Flute- Raman , Piano/Keyboards: Srikanth

Music Composed and Produced by

Performance Credits:
Guitar: Suresh & Rick, Flute: Raman, Mirudangam: Gopinath,Ghatam: Giridhar, Handsonic & Darbuka :Srikanth, Tapatai/Drum: Karthick,
Keyboards & Programming: Srikanth

Sound Engineers: Srikanth & Bharath
Studio: Studio1234, USA & Sai Presto
CD Design: NiTPix

Executive Producers:
Shankar Nagarajan, Srikanth Devarajan, Srivatsa Srinivasan
All Rights Reserved Srikanth Devarajan, © 2007.

With this note,
I wish you and your family a very happy NEW YEAR!. Thanks for your sustained encouragement.
- Srikanth