Trip Tick! #3

"Digitalil padam pOdum Sathyam": Online booking. You might wonder what is so great about it, online booking have been around for quite some time. Wait, Chennai [Sathyam] takes it to a new level, apart from letting you to select your seat etc; you can also order various kinds of snacks while booking your tickets. The snacks are severed 2 minutes before the interval - right at your seat. Novel idea!

The Sathyam Theater “experience” was incredible. More than the sound, I was impressed by the picture clarity on the big screen. It was very close to Blue Ray or HD Disks – astonishing quality. I have not seen such clarity anywhere else around the world. Besides, Sathyam had an excellent ambience, perfectly balanced digital sound, and the seats were totally comfortable with lot of legroom. It was worth the price I paid - about Rs125+snacks. I watched Sivaji on or around 75th day, Monday evening show - believe it or not, it was houseful. Sivaji –“Athiraddi; I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and I generously contributed to the loud screaming and whistling.

After the movie, I went on a negotiation spree with auto drivers. Most of them demanded an amount close to what super star charged AVM for Sivaji. Finally a good human accepted 1/2 of the cost and drove me back home.

A cousin of mine told me a funny experience during Sivaji release. He and his friend were travelling near Udhyam Theater during rush hour. Traffic was stalled near Ashok Pillar while few were busy distributing some kind of free drink to onlookers and motorists. May be few good citizens are helping, our friends also had a cup. They could have kept quiet and moved on, but decided to enquire the occasion for the free drink, ya! Those 2 Dudes just drank a portion of hot milk that came from Sivaji cutout “abishegam” function.

Twenty20 world cup is on, what is wrong with these people? Annoying dance and music after each ball or boundary – the seriousness of the game seems lost; Ajith “Meritless” Agarkar back in the squad. Instead of Aggi I suggest a ball throwing machine; "it" would do a better job. For 20/20 I think India can go with 10 batsmen, a bowling machine and a maintenance engineer combo [maintenance engineer for the ball machine]. An introduction video for batsmen is being shown with their name and their favorite shot, but bowlers don’t seem to have any such video introductions. May be they can say favorite ball - in swinger, slower one, But in case of Aggi – he has long list - short ball, over pitch, full toss, wide outside the off stump, very wide outside the leg stump and many more. On ESPN I heard Ravi Shastri say his recorded message – Agarkar is a talented all-Rounder. WTF!