I smelling “fish" do you?

Sachin’s decision not to accept captaincy makes me think that he is preparing us for the inevitable –Indian team after Tendulkar. I feel his decision is clearly in this direction. And we can expect him to call it is day very soon.

On pondering more [what else to do?], I smell “fish”; there is something wrong with selection committee and its chairman Mr. Dilip “Vengsarkar. 1st an Indian cricketing icon takes a tough decision, a decision that would jeopardize his entire carrier , Dravid steps down from captaincy. Now, another Indian icon says “no thanks” when the same portfolio was offered to him.

CNN-IBN adds that Sachin Tendulkar has mentioned "that the selection policies are not just, and the seniors have not been treated properly", this clearly shows Tendul is not happy how Dravid was treated. Here is my conspiracy theory: when we go by numbers it is absolutely impossible for the selection committee to drop Tendulkar. He is the top run getter in all recent series. The only method they could get him his load him with captaincy burden and then there would be better chance for Tendul to fail against Australia, finally send him home unceremoniously. , just my theory don’t go too much into it.

Here is my deal, clean the Indian cricket selection process. First, to become a selector one should have good qualifications and good cricketing history . VB Chandrasekar from Tamil Nadu calls himself an ex-selector. His performance which is mediocre clearly questions his qualifications for being a selector. People who have made considerable contributions to Indian cricket prefer to stay away from this selection politics. Eg. Syed Kirmani or Srikkanth etc.

In the corporate world when a company produces something, the “buyer” or the purchase manager should be well qualified and most of all should not be corrupt or have any kind of favoritism. He or she should be well qualified to pick raw material so that the final product is of some quality. More than the selection process being transparent, I wish BCCI is more transparent when picking selectors.

On selection process of players, a new player selection should have published documents supporting the selection. Currently the selectors have eyewash called as press meet in which they evade questions if grinded. I am still baffled by Virendar Sehwag selection. There is no evidence anywhere to prove that he is playing well, other a picture taken when he was talking to the selection committee chairmen and the board president. How about this idea? We don’t mind a foreign coach then, we don’t mind to have foreign Physiotherapist, now why not a foreign selection committee?

As if this was not enough, self proclaimed experts like Sanjay "who changes colors quicker than a chameleon" Manjerakar picks Anil Kumble to carry the mantle. Yep, just 2 weeks ago he wanted youngsters to be given more responsibility in order to improve Indian cricket, but today he wants a veteran who is all set to with draw money from PF or 401K plans. The plight of Indian cricket is quite pathetic. Adding to the confusion they have something called “the rotation policy. What is this rotation policy? Ans: bunch of stupid decisions that keeps changing until the head rotates.

A Week ago world was blaming seniors for not giving room for the juniors, but when seniors make fair decisions in this direction - they are questioned for it. WTF