Golu - the Navrathri festival

Over the weekend my wife Jayashree and my daughter Sriya were very busy setting up the Golu. Festivals like Golu are life saver mints in our super busy nut cracking work schedule. Golu is all about meeting friends and family, in my case some of my friends wished me happy New Year [for 2008]. We have hardly met this year.

Here are some pictures from our Golu,

Ps: a cricket ground is a standard fixture in our Golu, it is a fixed match I guesss :), and I have provided an aerial view and note the little details, eg: Hoarding etc. :)

Good day!.


Just someone said...

The Golu pictures are awesome! Saw an earlier year's post on how to build it too

Its time for this years' right?

Happy Golu!

Stumbled thru' Google!