Jay Leno, I will miss you

I am regular to the Tonight show with Jay leno for more than a decade. Watching Jay Leno really cheered me up every night especially after grueling day of work. He has jokes almost about everything and every other big name in America. At the same time Jay also has the super quality of being friends with them all. Every Musician, Movie star, Politician, sport personality, comedian and every other person who appears on this show respects this old long chin man in spite of his at times sensitive jokes. This shows how good the person Jay is off the camera. Even “our man” A. R. Rahman has played in his show.

After 17 years of hard work, today will be his last and final show. He is being replaced by Connon O'Brian.

In my opinion - no offense to Connon O'Brian, NBC shot itself on its foot. Connon has this childish comedy just like the over rated Saturday night life. I don’t think Conon has same Leno charisma that carried the show for 17 years.

Good that Jay [and Kevin and the team] will be back at the prime time [10.00pm] in fall 2009. 10.00pm Jay LENO
11.00pm John Stewart
11.30pm I get to watch the Colbert Report live.
11.35 Conan Sorry, I don’t think you are as good as Jay. Prove me wrong.

Just to conclude,
Economy is so bad even the well established and loved comedian Jay Leno has job issues. God bless you Mr. Leno, I will miss you!