My Weak Written English

My friends remember me for one another thing than my music. My written English. Do not jump to conclusions at once.
They remember it because I am not good at it. I suck right royally, It is not my mother tongue so I am not angry or upset about it . But there had been many incidents that made me not to concentrate much on written English.

All this started right from school days. I still remember in my 4th or 5th standard,
It was quarterly exam, there were a question, which had a clue and students are asked to guess the right word.

Q: Person who spreads spiritual and religious thoughts
A: P.............R [second clue: starts with the letter P and ends in the letter R]
It took about 20 minutes for me to spot this word. I was thinking about many words and finally "bulls-eye" wrote the answer. And felt very happy for it. Later after the vacation evaluated papers were distributed, my name was called upon, I took the victory march to get the answer sheet, but teacher stopped me and asked me this question again.

At that time my over confidence assumed that I am the only person who should have answered it correct. Boldly I gave the answer loud and clear, but to my surprise the whole class laughed as though they were watching a standup comedian.
The question was -- Person who spreads spiritual and religious thoughts ---
my answer was "Prohithar"

Being from Chromepet, Chennai, I have been to the Thiruneermalai temple on quite a few occasions, I have seen the person who spreads spreads spiritual and religious thoughts and he was called Prohithar,

Wasn't I "write" in my answer???

[To be continued...]