Quick Lollu - 2
1) That was an overwhelming response for my Blog, wow! 8 comments till now. Thanks to all for taking time to read my Blag oops Blog. A doubt was raised “what is Slog”, Slog means to hit hard, to work hard and steadily, in cricketing terms they way our “VeeraRagavan ” (aka Shewag) bats, why I called my blog a slog, Srikanths log = Slog :)
2) I am getting out my next song this week; hence I am too busy to write my Blog or may be I am running out of stuff!

Coming Soon..near your ears[Cheap promotion]
kaduvelliChitar "Ananda kaLippu"
Lyrics : kaduvelli Chitar, Crew : (introducing) Suren , Sunder and Srikanth. Additional Backing vocals: Sunder & Srikanth.
Music : Srikanth, Recorded at Studio1234, USA.

3) Pension to Cricketers: What is this fiasco? Why there is big fuss about it? A puny amount of Rs. 5000, this is about $110 per month or an hourly pay for a SAP consultant, but on the long run, it is about Rs 60,000 a year. More than a government employee’s pension. Will players like Mohanty, Rajesh Chuhan or Maninder Singh get it?
4) Been following “Anandam” in SUNTV, yesterday somewhere from blues they introduced a new Brahmin Orthodox lady. She has never been featured in any of the episodes till now. She was just added to complain about a so called widow giving “kunguman” to married elite ladies, she screams at “Sukanya” with a cheap cloned Braminical tone. You too “Anandam”.
5) Watched first 10 minutes of Kolangal “Che!”, Ananda Vikatan produces it and a porn movie has a better story line and structure.

6) Very imporant : Don’t forget to check CNN about the ventriloquist show on the Capital hill today,
a chance for everyone to know who is the "real" dummy, if you know what I mean