The Late Review, Continues...

K.R.Vijay, who was seen crying for the hell 10 minutes ago with Father Sivaji now talks in a motherly tone to the son Sivaji. I think during the shooting Vijaya must have locked herself in a room and laughed out loud. It seems son Sivaji was 25 years old, frankly on the screen the total was about 110 years, shared by both the stars. Young Sivaji scolds his father as a worth less guy and Vijaya whines that he will come back one day.

Meanwhile, Our “Jadamudi” Sivaji now in Kashmir, narrates his story to his niece [actually he was telling us the story] sends her to Delhi with his paintings; he sells paintings for livelihood. After showing the Delhi Airport sign, the lady goes in an ambassador car, she stops on the road to get a drink, “coconut water”, getting coconut water in New-Delhi, I was amazed, and to me this place looked more like “Thrisulam” near pallavaram, Chennai.

She is attacked by local “Tamil speaking” [note it] rowdies, they try to play mischief with her. But suddenly a Sivaji shows up [with a young looking wig] on his 70’s “Lambrata” scooter He fights, flying around like a bee kicks them all and makes them run. He then introduces himself to the girl, and buys her paintings.
In case you are confused by now, this is the same Sivaji, son of K.R.Vijaya few scenes ago.

Next scene, Major Sunderrajan, a criminal lawyer in his office; a person in a Red robe and giant size mustache [the wig on the head is now moved below nose] and a big knife shows up at his gate, it seems he is a bad guy, He utters some crazy sounds to expose his anger, I really don’t know how an actor of Sivaji’s status can do such act. He was as irritating as the hormone imbalanced (uncle) guy in “Kolangal” Tamil serial.

This comedy sequence between Sivaji and Major must have been the major factor for both of them to fail badly in politics. Everyone would have remembered this part and decided not to vote for them ever in their life, a pathetic display of overacting by renowned actors of TamilNadu. Wait , there is one more shocker, it seems the overly dressed Sivaji is the son of Major, he in a disguise and playing a prank on him. “Ada rama” , once again he is also 25 years old., I have never seen a son who looks much older than his dad, mom and his grandfather.
All this to show that this Sivaji is fun loving guy, a prankster with a young thin wig that has curved hair lock in his fore head, a rare occasion where you find Dennis Rodman handsome.

So till now 3 Sivaji are shown, Vijaya is fine with one and another one is growing up with Major, how he got there, you need to wait for climax.

A photographer who is also a smuggler and friend of “Jadamudi” Sivaji is introduced some where in the 4th reel, with help of local dacoits he steals a necklace from temple ; with all my logics right temple should be in Delhi. Son Sivaji number one tries to fight them out, how he came where he came from, please dont ask such questions, director wants him there he was there. But the photographer escapes with the booty. A group of Police goes after him,and vanishes in thin air. He goes to the guest house where the “Niece girl” was staying. He hides the necklace in painting, plans to take it later.

Meanwhile Son Sivaji [who is with K.R.Vijaya] meets this girl and they go in to kind of pseudo romance. After a song, the son gets a job in Kashmir and wants to go there. He is asked to carry the painting back to Kashmir on his girl friends request; she gives him a letter to her dad. Remember the painting that contains the necklace also goes with him. She requests him to join his dad as his manager. I really don’t know what the elder Sivaji is doing to have a manager.

The photographer guy is actually a mercenary for MN Nambi & Ga. He goes to get the painting, but he finds that son Sivaji has taken it. He goes after him to the airport and meets him. The airport looked like Shanthi theater ticket counter to me. The painting, Sivaji and the villain fly to Kashmir. After landing, Sivaji meets “Thenga” Srinivasan , a funny guy and a local guide. I think everyone carried same kind of box in the 70's Yes!..Box gets exchanged. Tenga takes the box that contains the necklace.

Next reel, Sripriya shows up in her so called modern dress. She starts to talk with her cat strangling voice to her grand father, played by Royal Grand father [asthAna thAthA] of Kodambakkam, V.K.Ramaswamy, who eventually owns the copy right for the word “MooDevi”. Sripriya does not want to marry anyone, but VKR wants her to get married, if not, he threatens her to write off his assets to charity. He gets an heart attack while talking to her, a doctor shows up, same doctor who helped K.R.Vijaya!. Beep Beep, My screen play GPS monitor was slowly trying to establish a link.

[might continue or I might stop it right here...