The Late Review

For last 2 weeks I have the pleasure of KTV in my house. To get KTV we need to install the super dish, I went ahead and got it. KTV plays 2 movies a day with rest of the time filled with old and new Tamil songs or film based program. Saturday afternoon I happen to watch an old Tamil movie called “Trisulam”, Sivaji Ganeshan in triple role while K.R.Vijaya , Sripriya and one more female co-star whom I did not have a clue about.
This movie is said to have grossed about 400 days and copy rights were sold to all the south Indian language. The Kannada version is said to have grossed more than Tamil. So it should be good movie right! read further.

The movie opens with Sivaji and K.R.Vijaya singing a family song, a typical start for movies of the 70’s. The eldest Sivaji gets in nexus with 3 villains; M.N.Nambiyar, Ramdoss and one more person.

I think one of the Co-producer for the movie or his wife or his close relation should have had a wig manufacturing unit with lots of wigs unsold. Every character in the movie had a crazy wig. The director establishes the difference of age by placing these wigs on the character's head. Sivaji goes spell bound in triple role. Once again the only way we could distinguish three Sivaji’s is the Wig. Please remember that Wigs plays a vital role in the movie. M.N. Nambiyar comes with a reddish brown Wig while his associates decorate themselves with various colors and sizes of wigs. For some reason bad guys in Tamil movies always wear colorful wigs. I think instead of “Tirusulam” they could have named it “ThiruTopa”. [Toupee]

Senior Sivaji kills one of partner and escapes with his wife Vijaya, who is pregnant , while Nambi & Ga [gang] goes to the police. Meanwhile Sivaji and Vijaya board a train [Grand trunk express] to Delhi, the train matched the purple and red color of GT. As expected, Sivaji gets out of the train to get some water, suddenly the train starts to move away, Sivaji comes running to the train but stops as the platform is surrounded by police. Sivaji hides behind a telephone booth, while a police force of about 100 stands in front of every compartment.

I really don’t know how they can miss someone like Sivaji of 70s, that too with bright black giant size Toupee on his head, he was standing about 5 yards behind the police line. The train picks speed suddenly K.R.Vijaya screams, “enaaaaaaanngaaaaaa” and tries to jump out of the train, at this point I did not know where the police force went, they were standing right in the front just a minute ago. They could catch her and Sivaji red handed at that time. But the train rolls out while Sivaji cries, his body shakes, measuring a magnitude of about 7.1 on the Richter scale. He cries as though the train is gone forever to the Mars or Jupiter. Simple logic, next station is Basin Bridge Junction, [ps: in 70’s any train that leaves madras will stop in Basin Bridge]. Sivaji can always go there or may be Vijaya could have pulled the chain instead of crying. Or Police could have stopped the train and searched it fully. But, it is the 70s’s, no place for logic. The pregnant Vijaya is helped by a co-passenger, who happens to be a lady doctor.

After this emotional break away, Vijay gives birth in Delhi, she tries to walk away from the hospital with some “self pity” dialogues, The doctor gives her place to stay.

Time roles by, how do I know this?, I just assumed so, because Sivaji shown on the screen had a grey colored long size wig on his head. A “JadAmudi” with white side burns, meaning he is the father guy who has a niece, I don’t know how or from where he got the niece. She calls him "mama", so he should be his sister’s daughter. Or may be the stage is setup for Younger Sivaji to marry her.

[To be continued]