Colossal waste

After a fortnight of Olympics, my fellow country men and women passed their usual nose cries via various medium on India’s performance in the Olympics. Many took their Blog/diary entries from 2000 and vented it out. [Condemning the government for not promoting “other” sports, Cricket was trashed for its popularity etc.] Few new Blog writers saved them to be used in 2008. The only silver medal winner was glorified with wealth of various kinds, this Indian wealth glorification made the super power ball winner jealous at times.

All said and done we are now back to our favorite sport “Cricket”, India started their overseas season on the wrong note by losing the Asia cup, then they washed their hands in Holland cup, after these two great preludes, our national pride, The SHAHARA India cricket team continued their vacation to the land of Lords and labkudasses, England.

First one day, India lost to England. India scored 170, was simply bundled out in 42 and with a hatrick. English scored those runs quite easily, top score, the Ex-Pat Indian Vikram Solanki.

As far as Gangully and co, it is one more match for them to play [very mediocre] cricket. For a change I did not subscribe to watch this live, thanks to BBC which provided live commentary on the internet. BBC commentary has never been biased in the past, this tradition continued again in this serious. BBC commentators were very happy to see England trash India; however they made very cautious comments and did not gloat about their victory. Sanjay manju and co should take a note of it.

Indian team a boasted lineup of seven batsmen managed to score 170 in 42, on a wicket which promised 250 plus. Shewag was out cheaply [oh! that is how he plays, you never know when he will click. But if he clicks that’s it he will trash all the bowlers.] Mr.Think Tank Captain, Mr.Lentil and Mr. Wall failed once again.

However Kaif scored a blue moon 50 and ensured his place in the team for next 30 years or until his retirement which ever comes first. Yuvraj Singh a promising talented overestimated player did not help Shahara India. Lucky Gavasker Jr after a painful 20, was happy to get out..

I have questions for the team STINK TANK,

Like Dravid being trained in wicket keeping for next 20 years,
Why don’t we train Laxman to carry drinks?
Why don’t we train Gangully to use his Brain?
Why don’t we train Kaif and the entire middle order in Batting ?
Why don’t we train Kumble to understand that there is life [for others] after his retirement?

Kumble was trashed to all parts of the ground, his final figures were 6.2 0 57 0. [sale promotion: 2 Noballs] Flint off simply smashed 3 sixes and scored 34 in 24 balls, the winning shot was a six. Sweet! Thanks to Anil Kumble. Oh ya, I hear sanjay manju and co saying he is an injured tiger, he will come back at you with vengeance and yada yada yada.. Dam this team. Further talking about this match in the Blog is a colossal waste, forget it. I think the only way India could score above 200 as of today is make Injured Sachin play book cricket from the pavilion