Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

I happen to watch a movie last Saturday evening in SUNTV, STAR, Staring Prashanth, Raghuvaran, Jyothika, Kodambakkam Dad (a.k.a) Vijay Kumar.

Here are some of the bits and pieces of the movie; Prashanth is a “thayagi” [not just because he is son of Thaygararjan], it seems he accepts petty thefts charges on behalf of others and serves jail terms for them. So the cops call him a “Thayagi”. I missed the movie from reel one; I was watching ESPN foot ball news. However I joined the movie action some where in reel number 5, where Prashanth helps a bunch of prisoners to dig a tunnel out of the prison. They build perfectly round tunnel that will make Sumerians and Egyptians jealous. I really don’t know what the jailers were doing when these thugs were busy digging a mini size “kolar thanga vayal”, added to the fun, area of the jail was about 20x20, [PCO/STD telephone booth] in which 10 prisoners are put together, even Abu Gharib prison seemed wider to me. [Abu Grape or Abu Graph or Abu Gooorp I really don’t know, you may want to check cable news for latest pronunciation].

Prisoners escape thanking the good hearted Prashanth, but the truth is Prashanth misguides them; the tunnel goes directly out to a manhole in a police training camp. The plan is they would get caught as soon they go out. Instead of wasting the time, Prashanth could have told the cops right away about the escape plan and earn one more thayagi credit; in turn we would have been saved from one more stupid cop comedy, after this BS, the gang leader vows to settle account with Prashanth [please book mark this]. Prashanth then goes out of the jail

(Pudsu kanna Pudusu , loud kugumam Advt. Followed by Aswini Aswini Aswini herbal oil and Padar thamarai cream I have never heard of this Tamil word “padaR thamarai”, need to call 1-800-kONar to verify its validity.)

Vijay Kumar in action sneaks out from Anna international Terminal, three thugs are very upset to see him escape. Gulf Air, Air Bus A320 lands in some airport, Vijay Kumar meets with Shadows Ravi who seemed to be the care taker of Vijay Kumar’s son, he is a spoilt kid and is being hidden from the evil world for some reason. It took me about 10 minutes to get this plot right. [Warning: Tube lights might take longer] But to have a son with such a bad acting and behavior, I would prefer Vijay Kumar to hide from the world.

Flash Back. [Pudsu kanna Pudusu , loud kugumam Advt., they promise to tell about Actors Pay scale]

Flash Back, Raghuvaran’s son is child prodigy swimmer called Lingeswaran, he is being kidnapped by Veerapan look alike. Vijay Kumar is the police chief who handles this case. He does not budge in for the kidnappers. In turn Veerapan Junior takes out the poor kid. Raghuvaran is very upset, he plans to kill Vijay Kumar’s son. You many ask this, how come Raghuvaran knows that Vijay Kumar has a son? , answer: Vijay Kumar’s son, about 5 years shows up in the dense forest pestering his dad to go back home. He must have come there for a vacation or something. So the point is in order to save his son from Raghuvaran he hides his son in some foreign country where gulf air flies. He also lies to his wife [Sri Vidhya] that son has been kidnapped. I am very sure that the person who comes as Vijay Kumar’s son must be the director or producer, unless other wise no one would even consider him. He simply goofs up, over acts and irritates. In this process he breaks about 10 glass bottles and I broke few in watching this agony.
Prashanth meets Jyothika they fall in love. [That’s all, how and where does not matter]

Police now pester Prashanth for more sacrifices [”thayagams”], but Prashanth sneaks out and goes into a wedding hall where he searches for his girl, the one and only Jyothika. He gets caught by Vijay Kumar, because he was doing some "Boys" type acts that should make Ananda vikatan say "cheeee" once again but instead -- Chhhhhhhhhhhuda Chhhhhhhhhhhuda (tamilA…oh oh) cup coffee , irritating Ananda vikatan advt. shows up.

After this, Police shows up and gives Prashanth a (T) certificate , they tell that he is a Scapegoat for others; Wow! VJK [please I cannot type this name fully anymore] gets a plan, asks Prashanth to act as his son, according to his plan Raghuvaran will take out this guy by mistake. Poor Raghuvaran, I think like Karna he can use only one bullet for his entire life time.

[Pudsu kanna Pudusu , loud kugumam Advt followed by SunTv news synopsis that boasts Tamil shall be made a Red language soon, one more time - PKP [Pudsu kanna Pudusu]. Researchers have found that in about 24hrs, the number of times PKP commercial shown is more than the actual number of meaningful pages in Kungumam.]

Poor VJ [sorry VJK is too long] shows a picture of his wife and Jyothika. At once he agrees to take the place, as his son, he enquires about Jyothika in the picture, it seems she is “mama ponnu” Jo’s dad is brother of someone in the family or I called it as P.Vasu’s theory.

Thank god she does not become his sister that too after 3 great songs by A.R.Rahman.

Ok that’s it. I guess the movie would have ended after the sun TV news.
And finally, the reason I called this article as proof of concept because this movie tries very hard to prove a concept. They prove a movie can be made without a screen play, story or a director. The only reason it is called as movie is it was made using a film role.