Whew..do not want to waste time.

My Blog lost few entries yesterday; I was cleaning the template code, but messed it up and should have deleted something somewhere. I can trace it and get it from the backup but what the heck nothing is lost and not worth my time, instead I wrote another one. For 5 outsider + 45 self-comments a day this should do.

Indian team is in Sri Lanka, Greg Chappell on his first international assignment with this team. Team India managed to win their first practice game. Dhoni played in the middle order while Laxman opened the innings for India. In spite of mediocre performances the only reason I see “Laxman” in this tour is - it is being played in “Sri Lanka” [wink]. Surprise! Kaif got some runs. Nice to see some runs from the middle order. On the bowling department everyone expect Nehra were in good rhythm. Hopefully this form continues when the real game begins.

I never wrote about the ashes. The English after the hyped session beginning went down drain like a dead mouse. Aussies are still the world champs, this time their bowlers came good at the party. Been hearing radio commentary through BBC, the lineup has few Australians also, the commentary was fantastic and was like watching the game live.

When watching the games on ESPN, The intolerable commentator award goes to Michel Holding. His English accent seems to be worse than Sukwinder Singh rendering Veerapandiya Kataboomban dialogues. I wish someone on Sky-Sports gifts him a Tofel CD. Also someone should tell Mr. Holding that in a tournament involving more than 2 teams, the losers in finals are called “Runners up”. He takes the microphone during the award presentation and does a one hell of a standup comedy show. He bluntly calls the runners as losers, and makes sure he quotes this at least 10 times, - “politically incorrect”. His English commentary needs English subtitles. He often complains about player behavior etc, Irony is I have seen him misbehave with umpire in Chepauk, Chennai. If I remember right in 1983 when the West Indies team toured India [6th Test - Gavasker - 236*]. Holding was given LBW [of Kapil Dev], but he just stood there on the pitch and showed finger at the umpire. I kind of remember crowed booing at him when he walked out. Players seem to forget the past.

Gangully is gone into a denial mode. He has recently told that he is not on the Edge. [Duh!] 3 slips and an out swing will find the edge automatically. Poor guy! Gangs take the ESPN Job 