“A Classical Adventure"

Yesterday I got a copy of the Tamil Maiyam’s “Thiruvasagam” [Composed and Orchestrated] by Ilayaraja, with - The Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Music Conducted by Laszlo Kovacs.Mixed and Mastered by Richard King [has recorded many Grammy winning productions].The CD available in Chennai does not contain the DVD. Only the Audio CD that was priced at Rs.150.This also includes a printed copy of verses/Lyrics of all the 6 Tracks. A simple package with logos of the Co-sponsors. All the tracks expect one, has been rendered by Ilayaraja himself.

Rather than calling it an album, I would call it as a “Classical Adventure”. More than a pleasure, music in this will be an experience. Any musical review on this will sound childish. This form of music has never been heard by Tamil folks till now. Frankly I really don’t know to review this or have the capacity to review such collections. Also as of now I really doubt if anyone could or would. Yes there will be many calling it ”outstanding” “excellent”, but all these superficial words used to glorify film music does not matter here.

In this “Classical Adventure” as of now best that I experienced would be the background arrangements, why? Only thing I was able to follow with my minimal western classical knowledge. The quality of the performance and the recording is simply fantastic. Scores set by Maestro are mind blowing and mind boggling, even sets non-western classical ears would appreciate it right away. The flow of music, sound timbre creates goose bumps in many musical phrases. In order to feel nuances in the composition it is better to hear using headphones or by using a serious music system that caters them properly.

As Mr. Sujatha told me, it does require proper mood to hear this work. Understanding the Tamil language would add sugar to the pie. I wish Mr. Sujatha translates the verses to Tamil spoken by lesser mortals like myself. I am kind of sure now that Europe would take serious note on this musical work and may be it is time to change their opinions on Indian composers writing western classical music.

Finally, this Classical Crossover or an Experience or an Adventure idea has opened a new department in the music side of my brain. It is just matter of time and I am sure many more would get inspired for such works and the future would thank Maestro Ilayaraja for this. GO GET THE CD
"திருவாசகத்துக்கு உருகாதார் ஒரு வாசகத்துக்கும் உருகார்"

Ps:I hope that people do not circulate bootleg MP3 copies and/or try to acquirer such bootleg versions, nothing more would dishonor this effort.

Ps2: I personally know Mr. Shanker Kumar & Mr. Sridhar Seetharam and many other NRI friends who have worked hard to collected funds and have contributed for this release. But it was kind of surprising to me that it never got mentioned. I know these guys would not mind, however from outside I feel when there are about 6 logos of the Co-sponsors bright and clear, Tamil Maiyam could have mentioned about NRI contributions towards the work. May be the US version contains proper credits. CD marketed by WelGate group based out of Chennai;