We Stink!

I am disgusted over India’s performance in Champions Trophy and this multiplied after their pathetic performance against Australia. I am trying to find what is wrong with this team. Consistently, Dravid has been losing games for quite some time now, Gangully at least made sure we showed up in the finals. Today I see that there is nothing called accountability for Dravid or the Indian Team or the Coach or the selectors. There are various reports on the internet that says Greg Chappell will end his contract with BCCI [or be kicked out!?] after the world cup. It seems he is undergoing a lot of problem on his personal side. What so ever! I don’t really care, I think he is not a great coach and will never be one, why wait until the world cup? I am sure nothing will change if the coach is fired right this minute.

Just rewinding more of my frustration, I am still trying to figure out the game plan Rahul Dravid and our beloved million dollar babe coach engaged against the West Indies, . Ramesh Powar was at his best against England, however for some reason he gets dropped, as if this blunder was not enough, he is replaced by a semi-professional bowler popular known for Donkey drops . 1st will any moron tinker with the team that just won a match that too when the bowling department was responsible for the victory? My usual note: - Agarkar was as usual pathetic. I am just wondering what is the reason Selectors, the coach and the captain got in RP.singh instead of Powar?

The way the team played against Australia was sincerely sickening, Kaif in forward short leg position, I have nose cried about this along with many other arm chair experts for past n number of years. Kaif is not the right person to stand in that position, he jumps just before the ball is bowled and hence he is too slow to react, he has dropped a bag full of crucial catches standing in the position. But once again he was made stand in the position , who decides? What is the problem here with Dravid? And these players selected for their fielding drop catches and get about 20 runs per game, at this point I think VVS who was dropped for poor fielding seems better to me. After this loss, Dravid mentioned they lost because – Bowlers lacked experience. What a Bull? Combined games these 3 bowler have played is around 100. If they cannot learn from 100 games , I feel they will never learn. These bowlers were trying to bounce out the Australians. The game plan was kind of a joke.
VB Chandrasekhar made some noise in the press, according to him Tamil Nadu’s Badrinath is a better player than Suresh Raina, and he should be selected in place of him, I am wondering why he failed to make the same noise when he was the selector? Seriously his claims will never count with the title “Former” Selector. He did nothing when he had some power.

Currently the Indian team is in the ICU. Our players should have some pride and passion to improve, however the free flow of remuneration writes off the responsibility and accountability from the players. Who cares, they get paid regardless of winning or losing games and more over an added bonus for showing their esteemed faces in commercials. Passion for the game called Cricket takes the third spot.

Indian Cricket Stinks.