Speed this is the Limit!

“Speed said money power alone could not make India a formidable force in world cricket.”
What does he mean by the above statement?

That was the most ridiculous and irresponsible statement from a ICC chief. Game patronage is different from playing the game, 75% of Indians are great supporters and patrons to the game of Cricket. Dear Mr. Speed - do not ridicule our patronage.

Let us take England, there are many office bearers in ICC who are English. What in the world English team has done better? They neither have money power nor they are so called “cricketing force”?

Check his link….http://www.icc-cricket.com/icc/about/management.htmlI don’t intend to paint my article with colors, but the above link warrants it.

In order to be a formidable force in Cricket, Indians have to pour in currency and also make sure they win all the tournaments, go figure it out How?. When did Cricket started to generate money? After the so called world cup aka prudential cup moved out of England.
Why money started to flow from India? Very Simple Answer - because Indians loves the game of Cricket. THERE IS NOTHING TO ARGUE HERE. Our population which was often ridiculed by the west is our strength today, it is called human capital. If every Indian contributes $1, it is 1 Billion, considerable chunk of fund to organize a World cup. Once again THERE IS NOTHING TO ARGUE HERE.

Mr. Speed, thinking that he is trashing BCCI is actually striking the touchy side of Indians. A typical Indian loves this sport, he does not care if his or her team plays. Even when India was kicked out of tournament, there was considerable crowd watching Australia and New Zealand today, how many times we have seen vacant seats in Australia or England when the home team is not involved?
Moreover, according to Mr. Modi, ICC now has to face a full BCCI committee, in the past they just had a single “YES” man to deal with, though Modi did not name anyone, I think he is refereeing to Jagmohan Dalmia.

Speed another faster one was - “India last won a [ICC] cricketing event in 1983” – dude, this is what I am saying, in spite of not wining, Indian public has been a good follower for this game and the business model has been generating fund to ICC office bearers to travel 1st class and stay in 6 stars hotels.

Speed needs to apologize to the Indian public for insulting and Ridiculing our continues patronage to the game of cricket. Mr. Speed , Adhere to the speed limit.

Good day!