This and That

Usually when I come back from work at around 6.00pm [Yeh! Shut those jealousy eyes] , like most I channel surf and mostly avoid CNN, because Lou Dobbs will be busy preaching against American jobs going offshore, forgetting the fact that his parent company was first to do so, then right royally avoid Sun TV, because 10 out 10 times it would be a mega-serial where husband and wife have 20 extra martial affairs each, and live as big joint family with a set of professional assassins technically called their in-laws plotting against each other. At times I end up watching Law and Order on TNT, but yesterday “Without a Trace” marathon was on TNT, not my cup of Chaiya. I continued channel surfing.

“Vidhi”, I had to pass through Sun TV, a dance program was on, cine choreographer Lawrence nodding his head with the host Ragav. At first go , I assumed that this was a JARDs, [Just an Another Record Dance Show], but soon I was amazed, This the first time I see something like this on Sun TV, It was simply a Wow!. The participants where physically challenged, and were trained by Lawrence himself. It seems he runs an academy and trains such physically challenged persons. Some of them were physically handicapped, and I was really surprised to know that few of them were Blind. Their Dancing and synchronization was perfect to the core, if not better than most dances on Sun TV. Amazing! Hats off to Lawrence for taking time to train them and show them a path towards a new future. After seeing these guys perform, here is the message, Seriously if anyone says that they don’t have the time to pursue their passion and have been blaming the world for this, it is time to shut the #@#$# up and start working hard towards it.

The greatest reality show on Planet Earth, the next season of American Idol - Randy “I am yet to hear his CD” Jackson, Paula “the always Full & Tight” Abdul and Simon ‘the Smart Ass’ Cowell were in full flow. Many contestants were able to do anything other than singing, and the judge‘s comments were more Blunt than before. Many had their middle name as “cry baby!”, at times the show was more or less a soap opera. Simon and Randy drooled over the Spanish girl right from the moment she walked in, later as she left the room Fox TV cleaning department was called upon to clean up the mess.

As if this was not enough for the evening, at the same time Vettiyal, oops Pattiyal was on Sun TV. A great story of 2 homeless guys growing up together to become violent mercenaries. A bloody violent movie absolutely not suitable for prime time TV. Moreover the added attraction , movie opens with a fantastic funeral procession and “housing building” dance, a very good start and a must watch for an auspicious Hindu religious evening.

Finally, the news is that Shilpa Shetty, the Bollywood film star faced Racial abuses in a reality TV show called Big Brother in UK. This is not the first time, and this will not be the last time. Move on!

Good day!