Finally Winter weather around DC area . My weekend was just similar to an Indian python’s weekend, eat large quantity of anything and lie still for hours together on the couch, and with great difficulty lift the head in an lazy angle when someone moves by or watch games on TV. NFC and AFC football finals and of course Cricket! and the greatest game show known to mankind Thriuvalar Thirumathi on Sun TV.

As expected BCCI converted a car park for our batsmen to raise their batting averages. Ganguly and Gambier played with grit and slammed lots of runs for India, sent a message to Greg Chapel , who came here few years ago to “fix” the team for the world cup, but just 50 days away from the world cup, we are still contemplating our batting order. Dravid and Dhoni came to the party and went on to score “swashbuckling” runs. There was hardly any ball movement hence the usual quick fall of wickets was missing, however umpire Suresh Plastry, oops Suresh Sastri compensated the fall. Umpire Suresh Sastry fell at regular intervals on his own accord, Hope is doing ok.

Our national waste – Ajith Agarkar, proved once again that he lacked cricketing basics, he missed a run out which was fine by me, everyone was missing everything, but the way he missed was pathetic, he was looking at the ball when it was thrown to him by Raina, and to my surprise he went on screaming at Raina for the throw. Sreesanth doped oops dropped a dolly, what happened to him - Over confidence? Sachin also missed an easy chance in the slips, Why? India won the game in spite of Chandranpaul ‘s big knock – but his batting stance made me uncomfortable. It was very ugly, I felt like watching Rosy O’Donnell trying “Bharathnatiyam” for Donald trump’s “nattuvangam”.

The commentators were good, L . “Who swallowed the Mic” Siva, Jeff Dujon, Tony Cozier and Saba Kareem, it was much better than what we heard in South Africa. They were busy discussing , if it was a bowling or a batting pitch but I was wondering if there was actually anything called pitch.

NIMBUS having paid BCCI more than some 3rd world country’s GDP for the telecast rights were left with no money for the actual coverage. Live signals from Nagpur was totally useless and the camera work took me 20 years back and reminded DD Kendra. Today international sports coverage around the world are, at the least guaranteed for crystal clear pictures, even the telecast on NASA TV, all the way from the space station has phenomenal picture quality, Why Nimbus can do it right?. Seriously when the world of sports is talking High Definition etc, the coverage had no definition. Very Poor Picture Quality.

Talking about poor quality, just before the Cricket, I caught up with the new Sun TV game show Thiruvalar Thirumathi, today it bagged the award for the most Uninteresting Show ever shown on TV. The creators of show seems to have never heard the words like creativity, interesting, game show etc . Crave for the record dance continued, and the poor participants were asked to dance, instead they walked around Dias like watering fancy plants and had to be termed as dance. The whole concept seemed uninteresting within 10 mintues. Thanks god Cricket started at 10.30pm! EST. Hostess of the show ex-Actress Jayashree. She tried her best, One good thing to note was her Tamil, it was clear and warm. She did to suffer from the “illness” syndrome suffered by most Sun TV VJs.

Good day.