a Load of XXL BULL

Sourav “DADA” Ganguly , Great come back after being written off by the BCCI selection team, and the treasured Mr. Greg “show’em the finger“ Chappell, Ganguly top scores in 3 continuous series and shuts his critics from a position of strength.
Just rewind and read the press coverage when Ganguly was dropped.

Mr Kiran More in his own golden words: Was it a difficult decision to leave out Ganguly?- Not really. It’s always hard to drop a senior player who has played for the country for a number of years but as a selector you have to make tough calls. We decided that we need some fresh legs in the team and build a side for the future. So is that the end, permanently for Sourav?- Yes, as far as this committee is concerned. We have taken a decision and that is the way we feel. Kiran More, the chairman of the five-man committee, told Cricinfo in an interview last evening “Sourav Ganguly will not be recalled into the Indian team as long as the present selection committee is in office” - More’s statements are mere Dead snakes when compared to the next guy in the list.

Mr. Greg “Roll the ball brother” Chappell learnt to use the political nuances found in abundant among Indian cricket administrators. Also perhaps, he was primed by his elder sibling Ian [Chappell], whose is notorious for offering free insights about Indian cricket. I need not explain about his preset animosity and bitterness towards Ganguly. Moreover, Ganguly’s batting form was pathetic and his buddies in BCCI officials were in tough fight with the other faction, certainly the circumstances were moist enough for any kind of conspiracy to take over. Atmosphere was so perfect for Chapel to talk freely and vilify Ganguly’s actions. Why? There can be only Lion in the jungle, Chappell assumed him to the Lion.

Chappell in his own words: India's cricket coach Greg Chappell believes Sourav Ganguly is no longer fit to lead the side and has threatened to quit if the captain is not changed. Chappell, the former Australian captain and batting great who took charge of the Indian team in June, sent an e-mail to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) saying Ganguly did not deserve a place in the team either, the source said. "Chappell has told the BCCI that he will find it difficult to continue if Ganguly is retained. The coach believes Ganguly is not physically or mentally fit to lead and had lost the respect of the younger players in the team. As if the above not enough Chappell was let go easily when he tainted Ganguly by stating “Ganguly wanted to continue playing for India because he needed the money”. There is reason for calling him prince of Kolkotta, he hails from an aristocratic family where there is no shortage for Vitamin-M. Top publishing companies in the country are owned by his family.

Can I know WHY Mr. Chapel took the coaching job? May be to serve Indian Cricket? Duh! , I am sure he did not come here to work for nothing. After all it is Chapel who traveled 10,000kms to make money. The main purpose for taking up the coach portfolio in India was simply M O N E Y. But Chapel, cheaply branded an Ex-Indian caption who rebuilt the team from scratch after the match fixing allegations, he got away easily.

Today Ganguly is back with power, his batting does the talk and puts an end to his critics, having said that, his critics have also turned the plates- both Kiran “the Ulta” More and Greg “the reverse” Chappell are shamelessly using Ganguly’s come back saga to their benefit., by dropping him it seems they did good to Dada,
damn, are we that naive to take this Bull ?

Australian cricket team is having a nightmare before the world cup, they slipped to number 2, After being beaten by “ENGLAND”, they were whipped by the Kiwis. This loss is much bigger blow, I don’t buy the reason of saying main players have been rested etc , I feel the current side is not very weak . More over Gil Christ has nose cried about the tour. It seems no one in the team wanted this tour; just think for a moment, had Aussies won against Kiwi? It would just be a “come back tour”! When you are at very high altitude, the fall is quite drastic.