This and That.

At last, we get to see some sort of warm weather in DC, don’t get too excited, It is just about 4c or 5c, but believe me this is really tropical when compared to what we had for past 2 weeks. The past weekend was a cold wintery one, Weather man from every little TV and Radio station using very powerful Doppler Radars predicted Ice Rain and wintery mix, but Mother (-In-Law) nature said Hmmmm and dumped 6 inches of snow instead. We had to stay indoors and watch TV! And of course! Shovel snow.

The newly migrated Sun TV show –அசத்தப் போவது யாரு!- Sun TV managed to pull in the Crew from கலக்கப் போவது யாரு! of Vijay TV. I have always felt that standup comedy genre has been missing in Tamil for long, and when I saw this program on Vijay TV, it did look very promising and I want this genre of entrainment to pick up. But Sun TV thinks otherwise, they manage to dilute the genre by mixing up with cine personalities once again, the only program on Sun TV that has very little cinema is the news program, Do you think that we need movie personalities to carry this show?. Based on the hyped cine popularity, poor participants are forced to use superfluous terms to describe the judges and the special guest. In fact I was about to sell my TV after hearing the participants glorify Mr.“Chatty” Babu and Laughing Gas Bob as comedy “ஜாம்பவான்”, I felt it was unnecessary and honestly it a sounded “மச்சி...மச்சி இது tooooo mucheee”. I hope this program is judged by people from different walks of life. The overall teleplay failed to catch my attention 100%.

Last Saturday after first 10 minutes, it was slowly becoming more or less “அசத்து யாரு”, 2 persons were talking like a cat, ok! i agree it is talent!, but How can we take this for more than 10 minutes?, and do you know that S.J.Suriya, the chief guest identified expressions in those catty conversations. And title OSiBiSa tune, why? Can they create an original Hook phrase?I feel Vijay TV had the show better organized. It seems the real show starts next week only, let us hope for the best.

Oscar “திரு நீள்ளளள..கண்ட்டர்” night: The 6 hours of hyped media spectacle, the show was going on and on and on and on.. I think it is still going on some channels. ABC HD coverage was a dull and sound mixing was “clearly” Horrible. Ellen Degeneres sounded boring than the fish character she did in Finding Nemo.

Short Films and documentaries are serious subject matter. People working such genre put forth serious effort and passion, however academy did not think so, they got hold of 2 little kids to give away awards for this category, while Jerry Seinfeld took his liberty and filed “Documentary” under boring category. This was not in good taste. Winning the award is one thing at the same time person presenting award is another big deal. They should appropriate personalities and standard when giving such awards. I don’t know if anyone saw this, Eddie Murphy walked away in the middle. He was disappointed for not getting the award. Honestly the Oscar show was not that interesting. Here I like to quote my friend Udhaya’s golden comment - “it was all Latin America, Jews, Gays and AlGore’s speech, meaning Oscar awards was nothing but a republican night mare.

Finally, “சிவாஜி கனேசன் கலைமன்றம்” ,a popular DC based Drama troupe will premier their next Tamil Drama கல்கியின் அலையோசை [Dramatized and Directed by Sridhar”]on April 14th 2007 at the Murgan temple Auditorium, Washington DC. I am composing background music for the drama, a pre independence era subject, it is always a great pleasure to do background score, being it a live drama, - it is a challenge. There are more than 20 scenes with symphonic and fusion/semi classical based musical scores in the drama. The composing session was over last week and now I am recording the strings and percussion sections. Will be available for download after April 14th 2007.

Good day.