and mostly the batting would fail....

I don’t have hope for India, the bowling is weak, and getting 20 Australian wickets would be “horse horn” and mostly the batting would fail.

Above is from my blog that wrote a week or so ago, and did not have time to publish it. I wish I had.

Like every other Australian tour, Indian team disappoints its fans. Team think tank suffers from short term memory loss. The fate is so cruel; Dinesh Karthik with half a dozen half centuries in 2007 and few of them matching saving innings is now made to carry water. He failed during the home serious played a “cow dung” surface and was replaced by a star player who scored a lot runs on the same surface. I agree Karthik fell cheaply on 4 occasions during Pakistan series but when the selectors picked a player based on the dreaded YNF [You never know factor] I think Karthik and Jaffer ‘s opening pair should be given some more time for revival. At the end of the day, pay load was transferred to Dravid who did nothing other than to bring India down. Dravid has to cut his “serving his team” crap and demand his favorite batting position. He cannot and should not open. It only happens in India cricket team, the team batting line up tinkered to accommodate Yuvraj Singh, his recent form in other “forms” made people forget his previous test cricketing appearances. His attitude on the field is always questionable and it was evident during the first Test. Other than Ganguly, VVS and of course Tendulkar no batsmen had clue or the caliber to negotiate the accurate Aussie attack. Tendulkar made it look so easy but failed to carry the innings. But it is 2007, moving on to 2008, Team India is still dependent on the so called seniors and story of young blood & first blood is yet a local phenomenon.

I was listening to Tamil songs on various FM stations [AHHA FM, Oli fm etc], I happened to bump into song, later found it was from a movie called “kAdalil vizunthen” Music by Vijay Anthony. I have seen him on Sun TV a lot on music shows and honestly, Vijay Anthony sounded a promising musician. But he disappoints and bluntly “copies” Rihana's Unfaithful – "bar by bar" in a song titled “Unakkena nAn”. [From kAdalil vizunthen]. The reason I remember Rihana’s song is for its un-tuned Tablas, the beat pattern would sound odd from the main melody. Every aspect of this track has been copied including the sound model, instrumentation and the melody. I did not check the lyrics. Hope it is original.

I hope Vijay Anthony has given proper credits to the original song writer and composer; If not "You too Vijay?"



Narayanan Venkitu said...

Happy New Year!

I am waiting for the team announcement for tomorrow's game. Let's see if they drop Yuvaraj, push Dravid Down and bring Sehwag. I doubt if Dinesh Karthik will get a chance, poor guy. I also feel they might drop RP and go with Irfan ( for some batting ). Let's see. They are even talking about Ganguly being sick. So..who knows...! Let's watch! I've subscribed to the games in Directv and I love the coverage.

About the Song, I wrote about it in my Blog last week. A singer who sings for Vijay Antony named 'Megha' has left a comment. Please check it out when you find time.

Again, Have a wonderful 2008.

RAM said...

hey srikanth,
i wud say sheepish team selection , but ishant bowled well in the 1st session, sachin was good at 1st slip whr dravid has been standing tall since azhar left the scene.

Aussies were helped by bad close in fielding(JAFFER caught napping ),poor bowling changes by kumble who shud hav bowled more overs wen aussies whr 134/6 ,instead gave RP the ball and the biggest blunder of the lot was poor umpiring especially MR .BUCKNOR who needs a MASTER HEALTH CHECK up done soon , they need to check his vision n hearing ability soon apart from gifting him land (plot) in australia ( he owns abt 2 acres of land in AUS ) which the aussie board had gifted him for his services to CRICKET long ago.( I think for his decisions favoring the AUSSIES,who have won more matches with BUCKNOR umpiring)

I think we should ask ANIL KUMBLE TO DO A WALK off like wat gavaskar did in 1981 MCG ,jus to show aus jus dint play the game like gentlemen ,lead by ponting who dint walk wen he nicked one to keeper wen on 14.

I'm sorry to say but indians werent vociferous in their appeals and are looking at 4-0 white wash until things change around them and SOME MIRACLE occurs.

Shankar said...

Ponting is the ultimate hypocrite. Just last year he was castigating other players for not walking off when clearly out, despite what the umpires thought. He was preaching that the Aussies play tough but also do the right thing blah blah...I remember he pointed asked the Indians why they stuck to the crease when they knew they were out!! Well, both Ponting and Symonds were as clearly out as daylight and what did they do? They carried on!! Damn hypocrites!! It's high time, cricket implemented the 3 challenge system (like in football and tennis), as I wrote in my blog, which will atleast give a chance to correct decisions that can turn the game. If Symonds had been given out on 30 and Ponting early on to Ganguly, the Aussies would have been all out under 250!! Now they are set to make a good first innngs score and the Indians have no recourse to correct the wrongs!! It's no surprise that Bucknor was the involved party...he's been doing this against the Indians for some time now.

Sriks said...

thats australia and they will mostly win this test.