Umpire Steve Buckner Stinks

Australia might be a great team or the best professional outfit and what not! , I really don’t care. Every game has an element of sportsmanship and the so called best team in the world is expected to honor the spirit of the game and set an example. Time and Time again Australian Cricket team fails to do so. This is not the first time for Australians to get umpiring favors during home series. This has happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. Even the technology is being twisted. Third umpire was also part this conspiracy. Australia wants to set a record for consecutive wins and what not.

Adding insult to the injury – was the elite commentator panel on channel 9. I am sick and tired of the Australian commentators carrying on about the “great come back”. One Mr. Ian “Gajini” Healy was so pathetic to push it aside and was gloating about Australian dominance. The dude completely forgot that Ponting and Symonds decision changed the game completely to their benefit. Any team would find it impossible to get their top order batsmen out twice. The commentary team failed to provide the balance and seem to suffer from partial amnesia. Symonds shamelessly raised his bat to acknowledge his century, he was 2 for 100. I guess we cannot say anything more about him as he will paint this popular racial color on any such comments.

Australian captain Ponting made it a point to talk to the press about Murali Karthik failing to walk; and squarely blamed him for the draw. He made a big noise and chipped in a bucket load of Aussie bull to Murali Karthik. But yesterday after edging the ball to the wicketkeeper, Mr “Perfect” Ponting stood there firm. He went on to make 50 runs, though it was the 1st inning, my man Rickey played his second innings along. Finally, when Umpire ruled him out LBW, in spite of an inside edge, Ricky walked out with a long face for the decision, LOL.

Like players being fined for dissent, it is time to penalize umpires for poor decision. If every pair of eyes and ears on the ground including the batsmen could make an unanimous decision - How “Bucky” could have missed it? Steve Buckner knew that it was out and just for the heck of it to be popular he did not give the decision.Buckner is notorious for such poor decisions. Indians have been the victims for his horrendous umpiring. I really do not know how Indian cricket board in first place accepted Steve Buckner to be included in the umpire Panel. It is not the first time Steve Buckner screws India. Umpire Steve Buckner Stinks and he should be punished.

Mostly India will lose this game, thanks to 11+3 Umpires – aka Australian squad.


RAM said...

BLUNDER down UNDER again !!
have the selectors gone mad , they have chosen VRV SINGH (useless)( in sriks terms -- HE WUD cook OMlettes and throw COWDUNGS ) as a replacement for the injured ZAHEER KHAN. I think this team has to play 11 batsmen to atleast show some competence, the bowling is weak and the fast bowlers we groom are as fragile as GLASS .
All this has happened too quick and too soon to INDIAN cricket THANKS TO BCCI for RIGID schedule , BCCI needs a think-tank team to c how they can preserve players' LONGETIVITY, they burn out too soon.

Look at the bowlers we have lost since 2003 WC
S.SREESANTH( the only guy who is worth LOST)
AJIT AGARKAR(no comments)
IRFAN PATHAN (for a brief period)- He hasn't had time to work on his bowling ,remember the ball he bowled to GILLY IN 2003 SCG test match -- he has forgotten to SWING THE ball,after being HAILED AS the new WASIM AKRAM.)

Looks like a bunch of fools are ruling and running the SHOW ,its pathetic and shameful to c we dont learn from our mistakes.

GIVE THESE GUYS A BREAK !!! and concentrate on UR DOMESTIC CIRCUIT otherwise u r bound to lose PEARLS like S.BADRINATH,H.BADANI,M.KAIF,MANOJ TIWARY who are heavy contributors in the DOMESTIC version.

WAKE UP SELECTORs and the BOARD.vengsarkar u hav permission to read the blog(lol) BUT NOT WRITE !!!!.

Indian cricket will remain an INDIVIDUAL's game for years to come like it has been in the past

90s & till date-- SACHIN

common its a TEAM GAME ,JAAGO REY india !!!
we can do better than this.

Sriks said...

Ram - not cow dung -
"donkey drops". :)

BCCI is talking about protest etc,[mostly an Eyewash]
May be someone in BCCI has not been not Australia, this special envoy will make a trip to pacify the team.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I agree - It was a pathetic mistake!

But - What do you think about Dravid/Yuvraj - getting the better out to the umpires last time? Did you write about it? Why cry wolf now?

Pardon me - If I missed your earlier posts !

Sriks said...

1st i did write but did have the time to publish it, however those decisions did not change the course of the match, i am watching the game, steve bucky let go one more for symonds and bret lee was notout...

Sriks said...

i feel there is no need to reply or technology if human is honest. aussies are dishonest and this is not first time this is happening in australia.

Ottayan said...

Bucknor is blind, deaf and also stinks! :)

Shankar said...

Sriks, the board has strictly prohibited any selector from joining the touring party in Australia this time since they feel it is a waste of time and the selectors might interfere with team selections.

However, Niranjan Shah annouced with a straight face that a member from each of the 24 odd state associations (in groups) will tour Australia to watch the test matches and learn about the Aussie systems, grounds etc so they could implement it back home!! They will all fly first class and enjoy 5 star hospitality.

That's BCCI!! We can't plan our team's itinerary properly, can't provide them with good backup facilities incase of injuries, have no long term vision, no professionalism (and on and on and on...) but we can send everybody else on a free junket because these guys can vote in the next year board elections!!

I would give a free pass to all our cricketers...They are doing a sterling job DESPITE the BCCI!!

Sriks said...

Posted by Sriks | 4:00 PM
BCCI is talking about protest etc,[mostly an Eyewash]
May be someone in BCCI has not been not Australia, this special envoy will make a trip to pacify the team.

i guess it few days ago..:):)

Julian said...

Don't blame the umpires, blame the ICC for not allowing greater use of replay technology.

It is crazy that I, watching at home, have better evidence of what happened than the umpire who makes the decisions.

The human eye is simply not reliable enough and the replays prove this. They are available, so why not use them?

The ICC need to show some courage and widen the use of the third umpire.

Sriks said...

you are right, ICC should starting thinking.
My point, why so called umpiring error help australia always?
My claim , we can only wake someone if they are sleeping. Umpire bucknor knows it is out and for the heck of it he does not give, moreover if a person from 22 yards cannot see it who else can see it better.
Australins win is tainted., thanks to bucknor.

RAM said...

SHAME SHAME BUCKY SHAME , AUSTRALIANS won the Game ,thanks to mr . bucknor n benson n the gr8 3rd umpire caught nappin ..

DISGRACE FOR cricket n PONTING was so arrogant towards an INDIAN journalist posing questions,( PS: CNN IBN VIDEOS-- source)

AUSSIES were CHEAP n did everything to maintain the record, they dint deserve to win nor india deserved to lose , the LOOK ON KUMBLEs face said it all , hey whats wrong in callin SYMONDS a monkey ?? after all we all evolved from MONKEYS rite ?? if everybody knew EVOLUTION -- the only thing that the characteristics havent fully evolved in him and nor does is mannerisms , PUNTER u r the most disgraceful captain on the face of earth , I support and appreciate good cricket but this is shameful .

INDIAN batting no comments , barring bad decisions , RP ,ishant , inept batting display , we cant blame bowlers when our batsmen cant hang in. INDIANS R EMOTIONAL FOOls ,WE DONt have the FIRE IN THE BELLY like other teams , 11 guys let the whole nation down and hopes of BILLIONS , common CRICKET OVERSHADOWS every other sport in INDIA and we expect our cricketers to put up a good show .
I think except for a few cricketers in team now ,we lack the PASSION ABT THE NATION n THE SPORT.At the end of the day we are hailed as LOSERS .
We should learn from AUSSIES that there is no room for justice now a days , lets also cheat n win ,be ruthless , WE CANNOT SURVIVE IF WE ARE LIKE RAAMA ( epitome of DHARMA) ,we have to be RAVANA .

sorry to say INDIAN CRICKET HAD its darkest days with the suspension BHAJJI was handed out ,ICC wake up , if the ASIAN teams walk out , u will be left as beggers , we bring you 70% revenue.RULES are too BIASED . ITS always that an ASIAN team bears the brunt of such appalling decisions and codes of conduct ,MR bucknor is a racist too , we have lost way too many matches because of him. UGLY for the game .
ONFIELD umpires go an ask fielders if the catch has been taken cleanly , HELLO ur JOB IS JUDGE IT not go beg n ask if it was taken cleanly -- shameless pig benson n bucknor, BAN THESE 2 UMPIRES.IF IT CONTINUES LIKE THIS ,anil walk out mate ,the series is as good as lost .

ramesh said...

BCCI is like a Housing & credit co-coperative society. Every body know how they work.

Australia won by 3 umpires