Monday Talk

Krish Srikkanth is the new chief of selectors for BCCI. Imo, Srikkanth would be the right person for the job why? Srikkanth is known for his daring comments and he would not hesitate to trash incompetency on its face. He has done it quite well when he was a commentator and a TV anchor. Broadcasters would be on their edge whenever Chikka took the Mic. Sometimes he does goes overboard on his blunt comments. Last time Srikkanth stood up to clean the BCCI system he lost his job as captain in spite of drawing the series against/in Pakistan. We need to wait and see how he deals the wretched BCCI power struggle. Let us hope for best; best wishes to Srikkanth! He has given is first speech – stating that it is all about mental strength. It is matter of time for BCCI to send a subpoena to Chikka for his comments. Clock starts now. I guess from now on, the Selectors are being paid to do their job, hence they are accountable.

Have you heard of "Guilt-Auroraborealis", a brown circle that appears behind your head when you don’t exercise “GuiltAuroraborealis” will often talk to you and remind about health issues and problems, this happens even when you drink plain water [H2O]. It warns you about your health condition whenever you are busy gobbling Gobi Manchurian at parties. It warns about your health during office pizza parties. There is way out to get rid of this “GuiltAuroraborealis” Regular exercise! Excuse me! What? Exercise – “Srikanth” it is really you? - Yes, yet another proof that Kalki avatar is round the corner. I have been working out on a tight exercise regime. Getting regular exercise into our daily schedule is one heck of a commitment, trust me it is not easy. However there are ways you can make this work for you, once you get into a regular schedule for about a month, your body will drive you and force you to workout.

Here is what I did to get my exercise into a regular schedule. Select a time, in my case - as soon as get home from work. My Elliptical has a slot for my my NoteBook PC [I am pc :)] , idea is to read while exercise. I took this to the next level, thanks to wireless broadband - I choose my favorite TV shows, mostly from the comedy channel or Vijay TV, start watching it while exercising, time will fly. You would have worked out more than 30 minutes before you realize. 30 minutes should do for most; 45-60 minutes would be perfect. So think about it, check with your family doc before getting to a regime.

Finally, the package is here, the package is here, I’ve been waiting for it for about a week now. I got the package from Tiger Direct, a new Bluetooth head phones. My Notebook is now connected via Bluetooth to this head phone. No daggling wires any more!..

Good Day!