“Jambu” “Chaaiiish is Yovershhh”

Last week AVM productions filed a complaint to Chennai police that someone broke into their royal movie junk yard and took away a lot of old movies. Similar complaints have been received from other movie producers in recent times. Chennai police are looking into it.

Here is a clue to catch the culprit. -> SunTV and KTV producers.

We have seen Mr. Bharath, Ejaman, Muratu kalai and many more of similar crap being repeated every alternative day. For past few months these 2 channels have been slaughtering us all in name of broadcasting. Same movies are shown alternatively on these 2 channels. Even the so called badly dubbed Hollywood crap is being repeated. Moreover, 95% of their programs spill over or do not follow any time sense. Do they really care to manage a TV station?

The Movie clip/trailers are obnoxious, irritating, and horrible. Every 10 minutes why are we forced to watch the pathetic hero and his set of punch dialogues or some half naked Bombay chick record dancing. Just to balance act of half nakedness, we are now forced to see a naked C.Sundar walking. Why? What did we do to you?

We get it, the Marans are into producing movies, but they just don’t seem to understand people pay lot money to watch their programming. We are paying close to about Rs 20,000 a year. They have taken us all for granted.

Yesterday when watching the facilitation show for A.R.Rahman, the entire show was just less than 40 minutes however their advertisement and commercial craze extended this program for close to 3 hours and it was so irritating I had to quit watching it.

DO YOU THINK SUN TV + KTV ARE WORTH $30 a month? They are getting worse than the Doordharshan of the 80s. Tamils in US have been patronizing them for about a decade now, why aren’t they respecting their patrons?

Will Mr. Maran or the so called SunTV branch office here in US answer us?

Finally, Another joke on the same channel

Prasanna the singer who is now the judge of singer/dancer show on Sun TV was seen wearing a big ray ban look like sun glass in a well lit indoor studio

Why do we need sunglasses in an indoor studio?
1) Madras eye. Hope he recovers quickly.
2) A Clandestine method for “Sight” Seeing.

For more reality punch effects say it like our beloved Late M.N.Nambiyar –"Jambu" "Chaaiiish is Yovershhh" [Choice is yours]

Good week Guys!