LIFE Rolls

Thank to everyone for their overwhelming [summa solikalame] response, my story continues.

I was booked in the "D" section. We continue in D section until 10th or until we drop out in the middle, which ever occurs earlier. D section, I made friends on my first day, Venkataragavan, Vivek., Srini and many more most I don’t seem to remember. May be if I strain my brain a bit more, I might get some more names. This by any means will not add value to this story.
Thanks to A.R. Rahman
Many of my American friends have seen Bombay Dreams . They now seem to have a very clear view on Indian music and entertainment, until few weeks ago they have been thinking we are a bunch of musicians who play monophonic music with a sitar and shenai, ., it is about time Indian music goes international, we cannot be ignored anymore. Thanks to A.R. Rahman
First two guys were very sharp in subject and very bright. I was a total a misfit in this group however for some reason I hanged with the nerds. I did not have the guts to join the cool guys. I call them cool guys because the non-nerdy gang often went out during the noon break to the front entrance to have ice cream; all of them had an account with the ice cream man. For some reason I felt having an account with an ice cream man is kind of cool.

Since my school band music was not helping me much, our 60 minute lunch break was mere waste of time. [Please don’t assume the rest 7 hours were spent well]

One fine day we started to play cricket in the afternoon. The features in school lunch time cricket are called "ABCD". (a) Azuvuni , (b). Bullying (c) Cunning (d) Domination. A person should be a specialist in all these in order to gain popularity among others. I was one. I was dominating mostly in 6, 7 standards.

We use play "test cricket" for 5 days. An innings goes on for a week, to get the 100% domination power I started to carry my cricket bat to school. By this even Steve Bucknor cannot rule me out here;

If someone tried to rub me on the wrong side I would simple walk out with my bat, the person who owned the stumps was by buddy, he would walk with me. Poor guys had to face me and my unforgiving acts.

I made sure I am in the team which always won the toss. Though I bat naturally in the middle order, I would be the opening batsmen. I batted almost for 3 days in a week. And you guessed it right; I would bowl for the remaining two days.
One guy by the name "Yuvraj" got a keeping glove for our noon cricket.

That’s it; from that moment I became a wicket keeper and started to imitate Kirmani in every aspect. I pretended as though I was a natural wicket keeper,
However I kept like Duck Patel, slips and deep fine leg had to cover me for every ball. I gave lots of byes. Still not willing to give away the new keeping gloves, I decided to place a second wicket keeper; few yards right in behind me and gave him the inner gloves. I don’t know if anyone knows this rule in cricket, if there is fielder other than the wicket keeper standing straight to the stumps with a protection like a gloves etc, it can be called as a no ball. This rule was popular in my days, so the umpire guy called no ball, this No ball call started a big street fight that matched every other feature of a "koza adi sandai", so much words were flying even the mordern day langauge beepers on TV would have crashed.
Jerry springer show was quite polite when compared. I bullied my way through, But I had to agree to this finally.
My ego did not permit me to remove the second wicket keeper, poor fellow I had to take off his inner glove, I wore that too. For next few months, I did not give up keeping; I went on to the keeper until the glove began to stink.
My acceptance to the No-Ball decision few months ago was the first sign of my downfall from the class cricketing empire, my over confidence missed it completely and I will pay for it and everything will change drastically in days to come.