Recordings in Chennai.

I already mentioned about my next music album H1BEES last month. During the past week I recorded a track for this album, lead vocals by Tippu and G.V.Prakash, yes the same little nephew of “my man” A. R. Rahman who sang the prelude “chikubuku chikubuku raile” in gentle man. He is a teen now and has great ideas within him.

Working with Tippu was fun. Tippu quickly picked the song in about 20 minutes and started to embellish the song right from the word go. G.V was keen and very technical in getting the proper notes for the song. As soon we played the instrumental track, GV was able to notate it and rendered the lines with perfection. Both the singers cooperated very well during the recordings and were ready to do more.
The track basically has a “Indianish techno+rock format”, or simply would call it “CurryRock”. The track is being balanced and mixed now. Sound engineer “Mujeeb Rahman” [same person who mixed my Mahakavi album 3 years ago], Mujeeb is the world fastest Nuendo user I know off. [Nuendo – is a pro multi-track audio software.] The way he manages the recording is totally amazing and matches not only my wavelength but also everyone’s. He knows every little short cut in the software, few of which only the developer would bother to remember. He puts them to use in full swing. My job became easy and it was reduced by about 70%, thanks to Mujeeb. This mix should sound totally new to many. I want to stay away from the regular cine music format. Hence I am trying out various new ideas. Hopefully everyone likes it. This song is about F1B grad students. My Director friend Sriram Ragavan wrote major portions of the Lyrics while I chipped in few lines. I also recorded a song with “Karthik“ In short Karthik is the coolest among the professional singer I have ever dealt with. It was really nice of him to complete my next track in a very short notice and time. I shall write more about this recording after the final mix down in my studio.

Finally, I think I should be among the first few composers to use the Teen G.V, mark it – this kid has a bright future ahead of him. I am a great fan of Tippu and Kartik, hence it was a great pleasure for me to have them sing my compositions.