Aug 15th 2005,

My hearty Independence Day greetings to everyone. Every year I manage to get out a new score for this occasion, last year Bharatham (Vocals: Alisha Thomas] and year before last it was “adovme pallu paduome by Sundar Rao.

This year my schedule was dedicated to my next music album H1BEES. Entire team has put forth their effort in making this CD. However, today all of us are very happy that H1Bees is complete and currently in mass production. The CD is being Mastered, Designed and Duplicated by DiscMakers, the top CD manufactures in the country.

CD will be released officially on Saturday, September 10th 2005. We have planned for simple release function in which we will be introducing all the artists and people involved in the production. , CDs will be available for sale in the venue. The function will be held at Universities at Shady Grove Auditorium 9630 Gudelsky Drive Rockville, MD 20850

We are inviting our Family, Friends, Media and the Press from the DC/MD/VA metro area. If anyone visiting here during this time frame, please email me for the invitations [Srikanth at Srikanthd dot com], I would be happy to send it. You can also click here for the flyer.

We have priced the album low with fewer profit margins. This is to encourage people to buy original CDs. At this time I also request mp3 duplicators to keep this in mind before uploading it in their websites. Please respect the hard work for every artist. A three minute song takes about 3 months to Write, Compose, Record, Balance and Mix.

I kindly request people not upload it to any of the public domain websites. Though it is not really possible for musicians to curtail piracy, we do have legal team in place to monitor such bootleg activities. If needed, legal team will take necessary action and law will takes its own course.

Contrary to my earlier album Mahaakavi, in H1BEES I have utilized plenty of local [NRI] talents. All of them are highly talented artists and I am sure they will soon go to higher places.

This project has come a long way since conception. Some time during last fall, four of us, Vatsa, Kartik, Devesh and I planned on this venture. This grew up slowly but steadily. Today we just have few hurdles to cross, the count down starts for the entire H1BEES team and we are all looking forward the CD release. By gods grace I hope we impress many music loving ears. It is time for me to keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for all your support postings in my Blog. Without your support and encouragement we would not be where we are today.

Good day!
ps: A short 5 minute trailer for the album in production, should be out soon.