H1BEES Official Press Release. [for USA]

For Immediate Release Aug 10 2005

Indian Composer in Maryland Releases Unique "H1BEES" Music Album
Immigrants from India Share Their Story in Song in a New CurryRock Genre
"Standing in line, papers in my hand,
All my answers, practiced and planned,
He asked, would ya ever come back home?
Yes sir, I will, but first give me that H1B!"
"Give Me that H1B"
Lead Song, H1BEES Album

Srikanth Devarajan, an Indian Composer based in Gaithersburg, MD is releasing his third album "H1BEES" in early September this year. Srikanth Devarajan is a computer engineer by profession and a gifted musician. After working with various forms of music for more than 15 years, Srikanth devised a new genre called CurryRockTM, which is a fusion between Indian music, Rock n Roll, and Pop music formats of the west.

Srikanth, and three other Indians with a deep passion for music, Srivatsa Srinivasan, Kartik Venkataraman, and Devesh Satyavolu, worked on the idea to release such a unique album since last year. Srikanth scored the music for all the seven songs in this album, which are performed by extremely talented local recording artists. Recording artistes who worked on this album include: Kartik Venkataramanan, Alisha Thomas, Usha Krishnan, Ramesh Chellamani and Swathi Raman.

The songs in this album portray several sentiments every immigrant goes through at different stages in life, home away from home. This is a journey of chasing dreams with a passion to succeed while remaining connected with one's remote family. This is a journey of independence from frugality and conformity. With songs in three different languages, this album resembles the multi-lingual, multi-cultural dimension of India and Indian immigrants.

Marketing and Events:Srivatsa Srinivasan [Producer]

Technical Contact:
Srikanth Devarajan [Composer/Producer]