Ponting's theatrics,

Mr. Ponting, the captain who leads the world champs by example lost his cool! The so called “the divine” captain after being given out goes on to verbally abuse the umpire , opponents, and the English coach who was sitting at the balcony. Along with the home team coach every other Tom D & H sitting in that area were also blessed by Ponting’s golden sermons.

Why was he upset? Ponting was run out at a crucial juncture, thanks to a substitute fielder who did the needful. Mr. Ponting’s side story for blowing his own fuse was “England used Substitutes”; it was known to everyone that Simon Jones had an ankle problem and had gone to the hospital for X-Ray. There is surely no doubt England captain Michael Vaughan would have preferred Jones on the field to allow for another bowling option. England coach Fletcher had no sympathy for Mr. Ponting, and has told that the umpires and match officials were perfectly happy with the team's use of Pratt as a substitute. The excuse given by Ponting for his behavior is the lamest of all of the lame reasons put together. Even I had a better lame excuse for missing my Algebra classes. His team has lost its so called form and are being mocked for their initial hype, unable to bear all this poor Rickey’s fuse was simply blown.

Next question is, what will the match referee do? Good that Rickey’s last name is not Gangully, if it had been so, may be he played his the last game for Australia. For such behavior usually players from South Asia gets a definite life ban. Frankly what ever be the reasoning by Pointing, what he did is a disgrace to Aussie cricket and clearly shows that he cannot take failures. Pressure can change your behavior, and performance. If cricketing world is unbiased, Pointing should get at least a 10 match ban for this kind of behavior. After all Saurav faced a 5 match ban for a logistical issue of poor over rate.

All said and done, mostly Rickey would be warned because hey he apologized right!

Aussies could come back into the game draw it or what ever, the disgrace earned by their captain’s behavior has been already engraved and I don’t think this will be forgiven for sometime. Ponting let down himself! and his team.

Ps: This my 200th post!..I hope to continue Blogging.