H1BEES! On "The Washington post"

H1Bees made its way to The Washington Post.


Few weeks ago, reporters/photographers from the post visited my studio to interview me and my artists. Mitra Kalitam was the lead reporter who visited my studio twice. She interviewed me and my gang of musicians and producers. It was a great pleasure talking to her. She patiently heard our story, including how I was able to gather such a wonderful set of talent.

Jennifer Crandall from Washington Post dot com also visited and spoke to us about the album. She enquired about my studio hardware with great interest and was surprised to see me work on state of the art technology like Pro Tools etc. She was instrumental in making the slide show along with the post’s photographer Preston Keres with whom we had photo shoot that evening. When talking to him I came to know that he was from Davenport IA. We lived in Davenport around 1998, where my musical journey in this country picked up the initial pace. Mr. Keres served in the Navy for twelve years before joining post in 2003. He is a also the prestigious winner of Department of Defense’s Military Photographer of the Year for his coverage of Navy operations in Guatemala, Ground Zero rescues and the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake for DoD athletes., It was a real honor to work with him.

How in first place the album got their attention? ,
Apart from a catchy name H1BEES and my music, 1st - thanks to my little friend, Swathi Raman. Swathi is a very interesting personality. She is an aspiring classical vocalist, classical dancer and a “want to be” journalist. Swathi subscribes to an email group run by SAJA.ORG. She sent a lovely little email describing about this album to the Saja group. Mitra Kalitam [a member in the same group] got the email and called me at once, to keep the story short, Thanks to Swathi for talking time to help me.

Thanks to the Post and its reporters for this coverage. I have come a long way with my talented team, Thanks Kartik, Alisha, Swathi and others for working patiently with me, finally Thanks to my producer Vatsa who trusted my talent. Thanks Buddy!.

Guys we rocked! The world famous “the Washington post!” has covered about our album….Congratulations!