The Album was officially released by
Mr. Jason Chung.
Executive Director
Office of the Secretary
Governor's Commissions
Asian Pacific American Affairs
The first copy was accepted by

Dr. Pradeep Ganguly,
Deputy Director
Department of Environmental Resources
Prince George's County Maryland
President of MKK USA, Inc.

Following the release Mr. Jason Chung presented me a citation signed by the Governor of Maryland. This was a great honor; I did not expect this. He gave me a big 11x7 certificate with my named engraved along with state of Maryland’s golden seal. This was amazing, I felt really happy that I made this far.

Thanks to Mitra Kalitam from the wonderful article in the Washington Post. Our story also went on the Economic times and Times of India. Thanks to Mr. Chidanand Rajghatta. We are honored sir. TV Asia carried our interviews, thanks to Mr. Devasish Ray for making it for releae. Thanks to all the Bloggers who wrote about this album. Finally, thanks to everyone who made it for the release. Hope you guys enjoyed the evening.

Wait, there one More big surprises to come, after the memorable CD launch attended by family, friends and the Media/press, I came home at around 10.30pm.

Jamillah Knowles , Producer BBC Radio 5 Live called me to check if I would be available for an Interview on BBC Radio 5 Live, she gave me 10 minutes. I was thrilled! Accepted the call right away; It’s the BBC! , do you believe it, I was on air talking on the BBC!; the channel I am been hearing for past 30 years. I was on it!, they asked about my background, the album, the guys around me, and why did I make it to music apart from being a software engineer. It seems Rock music and Software engineering does not go together. They asked me to sing 5 lines of track from the album, I managed it to sing! They seemed impressed.

I am very happy today that we are getting lot of press. The album does deserve it, my team of musicians has worked along my side with their heart and soul.

Thanks guys!

Photos by Mr.Raman.