SunTV’s menace continues: Sun T V’s is now filling the air with lot of new programming, looks like Vijay TV has gained popularity, hence as often Fox Television does press the “copy” or the “import” button. The bottom line for us –it made things worse,. The program called “Hollywood Junction”, what the heck is it all about? What is the significance of the title? What is the point of this program? This looks like a cheap and crude uma gold version of the popular BBC show “Whose line is it anyway”. But alas actually resembles the weekly edition of the cine Producer benefit show minus the record dance that is often shown on Sun TV during weekends. [A note on Uma gold : an imitation gold sold in Alima jewelers Ranganathan street, their ad can be seen in cinema theaters around Chennai even today, in this you can catch the store owners in the ad posing and making a phone call while everyone in the ad movie will be in a super pink color பகல் வேஷம் getup.]

Manivannan and his side kick are as dry as “Vijaya” “Thangamudiyaladaaaa” Rajendar’s Cricket metaphors in Veerasami, supposedly the participants are cine comedians. At times the automatic laugh track also fails to laugh for their acts. Comedy show is not getting comedian s on the stage in a Chukky Cheese looking set to do things. This program is an insult to genuine creativity.

As if this not enough we the new interview show called “அன்புடன்” an interview show hosted by [retired] Tamil actress Gautami. She produces the program. The first show was a total bore. Experts feel [அது யாருயா?] this show was created to challenge Vijay TV show called “Coffee with Anu[Hassan]”, Anu Hassan can be really secure now -the Sun TV production was right Royally Pathetic . We do need some coffee to stay awake and watch the crap.

Gautamiji, what is this funda about the Sony Vio laptop displaying the clip? A “seriously” childish act; [Note it - usage of an oxymoron] while title song was mere waste of time, and the camera shots were too long and far away, interview க்கு எதுக்கப்பா ஜிம்மி ஜிப்! Shot? In spite of Kamal being there, the show was lackluster less. KamalJi managed and placed his subtle gloats, few I noticed were like travelling in first class on plane [எந்த producer தலைல துண்டோ!] and even before the release Dasavatharam is already an industry mile stone. Honestly there are many more subjects we can ask Kamal! But! .Gautami failed, as if this not enough an emotional Director KB was talking seriously about an accident during the புன்னகை மன்னன் shoot, suddenly a voice loud and clear

“முதுக்குத் தேச்சீ விடும் குரங்குகுகுகுகு”, “Heroவிக்கு Heroine தான் Hero”,
“ஏழரையை சாமளிக்க திராவிட ஜோசியம் “ – உடனெ வாங்கிப் படியுங்கள்...
தினக்கூ…தினக்கூ… தினக்கூ… [super super ma]

What the heck is wrong with this people? Show producer dudes, kindly check a David Frost’s interviews on BBC.