My Comments on few Recent Rahman Songs that I liked very much

"chinamma chilakamma" from Meenaxi music A.R.Rahman
Though musically a simple song, the song construction is simply mind blowing. It is very well constructed. The song opens with a flute kind of "palayam poo mudchi" with a hip hop groove and a Telugu chorus "chinamma chilakamma”, a hindi song gets this chorus, which I feel something good. As a musician this song made me think more about this composition. I feel the goal to reach the "rahman” standards are a simple and a clean construction of a song. Thats all he does in this song, It contained very well constructed chorus, backgrounds, drum grooves and loops, bass parts , good usage of arpeggios and simple lead vocals. Musically the purists might consider this to be a simple but their placement makes the song what it is. The elements I mentioned above come and go at right time and portions; this makes the song very interesting. Chinamma Chilakamma is getting on to me.
In the song ‘sandakozi’; the lead loop in the song has been reused from "Egiri kuthithen" from Boys, same drum loops with a slight change in the pitch. I wish ‘thalaivar’ had changed the loops for this song. This loop come from a loop library called Roots of India by Big Fish Audio. [You can download the sample mp3 and check from seconds 22 to 24] There were also few other songs in which I felt too much ‘Acidification’, meaning constructed totally using 3rd party loops like Roots of Middle east and Roots for India. I think Rahman should not take this path in future. Simply, he is talented enough to compose them himself.

"Janagana mana" from Aaiyutha Ezuthu, Music:A.R.Rahman.
The song opens with a kind of blues with a good bass arpeggio. The notes formation is very new to Tamil music, so it will take some time for people to pick up this song. This is one of best song from Rahman in near times. His voice is kind of cool. This contains typical rahaman chorus eg:’oh yuva yuva’. We need to remember a song is not always a melody, there are various song styles and this is one such where the tune goes thru blues scales quite well. Rahman voice has never changed over the years, I also liked this song for the format, there is no first background or second background, and it is more constructed in the western format. In this song and in other songs I also heard various sounds from Roland VSynth. VSynth is new technology that is around for about a year+ now. Rahman has exploited it quite well. Frankly, this song is a great inspiration for small time composers like me. Hear the song Dol Dol, where the voice chorus is being stretched and changed, The Vsynth allows to manipulate loops in any way.