My New Tamil Song!....
New Song Release
Lead Vocals: Suren[Introducing], and Sundar
Backing vocals : Sundar and Srikanth, Music : Srikanth
Digitally recorded and mixed at Studio1234, USA
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Ranga, Udhaya and Balaji for making me do this.
Thanks to Arun and "Project Madurai" for the softcopy of the Lyrics.

After working with it for more than few months now, I managed to release my next song "kaduvelliChitar ananda kaLipu" I have passion towards Bharathi songs, the words used by him really drives me hard to work on it. However after experimenting with his works for about 3 years now, my “aratai” buddies Udhaya and Ranga suggested to take a break from Bharathi or may be give them a break, they suggested to me to consider "sithar pAdalgaL". After reading few lines of it, I liked it got into it at once, the sandam formation was quite interesting to me. Many of us know the line "nadavanathil oru aandi" but there about 20 other paragraphs written by “kaduvelliChitar”, yes he wrote this song and the famous lines "nadavanathil oru aandi", are part of his Ananda kaLippu".

I tried searching about kaduvelliChitar in the internet, nothing showed in Google, if someone knows kindly let me know.

Being a hobbyist, I say this because I have a 40hr/week stress filled consulting job in hand. Though me and my group matches every music professional out there, we are hobbyist, music creation should not create additional burden for us.
Hence I consider music and mood to be partners during work, there must be a good partnership between these elements. Otherwise you will be beating around the bush. Best practice is to cool off the mood by watching TV shows that makes you laugh really loud. Generally I start to compose after Jay Leno’s or Letterman’s monologues.

When I started to work on this song, I was in a dilemma which path to take, the traditional good old Melody and Raaga approach or go with the modern fusion trend in music. Finally I followed my instinct and went on creating a score that would fit today’s trend and the mood I conceived for this song. Now, I would request you hear my song download it from here

I will continue posting the story of making of this song, which I am sure will be quite interesting to read.