The Turning tide of the Blog world.

Today, Blogs are turning the tide all over the world. There are opinions every where, it is being heard, referred, analyzed and enjoyed. Lots of information being shared thoughts reviewed, a very healthy growth in general.

But this Blog freedom is bound to revive many monsters; it is starting to feed them with fodder that produces more fodder in the name of opinions. Evil ideas and thoughts that have been well contained in the past are opening their coffin and are lurking out in the dark. This seems to happen more in Tamil speaking Blogs.

When I left India, many people told me not to forget our culture and our tradition and history. Most of the Indians in the US, maintain our countries culture to an extent possible . But over the period of time one thing I clearly forgot about my country, it happened by itself. Yes! I forgot about my caste splits the politics I went through when I was Chennai.
How did this happen?, simply people, meeting people and talking to them Thanks to those potluck lunches, dinner parties, birthday parties, receptions which made me close to people whom if I had been Chennai I would not have bothered to talk to them citing various social, cultural and ethnical reasons.

I started to view people as "Indians" in general. Today, I really do not know the so called caste or creed of many of friends. We are well knitted as Indians. I simply do not bother about their caste; I see them as a human being which they reciprocate back with similar intentions.

For past few days I happened to read through few tamil speaking Blogs,most of them made me feel very uneasy. These are Blogs that spread hatred among my fellow citizens in the name of Blog freedom.
I really do not care the support or hatred for the Dailits or the Brahmins or the Thevars etc., After all we are now in 2004, India as a nation have progressed a lot, we Indians have come a long way to stand shoulder to shoulder with the world. Today, we are no way lower than anyone in the world. The entire world treats us with great respect.
We are proud people of our country; a recent statistics on the national patriotism puts Indians in Second place after the Americans. We simply love our country.

But after seeing this pathetic mean mind people in these blogs, who are still worried about an issue that happened much before most of the Blog creators were born, I am beginning to feel worried. Slowly we are being taken towards the old path of hatred by these groups. Smear campaigns directed at every caste is being cultivated around the information highway. This is not a good trend. I thought that the caste smear and caste contamination has been contained well within our borders

I wish I was born just an Indian Tamilian without any caste tag attached to me. Today I am afraid, tensed and worried for my future generation that this caste monster will start to lurk around in my people. I really don’t know about people who write about these stale caste issues don’t they have better job to do? God please bless them and please give us all a break from this nonsense.,